Non-injection biorevitalization – prices, types, reviews, photos before and after, video

Compared to injection methods non-injection biorevitalization is painless and has a much lower likelihood of complications and adverse effects.

After the procedure there is no need to limit access to the sauna or Solarium, you can use makeup and even «out» because the procedure the reviews from customers are received are extremely positive.


Laser biorevitalization

For laser biorevitalisation uses a special laser that does not heat tissue, and the gel contains low-molecular hyaluronic acid.

Under the action of laser radiation, the drug penetrates the epidermis, almost to the basal membrane, and accumulates there in large quantities.

From this depot hyaluronic acid then gradually goes to lower layers of skin cells and attracts water molecules, stimulates cell renewal and activates the synthesis in them of collagen and elastin, which results in the invigorating and rejuvenating effect.

OXY – therapy

For oxygen therapy uses special equipment for non-injection biorevitalization under the name «OXY JET». The device through a special dispenser delivers purified oxygen under slight pressure.

For the procedure use a special gel containing hyaluronic acid and substances that slow down its disintegration in the tissues, inhibitors of hyaluronidase.

Supplied under pressure, the oxygen penetrates deep into the tissue. Together with it penetrate through the skin and the active ingredients of the gel.

Hyaluronic acid accumulates in the intercellular space of the deep layers of the epidermis, activates the metabolism, especially the synthesis of collagen and elastin, contributes to the accumulation of moisture in the skin.

A beneficial effect on the skin and provides oxygen, which improves the process of cellular respiration, stimulates the immune system, enhances the protection of tissues from free radicals.

Non-injection biorevitalization with hyaluronic acid is carried out only with the use of cosmetic preparations which are resistant to oxidation with oxygen. Perfect if together with apparatus OXY JET will be used cosmetics developed by the manufacturer of the OXY JET. An example would be a cosmetic series «Nora Bode Oxy jet», which consists of several cosmetic preparations of various kinds.

Oxygen spray can be used on its own, with no special cosmetic treatment as a means of accelerating the wound healing after mechanical cleansing procedures, microdermabrasion, peels, cosmetic surgeries.

Biorevitalization by iontophoresis

Hyaluronic acid is typically in cosmetic preparations is in the form of soluble salts, usually this is sodium hyaluronate. The salt solution are ions with positive and negative charges. During the procedure of iontophoresis creates an orderly movement of ions, so they penetrate faster and deeper into the skin.

Distributed in the skin, hyaluronic acid is gradually included into the metabolism in the cells and causes significant skin rejuvenation and elimination of cosmetic defects.


  • Skin aging: loss of skin elasticity, sagging cheeks, wrinkles;
  • The need for alignment of skin relief;
  • Loss of turgor and tonus of the skin of the neck, décolleté, hands;
  • Dryness, flaking, sagging skin after significant weight loss;
  • The improvement in skin condition and prevention of photoaging after active sun exposure;
  • Skin recovery after peels, laser procedures, and cosmetic surgery;
  • Reduced sensitivity of the skin, narrowing of pores;
  • Acne treatment;
  • To consolidate and prolong the effect after injection biorevitalisation and mesotherapy.
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Video: Biorevitalization


Contraindications for businessmanage the introduction of hyaluronic acid:

  1. Allergy to hyaluronic acid and other components of cosmetic products used during the procedure.
  2. The presence of benign and malignant tumors in the body.
  3. Acute infectious diseases, accompanied by fever and rise in body temperature.
  4. Pregnancy.
  5. Diseases of the thyroid gland, accompanied by its increased function.
  6. Diabetes with uncontrolled sugar levels in the blood or the complications from the blood vessels, and peripheral nerves.

Indications for use of laser biorevitalisation:

  • Dry, thin skin;
  • Aging skin on melkomorschinisty type;
  • Pronounced age-related changes of the skin around the eyes and mouth;
  • The extension of the effect of fillers based on hyaluronic acid;
  • Scar removal, especially at the place of healed pustules.

Due to the fact that the active ingredients of the gels are introduced only to the depth of the epidermis, and there is no skin damage, complications and side effects if no contraindications are observed.


comparison criteria the injection biorevitalization needleless biorevitalization
trauma injections needles when injecting the drug without damaging the skin
pain the procedure is painful, often requires the use of painkillers the procedure is no pain, pleasant experience for the patient
the procedure from 15 to 60 minutes from 2 to 15 minutes
the distribution of hyaluronic acid in the skin point, the injection, with gradual tissue distribution from the beginning a uniform distribution of the drug
contraindications a large number of there, but less than the injection method
the likelihood of complications there insignificant in the absence of contraindications to the procedure
side effects there no
rehabilitation 2-3 days, limiting the thermal and water treatments, a ban on cosmetics not required
appearance after the procedure unsightly remain papules, swelling, bruising shining
efficiency effective effective
the duration of the effect long, up to 6 months longer than with the injection biorevitalization, due to additional content of substances that block the hyaluronidase
the probability of development of «withdrawal syndrome» there significantly lower due to the stimulating effect of laser radiation or oxygen

How is the procedure

Laser biorevitalization

The procedure of laser biorevitalisation consists of three stages:

  1. In the first phase on clean skin apply the gel, heated to 40 OC.
  2. Then there is the effect of infrared laser. In the epidermis are formed microchannels in which the molecules of hyaluronic acid penetrate deeply into the skin.
  3. Remaining gel removed with a damp cloth.

