Myostimulation person — what it is, reviews, photos before and after

How it works

The facial muscles are arranged somewhat differently than other striated muscles of a person. The difference is that the normal muscle at both ends attach to bone, facial muscles are connected with bones on one side, and part woven into the skin. It is because our face is malleable and we can talk and Express emotions.

Facial muscles have a certain tone. High muscle tone makes the expression strong-willed. Lowering the tone of facial muscles makes the face haggard, and the whole image gives a tired look.

If in his youth to restore the tone of muscles and skin can fully rest, the older age requires specific exercises and procedures aimed at toning up the tissues of the face.

One of the effective ways to regain face elasticity and clarity hell, is to carry out the procedure myostimulation. Thanks to intensive training, face pulls, improves skin condition, improves blood circulation, increases lymph flow.

For and against

The effect of the course procedures, you can get the following:

  • improves a face contour;
  • tightened tissue of the cheeks, making nosogubnyj are smoothed and less visible lacrimal groove;
  • become more pronounced cheekbones;
  • your skin will look more toned and tight;
  • decreases or completely disappears the second chin;
  • goes puffy face, resolve swelling around the eyes;
  • reduces the severity of the overhang of the upper eyelid, above them are eyebrows.

The disadvantages of the method too. Active muscle contraction could accelerate the disappearance of the effect of Botox, and lead to migration or displacement of the filler located under the skin and in the deeper layers of tissue.

Not recommended procedure, and if performed before the biorevitalization hyaluronic acid. The consequences of this combination of procedures is not encouraging: the drug is very quickly «washed out» of the skin and broken down by enzyme systems, causing benefit to skin will be minimal.

Use at home

Appeared in the sale of muscle stimulation for the face that you can use at home. This is usually the devices in China that need to pay not so much money. By purchasing this product, be aware that any devices for physiotherapy at home, must be certified and sold in stores, credible.

Poor device or do not give you the effect or the result of procedures is far from ideal. In the salons often use proven equipment renowned manufacturers. Now muscle stimulation produces a number of Russian companies. Quality expensive device produces pulses of different power, has multiple modes and independent settings.

On the one hand, makes the procedure safe, and on the other hand guarantees obtaining the desired results.


The procedure is not carried out in the following cases:

  • the presence of a pacemaker;
  • pregnancy;
  • the presence of subcutaneous implants;
  • time of menstruation;
  • cancer;
  • infectious diseases, including tuberculosis;
  • diseases of the heart and blood vessels (arrhythmia, heart failure, thrombophlebitis);
  • failure of function of the liver kidneys;
  • epilepsy;
  • diseases of the blood;
  • inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis);
  • the presence of gold threads under the skin;
  • trigeminal neuralgia;
  • problems with the thyroid gland;
  • purulent processes in the skin and subcutaneous tissue of the face and neck.

It is important to note that the migrated plastic surgeries are a contraindication to conduct myostimulation face. But before the procedure it is mandatory to inform the doctor about done lifting.

How is the procedure

Conventionally, the procedure myostimulation face can be divided into stages.

The preparatory phase

The skin is thoroughly cleaned and degreased. In those cases, when the stimulation comes a man, it is necessary that he was clean-shaven. Otherwise, the contact of electrodes with skin is insufficient.

On the skin to apply a special conductive gel or mask is applied. On top of the gel or mask is applied to the electrodes.

The place of contact of electrodes with skin choose according to the following rules:

  • is used diagram of applying electrodes to the muscles-antagonists (resulting in the opposite movement) was reduced at different times.
  • the electrodes are not applied to those places where there is a violation of the integrity of the skin;
  • on the cheeks and the sockets of the electrodes is applied so that between the periosteum and the electrode remains sufficient layer of tissues;
  • if there is increased sensitivity of teeth to the electrodes, the electrodes on the skin over the dentition do not impose or reduce the intensity of the pulse.

Video: Face Former

Direct execution

When the electrodes are imposed, the doctor turns on the device and puts the customer’s optimum amperage. A reference for the selection of the intensity of the pulses is the presence of a slight tingling without pain. The session lasts about 20 minutes.

Individually, the doctor selects a program that allows to obtain certain results, you are interested customer. This can be a lymphatic drainage program if you have puffiness of the face and puffiness under the eyes, the exercise program muscles or electrolipolysis.

In a number of clinics for greater effect, the procedure uses a special ampoule cosmetics, active ingredients which penetrate deep into the skin, accumulate in it for a long time is spent on the improvement of the skin, improving its condition and appearance.

The final stage

The device is turned off. The electrodes are removed. The face is cleaned from the gel. Applied to the skin a special cream that matches the skin type and the presence of specific problems, which is performed and stimulation.

How many sessions

Usually treatments are performed every two to three days. The course may take from 10 to 20 procedures. The number of sessions myostimulation and their multiplicity is selected by the doctor based on the initial skin condition and the wishes of the client regarding his appearance.

Sometimes after completing the basic course are assigned to the supporting procedures 1 in two weeks or even more often.

Video: muscle toning of the face and neck

What age

Specific age up to which a stimulation of the face can not hold, no. At any age has its own problems to solve that only because home care is not obtained. In adulthood, this the wrinkles and floated the shape of the face, and in the young the tendency to swelling and the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. Therefore, if there is evidence and conventional treatments do not give the same effect, which calculates a woman, it is possible to resort after consultation with a specialist.


The name of the procedure The cost
myostimulation person from 550 to 3000 rubles


Photos before and after myostimulation


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