Oil for breast enlargement — essential, flax, ylang ylang, black cumin, fir

What determines breast size

This question bothers many girls and women who survive mainly due to the small size of the mammary glands.

The amount (volume) of the female bust depends on such factors:

  1. genetic factors: heredity greatly affects the breast size. If my mother had big Breasts, and the daughter she will be rather big.
  2. body type: small fragile women often have small Breasts and thick and sturdy – great. Although there are exceptions;
  3. weight: in many ways, the size of the breast depends on the thickness of the layer of fat that covered the mammary gland. When weight the breast, consequently, increases the loss decreases;
  4. breast size depends on its level of development, formed from the effects of sex hormones;
  5. developed system of blood supply to the Breasts also affects extra power and volume of the Breasts.

What is the use

There are ways to enlarge breast with special preparations. The most useful and effective means for this – natural oils.

Their usefulness is undeniable, and it consists in the following:

  • the natural oil produced by cold pressing, so that they maximally retain all the nutrients that are readily absorbed into the skin of the breast.
  • oil, the lightweight oil texture, smooth wrinkles, increasing the skin’s elasticity against stretch marks;
  • a moisturizing and nourishing action of oil, phytoestrogen (essentially plant analogues of the hormone estrogen, one of the most important hormones that are responsible for the beauty and health of women) contained in them, gives tone and elasticity to the skin of the breast, preserving their youth and beauty;

Is there any harm

Harm using oils can be in such cases:

  1. use undiluted oils: most oils cannot be applied in pure form, but only to use on some basis – greasy cream, cream, vaseline or almond, olive oil, otherwise you may get burned, itchy, allergic reaction;
  2. the oil should be of good quality, 100% natural, otherwise use its application will not bring;
  3. stale oil can also cause allergies, itching, redness, rash.

Effective essential oil for breast enlargement

Essential oils to achieve the effect of breast augmentation, there are many. But for their most effective use is to know the properties of each of them and ways of proper application.

Essential oils enhance the effects of any cosmetic oil due to the active, fast penetrating into the skin, easily absorbed base oil — base.


Ylang – ylang rejuvenates the skin, promotes more intensive production of sex hormones, leading to increased breast volume.

The specified oil should be combined with other ingredients and rubbed on the chest:

  • in oil-based, for example, almond, olive, you need to drop of geranium oil (10 drops) and the same ylang — ylang. In the evening before bed, apply this mixture on the chest with light circular motions, avoiding the area around the nipples;
  • twice a day massage the bust, using aromates of fenhelevoe 10 drops, 15 drops ylang ylang 50 ml of grape oils.
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Black cumin

The black cumin oil is a unique substance commonly used in cosmetics and in the treatment of various diseases.

Oil components:

  • vitamin complexes;
  • fatty acids of group omega.


  1. restore optimal hormonal balance;
  2. protect the body from the appearance of inflammatory processes;
  3. profilaktirujut cancers of the breast and reproductive organs women.

The black cumin oil, mix with olive oil in the ratio of 1:5 and applied to the skin of the chest at night, avoiding contact with the skin of the nipple. This will increase the volume of the bust.


To strengthen and increase the bust is also used, in combination with other oils, oil of fir.

You can prepare this balm:

  • 4 drops of silver fir oil;
  • 1 drop of anise oil;
  • 1 drop of rose oil;
  • 2 drops of cedar oil;
  • 1 drop of eucalyptus oil.

Mix oil with baby cream (a tube) and apply on the chest. Especially effective is the use of this tool in front of the gym with trainer for your chest.


Oil of fennel (sweet fennel) has a positive effect on the skin, improving its turgor and color, skin tone and promotes the production of the hormone estrogen.

Is an aphrodisiac, and drawing up a «natural framework» of the breast. A natural antioxidant, reduces the sagging of the bust.

Also, this drug successfully fights against inflammatory and congestive processes in the mammary glands.

To apply you need to take:

  • Fenhelevoe 4 drops of oil;
  • 2 drops of geranium oil;
  • 1 drop of oil limetty;
  • 2 drops of hop oil;
  • mix with jojoba oil (10 ml.);
  • oil hazelnuts and wheat germ oil (also 10 ml.).

RUB in a circular motion every night in the chest without touching the nipples.

A good effect such a mixture gives if the prior chest alternately applying compresses:

  1. wet the towel in hot water, wring out, put on his chest;
  2. then in cold water and put on the chest.

So to do 10 times, then RUB this mixture.

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What else can help

Other natural oils in mixtures with different drugs of natural origin also gives an excellent effect of increasing volume and a breast lift.


Flaxseed oil – an excellent tool for improving the overall health, skin, hair, and breast augmentation.

The product contains:

  • record the amount of fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6;
  • phytoestrogens;
  • vitamin E;
  • has an antioxidant effect.

