Non-surgical breast lift (breast) — methods, reviews, prices, photos

However, many miss the fact that there is currently a large number of non-surgical ways of tightening breast, which are much more affordable compared to surgeries, are much more secure.

And most importantly, if the fashion for big Boobs pass, you will not need to hastily remove the silicone, the size and shape of your Breasts will remain yours.

Currently, all methods can be divided into three groups. This:

  • treatments: massage, creams, salon treatments, exercises;
  • special tools: push-UPS, stickers for the chest, patch for breast enlargement;
  • invasive techniques: lipomodelling, the use of fillers and threads.

Breast lift in salon

Muscle toning

The basis of myostimulation is the influence of electric current on a muscle or group of muscles. While the muscles actively shorten. In order to improve breast shape and fix its sagging, used stimulation of the muscles of the chest, namely the large and small chest muscles.
To achieve the effect, you must run the course of treatments and then take a break.

Breaks between courses is absolutely necessary, as when conducting myostimulation using certain constant time intervals, the sensitivity of the muscle to electrical pulses is reduced.

It is an excellent substitute exercises to improve breast shape. No wonder it is sometimes called «gymnastics for the lazy».


Microcurrent therapy is effective, alone or in combination with various nourishing serums, which under the influence of microcurrents penetrate deep into tissue and have a pronounced effect.

It has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes in tissues, intensificare cell division, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which contributes to the extension of youth and elasticity of the skin.

Laser breast enlargement

A relatively new technique, which was developed and is currently probiraetsya in the States. The point is that under the action of a pulsating laser beam of a certain length improved condition and functioning of the breast tissue, causing the Breasts is tightened and slightly increases.

To obtain the result you need to take a course of 6 treatments, which are made with an interval of two weeks.

Thus, non-surgical breast lift laser the patient need only three months. And this is without incisions, without anesthesia, without pain and complications.

Mesotherapy and biorevitalization

The skin and mammary glands just as in the skin, enter the hyaluronic acid and mezokokteyli to rejuvenate and removal of cosmetic defects. In addition to improving elasticity of the skin with injections you can achieve lightening, pigmentation removal, removing fine spider veins by sealing the skin.

Even if in addition to easy breast ptosis patient no more worries, in addition to pronounced lifting after a course of injections and she and the people around will notice a dramatic difference: the effects of nourishing and moisturizing active ingredients of cocktails the skin becomes smooth and velvety, just glows with health.

Breast massage

Professional breast massage solves several problems:

  • it activates the flow of blood to the skin of the breast and neck;
  • improves venous and lymph flow;
  • improves elasticity of the skin;
  • improves muscle tone of the breast;
  • relaxes the muscles of the neck and thoracic spine;
  • prepares the skin for further cosmetic procedures (applying masks, wraps, etc.).

Alginate mask

The alginates have two properties that will be useful for the skin of the breast:

  • they have an occlusive effect, allowing serums, creams, ampoule concentrates much more actively penetrate the skin and act more effectively;
  • when solidification alginates pulled together and tightening the skin to which they applied.

Therefore their use on top of special lifting and conditioning serums and concentrates is an effective treatment for skin care breast. Usually before a mask in the cabin is performed by a professional breast massage.

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Video: Alginate mask for the bust

Creamy mask with collagen and elastin

Cream masks in the salons are rarely used on their own. Usually they are one of the stages of complex treatment for skin bust and neckline. In addition to collagen and elastin manufacturing such masks can contain hydrolyzed proteins, vitamins, salts and minerals from the dead sea, hyaluronic acid, extracts of medicinal plants.

The effect is enhanced by applying them after a massage, and if they are applied under the algae mask.

Seaweed wraps

Algae are considered to be today one of the most effective means for skin care. In the salons can be used as micronized and whole sheets of kelp that are used as bandages for wrapping.

Enhances effects easy body scrub based on dead sea salts, or any other.

In exchange application of masks and wraps the chest in combination with massage gives excellent results in terms of non-surgical breast lift. And besides, none of the operations improves skin condition, it can only do salon treatment.

Treatments at home

To get the same effect from body care procedures in the home and in the cabin it turns out is rare though, because to do self-massage of the breast as well as it makes the therapist, is almost impossible. But home care allows you to keep the effect of salon procedures for a long time. In addition, take care of yourself is a pleasant pastime that elevates mood and improves health. So, what can you do at home.

Self-massage of the breast

To massage can be arbitrarily, but it is possible to spot the techniques the massage therapist in the salon.

The most important thing is to do massage movements along the lines of least stretching of the skin with a special cream or oil for easy sliding and provide everything necessary for skin health and beauty.

Can be done in the bathroom. This can be a douche, underwater massage elastic with water, massage the skin with ice.

Video: breast Massage

Creams and masks

Creams, serums, ampoule concentrates, you can use any. Most importantly, the composition of funds was needed by your skin the active ingredients. It could be professional preparations, and the usual skin care for a skin area of the breast.

Fortunately now there are enough budget funds to care for bust and neckline, proven not only by studies, but reviews of buyers.

Examples of such tools can be Markell creams for skin care of the bust, one of which contains collagen and elastin, and the action of the second is due to the presence of phytoestrogens. At home you can use cream masks.

For the application of alginates likely to need an assistant, as it is applied in position the client lying down. In this position, the alginate can have a maximum lifting effect.

Under alginate you can use any mask or cream which you wish to strengthen.

