Non-surgical facelift (non-surgical facelift) — what is it, thread, reviews, prices, photos before and after

  1. Melkomorschinisty type of aging: the face is covered with a dense mesh of fine wrinkles (baked Apple);
  2. The deformation type of aging: the face of «gutter» down, lowered eyebrows, heavy eyelids, appear «lacrimal groove» and «neoguri», formed a second chin.

There is also a mixed type, when there are wrinkles and the change in prolapse tissue. If we talk about melkomorschinisty type, without plastic surgery will not do, because in order to «stretch» the skin, it will have to pull. But with the omission of tissue can be fought with non-surgical methods, which, to date, developed a large number.

  • Special gymnastics for the face.

Strengthening the muscles of the face to prevent drooping tissues, improve the skin condition by improving blood circulation. But such exercises helps to a certain age, and if with her to overdo it or you do it wrong, you can get pronounced wrinkles.

  • The use of threads.

Special absorbable and non-absorbable filaments are able to lift up and secure the soft tissue of the face for a long time.

  • Fillers.

Special gels can fill the volume of the soft tissues of the face to make the skin taut and facial features young acquired shape.

  • The impact on the superficial musculoaponeurotic layer of the face.

If you reduce the area of the connective tissue layers of the face, they will catch themselves and pulled a muscle. In order to influence the deeper layers of the soft tissues of the face and neck that uses ultrasound lifting Ulthera System machine.


Gymnastics for the face you need to do it constantly, to allocate her time and be content with such a result, which can give exercise. After the introduction of fillers on long enough on the face to have swelling and bruising, the fillers can dissolve or migrate, to contributes.

After ultrasonic lifting can be a problem with the plastic surgeries.

But we want to avoid surgery, we want:

  • to get the result quickly: tonight I went to the procedure, tomorrow morning I came to work and everyone gasped;
  • to obtain the most natural result of the correction to the face was without scars, which will always have to cover the hair;
  • to preserve the natural facial expressions and your physical features, giving the face a younger shape;
  • instead of hiding from people at home and to sit at the hospital to spend their free deal on your favorite classes;
  • don’t think about the contraindications and that some kind of disease or condition may be on our way to youth and beauty;
  • do not limit yourself after the procedure is what we used in our daily life;
  • not to have future problems with the behavior of cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery on the face.

To all this to date, more than real, if you use facelift using cosmetic threads from absorbable materials.

Video: Non-surgical SMAS lifting

— Absorbable sutures

I think, many remember the Golden thread, the reinforcement of which was at the peak of popularity a few years ago. Still some clinics use gold, and even platinum thread. There are several variants of filaments of non-resorbable materials. But all of them have their drawbacks. The most important of them is the constant presence of a foreign body in the tissues.

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Before performing a series of manipulations on their face have to get. The procedure is not difficult but nevertheless requires the implementation of punctures on the face, which is not always desirable. Metallic thread can be a contraindication to perform a number of instrumental procedures and some medical examinations. Because they also can’t ensure that all items in the list of our wishes regarding the facelift, its results and consequences.

Absorbable threads

Now let’s look at why a sufficiently absorbable for a lasting effect, and why a foreign body in the skin we need.

  • Reaction to a foreign body.

Any foreign body in the tissues causes a reaction, aimed at creating a connective tissue capsule around a foreign fragment. This process forms the basis for thread lifting. Yes, at first the lifting and fixation of tissue self-thread, but then enough connective tissue sheaths formed around each thread to maintain the lifting effect for a long time.

  • Properties of lactic acid.

You should also consider the fact that all absorbable sutures are composed of substances that stimulate the metabolic processes in tissues, which also helps to lift and rejuvenate the skin:

  • known to many Aptos threads, used in cosmetics, consist of caprolace and L-lactic acid;
  • used in the majority of Russian clinics of Silhouette Lift sutures consist of Soft polylactic acid.

Lactic acid is a substance related to our body. It makes our muscles ache after intense exercise. It causes intense blood flow to speed up the metabolic processes. Small quantities of lactic acid present in all tissues and has a pronounced stimulating effect on metabolism.

Threads are located in the tissues around 18-20 months and all this time the released lactic acid has a revitalizing effect on the skin. Also the body does not give them polylactic acid allergic reactions as it does not take lactic acid as a foreign substance.

  • The presence of cones for the fixation of tissues.

The threads are provided with special cones, through which the tissues are fixed in tense condition. It is due to the cones is provided by the primary instant lifting effect, which sees the patient during the procedure.

And that is due to the cones of fabric are held at a higher (younger) level, not yet formed connective-tissue capsule around the filaments, which will achieve the lasting results of non-surgical facelift.

Who shows how

The procedure gives a wonderful result for those who:

  • want to get a quick result without surgery;
  • does not have sufficient reason to conduct plastic surgery;
  • is in the age group of 28-45 years (men can do the procedure until age 60);
  • no significant excess of fabric on the face.

