Olive oil wrinkles — around the eyes, against, for century

Under the action of medicinal components of olive oil the skin is saturated with vitamins, it returns elasticity and smooth wrinkles.

No wonder it is found in many cosmetic products: creams, serums and fragrant soap. Using olive oil can turn back time and regain youth.


Not in the nature of oil, which at least closely approached olive’s vitamins and minerals. The most valuable for use for cosmetic purposes is considered cold pressed oil — in the process of heat treatment most useful for the skin elements lost.

The unique composition of olive oil rich, and each ingredient has its own unique properties:

  • triglycerides of fatty acids with a high content of oleic acid: they are able to penetrate even the deepest layers of the epidermis, nourishing the skin and protecting it from negative external factors;
  • vitamin E: an immunomodulator and antioxidant (antioxidant) — prevents the formation in the skin cells of free radicals, the main causes of wrinkles;
  • squalene: carotenoid of natural origin, a universal moisturizer for all layers of the skin, restores its elasticity;
  • vitamin a: an antioxidant is a structural unit of the cell membrane, restore the damaged cells of the epidermis;
  • the b vitamins are active participants of the metabolism of cells, accelerate wound healing and cell division;
  • vitamin D: biologically active substance: regulates the metabolism, stimulates collagen synthesis, exfoliates the uppermost damaged layer of the epidermis;
  • iron: under its influence increases the blood supply to the cells, their saturation with oxygen.

Depending on the varieties of olives and their growing region the contents of a particular ingredient may vary. The most valuable have beauticians is the Greek olive oil is rich green color with a high content of vitamin E.

The principle of operation

In addition to the unique composition, an important feature of olive oil is its ability to penetrate the deepest layers of the epidermis. Each structural element of the oil useful for the skin cells, regardless of the model set. Especially indispensable is its healing properties for skin.

The use of oil is based on the following properties:

  1. restoring damaged cells;
  2. anti-inflammatory effect;
  3. the saturation of the skin with vitamins and minerals;
  4. moisturizing effect;
  5. exfoliation of damaged cells;
  6. nutrient effect;
  7. the smoothing of wrinkles.

Anti-inflammatory ingredients olive oil glands decrease the production of the secretion, clogging the ducts. There is a narrowing of pores, redness and rashes on the skin.

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Olive oil is well restores the turgor in the tissues exposed to the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Experts often recommend olive oil anti-wrinkle cream. It is:

  1. does not clog pores,
  2. smoothes small age and mimic wrinkles,
  3. relieve the swelling,
  4. removes swelling,
  5. restores skin radiance.
  6. with regular use of warm compresses is decreasing the number of deep wrinkles.

Applied in cosmetics

Any beautician knows that regular use of olive oil in its purest form is able to transform a woman in a month after the first application on the skin.

The oil is combined with:

  1. honey,
  2. aloe juice
  3. extracts of medicinal herbs,
  4. bran and yeast.

In cosmetics olive oil used for cooking:

  • wraps;
  • masks for the face and body;
  • exfoliating scrubs;
  • warm compresses;
  • therapeutic baths.

In beauty salons use oil during the massage of the face and body: enriching the skin cells with nutrients with smooth hand movements along the massage lines.

Cosmetologists often alternate the use of olive oil with other natural products and herbs.

After several holistic treatments women say that:

  1. smoothed facial wrinkles;
  2. the skin looks rested, well-groomed, shining;
  3. disappeared acne;
  4. decreased depth of wrinkles.

Widely used olive oil to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. Women after 25 years of experts recommend a course treatment oil for 2 weeks with a break of one month. This allows you to shift the time of occurrence of wrinkles by a few years.

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The rules of use on the face and eyelids

Poor environmental conditions, monotonous diet and age are reflected primarily in the condition of the skin in the eye area. Thin, dry, sensitive skin responds to the slightest changes in lifestyle the appearance of wrinkles, under eye circles, ugly swelling on the eyelid. To deal with the flaws, you can use olive oil.