Special devices for non-surgical breast lift

Now there are a huge variety of tools that are designed to improve breast shape. They are safe, easy to use, effective.

Push UPS

Someone spied the habit of women hiding in the bras of all that can add volume to Breasts, has created push-up and patented the invention. Currently, three models of bras, correcting the shape and size of the breast.

The first option is a Lightl yLine dBra. This option does not increase the volume. For it is at the expense of his well-cut lifts the Breasts.

The second option is Add-a-Size (Padded) Bra. It has special pockets where you can put increase the size of the pads. Sometimes this model can be directly with built-in pads for breast augmentation, and to get them impossible. The introduction of Add-a-Size (Padded) Bra, you can add 1 size to your chest. Breasts this bra doesn’t lift.

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The third option is actually a Push-UpBra. Cups of this type are laid in a thick layer of material that enhances the Breasts by two sizes. Well it raises, changes its form.

But wearing them every day is not recommended, as the breast in them is constantly deformed and compressed state. But this violates the blood circulation and lymph flow, preservation of youth and health breast well does not help.

Video: push UPS for breast lift

Silicone earbuds

Silicone can be used inside (in the form of implants), and you can place it outside with the same effect.

You can use them in any bra. Put them in the bottom of the Cup.

Silicone bra invisible

In contrast to the ear it consists of two cups which stick to the skin of the breast. Because it does not require straps. In order to arrange the silicone cups of the bust on the chest, they should be lightly sprinkled with water.

Video: Silicone bra Freebra

Each of the silicone cups on one side there is a hook that the cups can be reduced closer to each other and locked in that position. This allows you to lift the bust and make it the accent.

Stickers to improve breast shape

The meaning of the labels is that the base sticker is attached under the nipple, and its upper part is attached to the skin above the nipple as high as possible. They are made of medical latex, so do not cause allergies and are suitable for sensitive skin.

Latex labels are designed for the many one-time use. They usually fit within three months.

A great solution latex stickers will be for those who want to get a perfect breast shape without the use of bras when you need to wear a summer dress, lightweight t-shirt, and have no desire to spoil the appearance of straps from the bra.

Suitable stickers for those who want to look good on the beach. They do not spoil and do not come unstuck under the influence of water.

Size available different. Their marking corresponds to the marking of the cups of the bra and denoted by the letters a through D. can be Glued on clean skin without any traces of cream, talcum powder and other cosmetics. The price of such stickers about 15 rubles per pair.

Patches for non-surgical breast lift

Appearance and method of application similar to stickers, the only difference is that the patches are impregnated with plant extracts that improve the skin condition of the breast and improve its shape.

To use the patches are courses for three months. Then you need to take a break.

Video: Stickers to raise breast

Less traumatic procedure

Not all women are ready to go for major surgery for breast lift expose yourself to anesthesia, a long and painful recovery after surgery. But many have the desire to do the breast lift.

For this contingent of patients, plastic surgeons have developed several non-surgical methods aimed at correcting the shape of the breast and giving it extra volume.


For non-surgical breast lift using threads and a gold wire (gold threads) and yarn of polylactic acid, which dissolve with time. Nonabsorbable provide a lifting effect of the breast support tissue at a certain level.

Absorbable threads are different. Around such threads improves blood circulation and accelerates the metabolism under the action of biologically active components that are released when the resorption of the thread.

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Most often it is the lactic acid in the decay of the filaments of the polylactic acid. At the same time around the thread, as around any other foreign body develops connective tissue capsule of collagen fibers and elastin.

Thus, the absorbable filament has a mechanical effect on the tissue while in the tissues, and biorevitalizing, by improving metabolism and stimulating the formation of collagen and elastin.

They are introduced in the operating room. Anaesthesia is performed intravenously. Sometimes use a local anesthetic. Administered with the aid of a needle or a cannula under the skin on the previously chosen path. Fix a breast lift to clavicle.

The recovery period is not subject to serious limitations. The cost of non surgical breast lift threads about 95 thousand rubles.

The Macrolane Gel

Macrolane is essentially the same filler based on hyaluronic acid, but it is designed specifically for augmentation and lifting of the breast. Compared to fillers for the face density hyaluronic gel more and more the size of the molecules of hyaluronic acid, because it dissolves much more slowly.

In the case of a non-surgical facelift, Macrolane has a double action:

  • improves breast shape by creating additional volume;
  • improves skin and improves its elasticity and elasticity by increasing its hydration and rejuvenation.

The filler is injected in an outpatient setting. In most cases anesthesia may not apply at all, and sometimes use local anesthesia.

The procedure has few contraindications and is easily tolerated due to the fact that hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the tissues of the human body.

The recovery period after the procedure is short and passes without serious limitations. The cost is depending on the amount of filler and status of the clinic from 120 to 180 thousand rubles.


From all of the above methods to correct the shape of the breast is probably the most serious.

To introduce fat into the Breasts is not difficult. But in order to extract it from places where there is a surplus, requires surgery under General anesthesia and the use of special equipment, which will preserve the fat cells for transplant viable.

Using one’s own fat cells, you can give volume to sagging Breasts and restore her former shape, to adjust the contours of the breast.

The only drawback of the method is a partial resorption of transplanted into the breast fat. Usually absorbed 40 to 60% of the total volume of transplanted adipose tissue.

To find out how much the procedure lipomodulina, you need to seek the advice of a plastic surgeon. The cost of the procedure is calculated in each case. But on average it is about 140 thousand rubles.

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