Nagor implants (Nagor) — reviews, photos before and after, prices

The history of the company

Started the production of breast implants Nagor company in the 70-ies of the last century. And since doing this constantly. The Boston company also has British roots. But with time, the entire production of the implants was transferred to South America, where labor is cheaper and therefore the cost of production below.

Factory Nahor remained in Scotland. Because work moved to Boston leading experts, top managers of the former Corporation Inamed, which included at the time the company Boston. An example of such a transition may be the head of the factory Nagor in Scotland, who once headed the Boston factory in Ireland.

Not so long ago, Nagor Limited became the holding company GC Aesthetics, which in turn was founded by the followers of Donald Makhana. Accession strengthened the company’s position in the European market.

In 2009 Nagor implants began to be sold in Russia and has already managed to win a big share of the market, surpassing many of its competitors.

The advantages of the implants Nagor

  • Large selection of models.

Breast implants for the moment, there are in the product catalogue of the company of about 232 names. Among them are both round and anatomic implants. The profile can be low, medium and high profile implants.

  • Special outer sheath.

On the one hand, this shell prevents penetration of the silicone gel into the surrounding tissue. And on the other contributes to the fact that connective tissue grows into the pores of the outer shell and securely locks the implant, preventing its displacement or rotation.

  • The characteristics of silicone gel.
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Round Nagor implants use silicone gel the new generation, which does not leak, but it has the same density as natural breast tissue. In the anatomical implants use a gel with «shape memory». This means that the gel always takes the form that it was given originally.

How is the quality of the products

Because the implants are located in England and Scotland, and the quality control carried out by the British Standards Institute Quality.

In order to pass certification Institute of the Quality Standards, products must pass a number of serious tests. In order to obtain a license of the Institute, the implants must meet very strict criteria.

To production implants used only those materials that are approved by the FDA (Management on control over quality of foodstuff and medicines).

If we talk about the European medical quality standards, the implants are Nagor match:

  • standard compatibility with the cells of the human body ISO 10993;
  • mechanical and physical characteristics standards BS EN ISO 14630, EN 12180.

They got approval in medical organizations:

  1. South America (ANMAT and A);
  2. Australia (TGA);
  3. in Asia (KFDA and SDA).

In Russia certified in the Russian Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health and Gosstandart of Russia.

The company also monitors the quality of its products even after the implants have been sold and installed. So, the five-year study conducted in the UK have not revealed a single case of rupture of the implants. For this indicator, they are the most secure in the world and meet the highest medical standards.

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Manufacturer’s warranty

Like all other manufacturers of breast implants, Nagor offers a lifetime warranty on their products. But the company went a step further and offers its customers free replacement of prosthesis in case, if you develop capsular contracture grade 3-4.

Agree, not a bad guarantee. Given that the likelihood of developing complications of every patient passing through augmentationmammaplasty.

In the case of a replacement company is ready to provide his patients not one but two implants in the event that if a woman wants to change breast implants for larger or smaller size.

Supporting documents

Any pair of implants provided with a booklet and a plastic card with an identification number and a packet of warranty documents which have legal force in 60 countries.

What else vypuskayut firm

  • implants to correct the shape of the ears, face, legs;
  • Sisera for mammoplasty;
  • urological and gynecological implants;
  • compression underwear.

Official distributor

In Moscow its official distributor is the company medical Test, which carries out work in the following areas:

  • selling products Nagor;
  • consultations and training seminars on products;
  • product delivery to Moscow and the Russian Federation;
  • selling after operating clothes.

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