How to carry out the procedure:

  • slightly heat the butter in a water bath (do not boil!) to the temperature of the human body;
  • apply oil on the pads of the fingers, shake off the excess;
  • easy tangents movements lubricate the skin around the eyes oil;
  • allow to absorb for 30 to 45 minutes;
  • using paper napkins to remove the oil is absorbed.

It is important to use pure olive oil from wrinkles around the eyes, without adding oil or any herbs.

In addition to smoothing out wrinkles an added bonus will be the improvement of the eyelashes and eyebrows will increase their growth, improve appearance.

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Beauticians recommend the use of warm oil for removing eye makeup. Sometimes a woman is hard to find a quality tool for this procedure, and olive oil always on hand. It is only necessary to moisten a cotton pad in the oil, wring out and remove makeup. Excess oil should be removed with a cloth.

Popular recipes means with olive oil from wrinkles

All women love to treat themselves to a useful for facial skin masks. If you enter part of your favorite mask a few drops of olive oil, this will give it additional healing properties. In addition to the moisturizing and nourishing effect of the application of the mixture, you can also smooth the skin and rid it of wrinkles.

These masks from wrinkles, you can easily prepare at home:

  1. for oily skin: 3 tablespoons oil mixed with 1 tbsp. of potato starch until a homogeneous mixture and apply on face for 30-40 minutes, rinse thoroughly with warm water;
  2. for dry skin: 2 tbsp oil mixed with 1 tea spoon of aloe juice, 3 drops of liquid vitamin E and egg yolk; leave on for 20-25 minutes, rinse under running water;
  3. for sensitive skin: 3 tbsp oil mixed with 1 tbsp. spoon peach oil and 1 tablespoon of grapeseed oil; apply with a cotton pad to 40-45 minutes, rinse with warm water;
  4. for aging skin: 2 tbsp. warm oil mixed with 1 tea spoon of chamomile decoction, whipped egg white, 1 table spoon of oil of wheat germ; leave on for 30-40 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
  5. for combination skin: 2 tbsp. oil mixed with egg white, 1 teaspoon of aloe juice; apply on face for 30-35 minutes, rinse with warm running water.

After applying the masks can lubricate the skin with any moisturizer or serum. Alcohol-containing tonics and lotions should be avoided. Cosmetologists advise to apply the mask in the morning, skin pores are open at this time, there is maximum absorption of nutrients and vitamins.

Contraindications and adverse reactions

A contraindication to the use of olive oil is its idiosyncrasy.

To avoid allergic reactions in the form of skin rashes, you must do the test. On the thin skin of the crook of the elbow or wrist, apply a drop of oil, RUB in lightly and leave for 30 minutes.

If you do not have any itching or redness — you can safely apply the mask on the face. The same test is desirable for multicomponent mask, because a person may be intolerant to a certain ingredient mixture, for example, honey. Adverse reactions from topical use of olive oil in the medical literature has not been described.

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Important information

The opinions of beauticians and massage therapists about the benefits of olive oil for getting rid of wrinkles is similar: after two months of use oil number of even deep wrinkles are significantly reduced.

In addition, the skin looks younger by increasing elasticity and reduce the visible lesions.

Experts suggest the oil to use if:

  • the skin has redness and small pimples;
  • the skin has lost its elasticity;
  • lost that healthy glow;
  • increased number of wrinkles.

Some beauticians recommend not to use oil very young girls. Usually in adolescence the pores greatly expanded, the increased production of skin secret, worried about acne. The additional load in the form of butter is not needed.

Olive oil has been used by women since time immemorial to maintain its beauty. And over such a long period none of the fairer sex are not disappointed in its medicinal properties. So why not feel on the spot Cleopatra, that no day can not live without a warm bath with a good portion of the oil? Because it is known by its delicate and smooth skin.

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