Non-surgical rhinoplasty, rhinoplasty without surgery — what it is, prices, reviews, contraindications, photos before and after, video

Injection rhinoplasty is not aimed at a radical correction of the nose or to restore it, but it can easily cope with a little adversity.

The benefits of contouring the nose are the following factors:

  • the lack of rehabilitation period (less than days);
  • the speed of the procedure (not more than half an hour);
  • no surgical intervention (rhinoplasty without fracture);
  • the lack of soreness after the procedure;
  • lack of numerous side effects, including callus;
  • low price.

The only drawback is its reversibility. After eight to twelve months, introduced the gel is resorbed and restored the former shape of the nose. However, it can always be repeated if the results of the first procedure satisfied the patient.

The essence of the procedure

The essence of non-surgical rhinoplasty is the introduction of absorbing solution into the problem area of the nose.

Filling gel is able to remove minor pits, and excess soft tissue.

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Initially, the patient’s nose fit special Longuet, allowing to keep the shape of the nose in the period after the intervention, as well as protect it from injury.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty takes about half an hour, and protective Longuet remains on the nose for the next day.


There are several methods of conducting non-surgical rhinoplasty:

  1. The use of gel fillers. This technique involves injecting a gel under the skin in problem areas. Used «Perlane», «Restylane», «Surgiderm». This is frequently used to camouflage a bump on the nose. This gel is injected along the entire length of the nasal bridge, thus achieving the desired result.

  1. With the use of hormonal drugs. In this case, the most often used «diprospan» and «kenalog». They are designed to remove excess soft tissue and achieve a smooth nose. This method requires experience and care of a doctor, as needed correctly calculated dosage and excluding the possibility of dissolution of the tissues no longer need. That is why this kind of rhinoplasty is not done at once, it stretched to two to three weeks. The only way the technician can avoid the asymmetrical and the formation of unnecessary depressions. With the help of hormonal preparations are adjusted, the tip and wings of the nose, also you can smooth out the hump on the nose.
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  1. Using aptos threads. As in the previous method, this involves the adjustment of the wings and tip of the nose. They are introduced through small punctures, and then the specialist pulls the desired area of the nose, thereby giving it the desired shape. After two or three days, the tips of the threads are trimmed and becomes visible final result.

  1. Langada. This special device created from solid plaster or plastic and is designed to align the contour of the nose. It is also used for other parts of the body after injuries and operations.


Indications for conducting non-surgical rhinoplasty are:

  • the presence of asymmetry of the nose;
  • dips, depressions and irregularities;
  • the drooping tip of the nose;
  • bump;
  • flat top back;
  • flabby skin near the nose.


Contraindications the following factors:

  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • the presence of acute inflammatory processes;
  • fever, fever, fever;
  • the presence of infectious diseases;
  • the herpes active;
  • decompensated form of diabetes;
  • Allergy to the drug or its individual components.

Video: the Procedure is non-surgical nose correction

Side effects

After non-surgical rhinoplasty are practically no complications. Natural swelling and bruising that is present after the procedure, most patients quickly enough and completely disappear.

The only rare exception to the rule is to move the previously inserted gel from one nose to another. There’s also the risk that the threads may break, but this also happens very rarely.

In General, side effects are practically not observed.

The rehabilitation period

The essence of non-surgical rhinoplasty largely lies in the absence of recovery period. If in the case of the operation, it lasts about a month, after non-surgical method only a day.

The patient is placed in a special Longuet, which is designed to protect the nose from injury and complete the stage of giving a permanent form. The rehabilitation period ends, however experts made certain recommendations.

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After the procedure you should avoid:

  • massage the face;
  • prolonged exposure to the sun;
  • a visit to the saunas, pools and solariums;
  • the use of alcoholic beverages.

What results can be achieved?

Correction of nose shape without surgery can help in achieving the following results:

  • to restore the nose after surgery or injury;
  • fix sharp corners of nose;
  • to tighten flabby skin;
  • to raise the drooping tip of the nose;
  • smooth the hump;
  • fix a flat back;
  • to restore the symmetry.

Prices for non-surgical rhinoplasty

The price for non-surgical rhinoplasty varies between 10000 and 40000 roubles. On average, trusted and long-established clinics, it is possible for 30000-35000 rubles.

Name the cost in rubles
Non-surgical rhinoplasty from 10 000

Frequently asked questions

Can we consider non-surgical correction of nose shape alternative and a replacement for your ordinary operation?

No, replacing it can not be, as this procedure focused on the correction of minor bugs. She can’t radically change the shape of the nose, this is only possible with surgery.

How long after the procedure can get to work?

The rehabilitation period on average lasts one day. In rare cases, two to four days.

As far as the achieved result?

On average, for a year. It depends on the introduced gel, body features and lifestyle of the patient.

Is it possible to do the procedure again?

Yes, of course. If the patient was satisfied with the result achieved, after some time it can be repeated.

Is it possible to do after this operation? This type of rhinoplasty is used in cases when the patient was not entirely satisfied with the results of the operation. To make it possible and even necessary, it helps to correct some details.

Video: rhinoplasty without surgery

The opinions of experts

Many surgeons believe that this method cannot fully replace conventional surgery. By itself, the term «non-surgical rhinoplasty» misleads many. In fact, it is only suitable for correction of insignificant defects.

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For example, if the patient is required to remove small depressions on the nose, the gels used in non-surgical rhinoplasty, perfect for the job. However, when it comes to the remake form, removal of a large hump or narrowing the tip, then it can provide only operation. Moreover, to treat absorbable drugs with care costs.

By the way, frequently used diprospan cannot handle serious cases, but to improve the situation he will be able. Again, these drugs can help patients only in the hands of experienced professionals. Improper use can lead to disastrous results.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty is good in cases where the transaction has already been posted and need to correct something, for example to remove a small hump. Of course, the cost of such procedures is much lower than the cost of the operation, but the results it gives are not so visible.

Everything else, non-surgical rhinoplasty has its own validity period, i.e. six months or a year, the effect completely disappears and the shape of the nose is the same. In contrast, a true rhinoplasty gives the result for life.

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