Video: the Procedure of laser biorevitalisation


Stages of oxy-therapy is similar. The difference is that instead of laser is used during the second irrigation of the skin with a jet of oxygen under pressure. Preparation for the procedure in both cases is not required. No restrictions after the procedure. Skin looks healthy and glowing.


Rehabilitation after the procedure is not required. Skin looks healthy, has no damage, because no special care is not necessary. Restrictions after the procedure for a sauna, Solarium, water treatment, use of cosmetics no.

The effect and durability

After the procedure, the face looks refreshed and rested. The maximum effect is achieved at 2-3 days after the procedure, when the accumulation of skin moisture and begin to activate the metabolic processes in the cells. Improves its color, turgor and tone, achieved a pronounced lifting effect.

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Increased resistance of the cells of the skin exposed to free radicals, increases local immunity.

Effect after one treatment lasts about 2 months. Significantly reduce the duration of the effect can Smoking, susceptibility to stress, unbalanced diet, chronic lack of sleep.

Depending on the original condition of the skin may be limited to one procedure and can be done the course at intervals of 7-10 days between visits to the beautician. And then maintenance sessions, 1 every month.

The price of biorevitalization

Laser biorevitalization 1 procedure Price from 5 treatments
Face 4000 from 1500
Face + neck from 6000 from 2000
Face + neck + neckline + the area around the eyes from 8500 2500
The area around the eyes from 1500 500


The chin (lower 3rd of the face) from 2000 900
The area of the cheekbones and cheeks (area 2 persons) from 2000 900
Forehead from 2000 900
Nasolabial folds from 2000 900
The area around the eyes from 2000 900
Lips and the surrounding area from 2000 900
Entity (complex) 4500 2500
Neck 4500 2500
Neckline 4500 2500
Hands 4500 2500

As you can see from the table «non-injection Biorevitalization», the price of one procedure is much less when buying a ticket. So be sure to ask about the availability of discounts in your medical center.

Analogues procedure

  • Injection mesotherapy and biorevitalization. The effect is comparable, comfort procedures varies.
  • The ozone therapy. Oxygen and ozone increase the respiration and nutrition of the skin, but to enter a combination of hyaluronic acid and saturate the skin with oxygen by the method of ozone therapy will not work. Ozone therapy and biorevitalization have to post at the time, and this is increasing the number of procedures, greater number of painful injections with the same efficiency.
  • Laser peel. By damaging the top layers of the skin, stimulation of skin cell renewal, increases circulation and metabolism. But the skin requires a significant recovery time, special care, and it is necessary to observe a number of restrictions on admission to the thermal water treatments, etc. non-injection laser biorevitalization of the skin painless, gently stimulates the metabolism in tissues, does not cause skin damage.

Non-injection biorevitalization, especially oxy-therapy, significantly enhances the effect of photorejuvenation, extends the term of fillers based on hyaluronic acid in the skin, is combined with peels, microdermabrasion.


Hope: Girls! Non-injection biorevitalization of the face is a miracle! I didn’t believe in this simple procedure. I always thought that the effect will only be from subcutaneous injections. But I gave the certificate to the salon, and I went. Inside, I put, washed, smeared with gel and began to gently led laser massaging. After work it was well, just lovely how nice.

The procedure lasted about twenty minutes. After the procedure I looked in the mirror: face freshened, and the color is nice. In intervals of seven days did the second and third procedure. After the second was fine. And after the third my face was not know. Smoothed out all the wrinkles and his eyes opened, the skin of the eyelids and the area of «crow’s feet» are gone. On the third time I gel applied both on the lips, too, and walked through them with a laser. Never on the lips did not complain, but they are much rounder, and much more appetizing. Going to go again. At least once a month, but will be required.

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Katerina: I am 25 years old, but skin problems enough. I have not been able to decide on a laser to the face, all the peels done, masochki, cleaning all sorts. But finally decided and now I regret that so much time was lost in vain, was able to walk with a beautiful, well-kept face for at least a year. Today I have a week after the first treatment. The skin is moisturized, lost eternal feeling of tightness. Left spots from acne, but I don’t expect one treatment to make them disappear. My beautician advised me to take oxygen after biorevitalisation laser resurfacing to the skin quickly recovered and became more hydrated.

Anna: I Have clear skin, but has let me down before complexion: effect of Smoking and frequent sleepless nights when he had to take work home. In the end, I was always pale gray, with swollen eyelids and dark circles under the eyes. No decided to try and not saved. About laser biorevitalization told girlfriend. I looked at her face after the procedure and also decided to go.

Non-injection laser biorevitalization — the procedure itself is pleasant. Was on the skin from the laser, like weak shocks. Told the beautician, it reduced the laser power. In principle, this could not do, because the feeling was not uncomfortable. Now I think that maybe the effect would be better. Face after the procedure was little different from what I saw myself in the mirror in the morning.

The feeling of moisture and moisture napisannoi passed, when I came out of the cabin and rode the bus home. Because I even I was happy that she went to the salon at a discount, though didn’t spend much. Only on the second day, I estimated the effect of the procedure: swelling of the eyelids gone, five days of dark circles around the eyes did not exist. Appearance I was after the holidays by the sea, only without the tan. There is no way I will buy a subscription, as this is the only procedure that I’ve tried that makes a noticeable effect with minimum time and money.

The before and after photos