Areas of the face that can be corrected with the help of threads

  • Eyebrows.

If the eyebrow with age dropped and make a person gloomy, you can use stranded tightening, the performance of which will be used 1-2 threads on each side. At the request of the client can be hoisted the whole nail and can be adjusted the position of any of its parts. For example, you can raise the temporal region, eyebrow, or maybe its the middle part.

  • Lift of the middle third of the face.
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This can be used 2 or 3 strands on each side. Again, an experienced physician who conducts the procedure, can not simply pull the cheek up and in agreement with the patient to emphasize cheekbones, to create the retraction of the cheeks like a woman-vamp, or just make neat smooth cheeks.

  • Lift chin and neck.

It usually need 2-4 threads on each side. Rarely used as an independent procedure. But is usually required in those who perform lifting of the cheeks. Usually beauticians recommend to perform simultaneous lifting and cheeks, and lower jaw to improve the facial contours.

  • Lift corners of the mouth.

Can be executed within the braces of the lower third of the face, and for the correction of Osogovo, if you don’t care.

Technology introduction

Previously on the skin to apply a special markup, which the surgeon can then navigate to get exactly the visual effect that a patient needs.

Threads are introduced in the fabric by using special needles or hollow tubes. In places hidden by hair or in natural folds of the skin are punctures through which the cannula is inserted and extends thread. After the thread is installed in the desired location, the cannula is removed and the thread stretches and raises a skin.

Video: thread Lift Silhouette-Lift is a Soft

Depth of 3-5 mm is considered sufficient to ensure that the thread didn’t kontenerowa and it has provided a sufficient lifting effect.


Introduction thread is not conducted in case if:

  • there is a tendency to form keloid or hypertrophic scars;
  • appeared on the skin manifestations of viral, fungal or bacterial infection;
  • you picked up ARI;
  • symptoms of allergies;
  • planned exacerbation of acne with purulent formation of comedones and acne;
  • there are autoimmune disease;
  • there are diseases of the blood system, cancer or any endocrine disease.

How is the procedure

No serious preparation for the holding of thread lifting is not required. Before the procedure of mandatory consultation and examination the doctor. All manipulations are carried out under local anesthesia. For anesthesia used injections of lidocaine or other local anesthetic. On the introduction thread the doctor takes from 15 to 30 minutes.

Video: the Reinforcement of the face with APTOS threads

Since during the procedure the patient is conscious, she can participate in the process of stretching the strands to achieve the desired degree of correction of a Department entity. About an hour after the procedure, you can go home.

The recovery period

During the first week after the procedure should be avoided:

  • any thermal effects (hot tub, steam bath, sauna, warm fire, fireplace, furnace);
  • intense effects on the face such as massage, hardware procedure, masks, etc.
  • food that requires extensive chewing.

The consequences

  • Swelling of the tissues.
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Usually expressed slightly. Spontaneously, if you follow the recommendations of the recovery period.

  • Hematoma at the puncture point of the skin or incisions.

If during insertion of the cannula damaged blood vessels, hematoma can be fairly common.

Fortunately, these hematomas are very rapidly go away without treatment. The most important thing is not to massage them and RUB it actively funds from bruises.

  • Vtjazhenija at the location of the filaments in the tissues.

This effect can be observed in the first week after the procedure. Then vtjazhenija gradually disappearing.

  • Unsatisfactory result of lifting.

For example in this photo is toned cheeks and pronounced cheekbones formed nodules, which are clearly visible at the edges of the face, especially on the left.

And here is an overcorrection when a person has lost the natural shape and looks artificial.

How long do the results

Typically, the lifting effect after the introduction of the threads is maintained for up to 3 years. Then tissue can gradually descend. It would seem, not so long as we would like. But for comparison, the effect of plastic surgery for the facelift retained for 5 years. The difference is not that big, considering the simplicity of the procedure is the introduction thread and the lack of serious consequences and difficult recovery period.

What cosmetic procedures combined

The introduction of the filaments of the polylactic acid is not a contraindication to conducting any procedures. To enhance the effect, simultaneously with the filament lifting or some time after it can be used:

  • Botox;
  • injection preparations for mesotherapy and biorevitalization;
  • reinforcement of the face with hyaluronic acid;
  • face modeling with the use of the drug Radiesse;
  • any hardware procedures.

The cost

Non-surgical facelift with threads price, RUB
zonal lifting with Aptos threads from 19000 to 50000 for the procedure depending on the type of use of Aptos threads, and their number to the procedure
actual plastic threads Silhouette lift 15,000 for the thread, the cost of the procedure will depend on the number of used threads

You should also clarify the price of anesthesia, as not all clinics include the cost the cost of the procedure in the price.

Photos before and after thread lifting

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