Ozone therapy during pregnancy — pokazne and contraindications, price, side effects, reviews

Because almost every pregnant woman is familiar with the symptoms of preeclampsia and with fetal hypoxia, and infectious and somatic diseases whose treatment is medicines, there are significant restrictions at the time of carrying a child.

It is clear that there is a need for such a method of healing the body and treatment of diseases of pregnant women, which will be effective for the expectant mother and her child.

Today this method is ozone therapy for pregnant women.

The essence of the procedure

The main method of administration of ozone in pregnancy is intravenous drip of saline, which is enriched ozone-oxygen mixture.

In some cases, resorted to hypodermic introduction of ozone, if it is necessary to anesthetize the joints or the lumbar spine.

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How is the treatment

To designate a course of treatments during pregnancy can only be a doctor after finding out all the contraindications and indications for treatment with ozone. The introduction of the intravenous solution is made.

Standard treatment regimen is 2 courses of infusions with ozone at 20 and 30 weeks of gestation to 5 drips in each course.

This scheme is used if the pregnant woman is totally healthy and only needed a minor correction of a number of conditions such as insomnia, fatigue, worsening of mood, a slight decrease of hemoglobin, obesity.

In women with diseases of internal organs, reproductive organs or problems with the fetus treatment is carried out on an individual scheme, often in combination with drug therapy. Because it is desirable that in determining the optimal treatment regimen was also attended by the midwife and doctor ozonoterapia.

Usually ozone therapy during pregnancy to 36 weeks.


  1. Strengthening of immunity, prevention and treatment of several diseases, especially colds, the peak of which falls on the autumn-winter period;
  2. Treatment or reduction in symptoms of gestosis.
  3. Ozone therapy during pregnancy is to increase the likelihood of fertilization and fixing the resulting embryo in the uterus, especially if planned procedures such as donor insemination or IVF;
  4. Prevention and treatment of fetal hypoxia in such phenomena as premature aging of the placenta, umbilical cord entanglement, the violation of utero-placental circulation, the partial detachment of the placenta;
  5. Preservation of pregnancy in threatened abortion, correction of metabolic disorders in the child after eliminate the chance of miscarriage;
  6. The improvement of the fetus with intrauterine infection, reducing the risk of the consequences of intrauterine infection of the child in the future;
  7. In the complex therapy for the treatment of acute and exacerbation of chronic diseases of internal organs, gynecological diseases;
  8. Preventing the weakness of labor;
  9. Ozone therapy after delivery is used to accelerate the recovery of the woman’s body and improve lactation.


  1. Allergic reactions to medical ozone;
  2. Hyperthyroidism;
  3. Convulsions in the past, even if these were isolated episodes, epilepsy;
  4. Hemophilia and other diseases that lead to violation of the processes of blood clotting;
  5. The use of drugs that reduce blood viscosity and increase the risk of bleeding;
  6. The decrease in the number of platelets in the blood test;
  7. Recent bleeding from internal organs, including pelvic;
  8. Mental illness.


Ozone therapy improves the General condition of women, reduces the symptoms of preeclampsia, improves sleep, makes the skin pleasantly pink, allows you to fight against the infection, not to hurt or to quickly recover.

In some cases, ozone treatment eliminates the need for medication (e.g. painkillers) or to reduce the dose and the multiplicity of their admission.

If the fetus was observed to treat hypoxia, which is manifested by arrhythmias and heart rate, hiccups, sharp movements, after a course of droppers child in the womb becomes much calmer, his heartbeat returning to normal.

Those mothers who during pregnancy were administered intravenous ozone therapy, give birth with less risk of the weakness of labor and the development of fetal hypoxia in the process of labor.

Complications, effects and side effects

  1. Elevated liver transaminases in the biochemical analysis of blood;
  2. Frequent acts of urination, increase urine output;
  3. The release of sand and small stones from the renal pelvis with the appearance of sharp pains and pain until the development of renal colic;
  4. The increase in temperature of the skin in the lower abdomen accompanied by a feeling of warmth.

Analogues procedure

Pneumotherapy is the perfect replacement of ozone therapy in case, if a pregnant woman has no fear of enclosed spaces, and there is a desire to avoid injections into a vein.

During a session of hypobaric hypoxic stimulation, the patient is placed in a special capsule, which creates the desired oxygen concentration in the gas mixture and changes in atmospheric pressure.

In these conditions the human body better absorbs the oxygen coming into the lungs when breathing.

Prices for ozone therapy during pregnancy

On average, the price for 1 I. V. ozone is 250-300 rubles. Intravenous introduction of ozonized physiological solution.

No. The name of the clinics Price (RUB.)
1 Frauklinik 2000
2 Delta Clinics 1500
3 SM-Clinic 900
4 Medial 1000
6 Mediciti 900
7 Grand Clinic 1650
9 Mediciti 1650
10 Grand Clinic 1650
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