For breast augmentation you should drink flax seed oil 1 tablespoon before Breakfast.

For external application, you must:

  1. dissolve 2 drops of oil in any manner (e.g., in a children’s cream) and apply lightly on the chest. You should not take the drug orally and apply it topically in order to avoid poisoning.
  2. to blend: 9 drops of geranium and 16 of vervain linen fragrance oil to base(50 ml). Use daily.
  3. in 5 ml of Flaxseed oil to add essential oils of anise and juniper (2-3 drops) and RUB onto the skin of the breast.
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Flaxseed oil is viscous and heavy, has a dense texture, so is one of the base oils on the basis of which prepare the mixture for the chest


Olive oil is very valuable in connection with the presence of vitamins, oleic acid and minerals.

To apply it, careful rubbing lightly into the skin of the breast, not touching the nipple area.

It is possible to enrich the oil by adding 2 drops of vitamin E. Good effect to increase the bust gives a mixture of olive oil (5 ml.) and patchouli oil (3 drops).

Olive oil also moisturizes the skin, increasing its elasticity.


Almond misleadingit:

  • vitamins E, B2;
  • oleic and linoleic acid;
  • minerals;
  • antioxidants.


  1. slows down the aging of cells;
  2. has a nourishing and rejuvenating effect;
  3. has anti-inflammatory properties.

And breast augmentation in this case is a «bonus».

You can make this composition:

  • 15ml oil of bitter almonds, 1капля ylang — ylang, 2 drops orange oil mix, rubbed into the skin of the breast in the evening;
  • to combine 2 tbsp almond oil bitter essential oils of rose, patchouli and lavender (1 drop of each oil). Apply onto bust and décolleté. Remnants of the mixture dry with a cloth.


Hop oil is a wonderful means of caring for the Breasts, tightens and increases their volume.

In the preparation includes:

  1. estrogenic substances;
  2. lupulin (a substance that combines fiber, essential oil, useful resins);
  3. a lot of vitamins.

Thanks to its lightweight texture, the oil of hops can be used as a standalone drug, not mixing it with anything, rubbing a little warmed in the chest at night with light massage movements.

The amount of oil in one session – 1 teaspoon.

Wheat germ

This oil has a high biological value.

The high drug content:

  1. vitamin E (youth vitamin), which has powerful antioxidant properties;
  2. vitamin D;
  3. b vitamins;
  4. zinc;
  5. selenium accounts for its exceptional usefulness and effectiveness, including in cosmetology.

This oil promotes cell renewal of the skin of the breast. Has a very dense and viscous, and therefore needs to be combined with more texture and light oils.

To apply you need to take:

  • 2 tbsp oil of wheat germ;
  • 1 tsp olive, peach and apricot oils;
  • lubricate the breast at night.

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How to apply

  1. before applying oil or the mask of him should be heated to body temperature. This is necessary in order to make the beneficial components more deeply penetrated into the skin and give the maximum effect;
  2. for breast lift, you need to apply oil massaging: at the bottom of the chest from the center to the armpits, upper chest, from the armpits to the center. Movement should be light, smooth gliding, no need to push. Further, during the transition to the sternum, to move from the center of the chest, lifting the chin, then to the collarbone, to the shoulders by two hands.
  3. when the procedure is done only with oil, it remains clean napkins of paper;
  4. making a mask with oils, you need to remove it soaked in warm water with a cloth, previously wrung strongly. In this case, the useful components will remain on the skin;
  5. apply the oil better after a contrast shower or bath. This increases the effectiveness of drugs;
  6. apply the oil without affecting the skin of the nipple.
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The finished products

Now there is many tools that promise your Breasts become more supple and voluminous.

But before you buy a tool make sure you have no contraindications for its use, Allergy to a particular component of the drug.

Also be sure to demand the seller a certificate on this product, consult the people who have already used this drug in practice.

Among the preparations include:

  1. oil API bust for the growth of the breast is composed of a diverse set of essential oils (geranium, patchouli, rosemary, ylang-ylang and others) on the basis of base oils of evening primrose, wheat germ and almond, also contains honey extract and ginseng root. The drug is certified, has a quality certificate;
  2. balm for care of skin of the breast Wise Ways Herbals, which includes evening primrose oil, calendula, castor, olive, Echinacea extract, essential oils of lavender, geranium, neem, etc.
  3. breast cream with cocoa butter and Palmer’s biocomplex helps to strengthen the bust, reduces stretch marks. The drug is tested by dermatologists, consisting of no phthalates, and parabens;
  4. Bust Cream Spa — the tool is designed for breast lift and increase in volume, increases elasticity and baratitos skin. Contains rose essential oil, root extract of a tropical plant Pueraria Mirifica, which contains an ingredient similar to female hormone estradiol.