Ozone therapy for the face contraindications, prices, reviews, photos before and after

All these processes together lead to a rapid renewal of the cellular composition, rejuvenate the skin. And the improvement of conditions for the functioning of the tissues affects the appearance of the skin, giving it a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

Thus ozone therapy of the face is by far one of the simplest and most effective ways to rejuvenate and improve the condition of the skin, which suggested to us by nature itself.

The essence of the procedure

The gas mixture is injected intradermally or subcutaneously to 1 ml in place of each injection until the formation of a blister. Gradually, the gas is distributed in the tissues and is absorbed by the cells.

Activation of metabolism in cells, improves blood circulation, accelerating collagen synthesis and elastin. The skin is tightened, small wrinkles disappear, leaving double chin, improves tone and elasticity of the neck skin and decollete.

The stimulation of activity of fibroblasts, which produce special moisturizing factor, allowing the skin to better retain water.

Saturated with moisture the skin becomes smoother, firmer and velvety.

Ozone has a detrimental effect on the microbes and skin of Demodex mites, which cause inflammation in the mouths of the sebaceous glands with the formation of acne and comedones. Acceleration of skin renewal leads to the rapid elimination of hyperpigmentation spots and scars on the place of healed lesions.

The introduction of ozone contributes to the normalization of the sweat and sebaceous glands, restoring the hydro-lipid mantle of the skin. A person ceases to react to the sharp redness on temperature changes, washing, emotions.

In the past sensitive skin heals, it takes on a pleasant glow, a feeling of tightness and dryness of the skin, become less severe spider veins and vascular mesh on the face.

Improved circulation helps drain excess fluid from the skin and subcutaneous fat of the face because of edema, leave the bags under the eyes, disappear dark circles under the eyes.

In some cases, sub — and intradermal injection of ozone-oxygen mixture complement the intravenous introduction of ozonized physiological solution, or a large autohemotherapy to enhance the therapeutic and revitalizing action of ozone.

If the cabin for the treatment of lesions carried out ozone therapy of the face, acne and other problem areas recommended in the home to further smear or RUB with oil or ozonized ozonized distilled water.

This reinforces the effect of the application of ozone promotes rapid healing of abscesses.

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  1. Prevention of skin aging the face, neck and décolleté;
  2. Elimination of double chin, a transverse neck wrinkles, giving elasticity decollete;
  3. Tightening of the skin;
  4. Elimination of puffiness and bags under the eyes, dark circles around the eyes;
  5. The treatment of acne, comedones, acne;
  6. Treatment of rosacea, rosacea;
  7. Elimination of wrinkles;
  8. Eliminating sensitivity, dryness, oily skin, enlarged pores;
  9. The treatment of acquired skin pigmentation.

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  1. Head trauma in the past;
  2. Seizures, even if was an isolated seizure, epilepsy;
  3. Hemophilia and other diseases that can lead to impaired blood clotting;
  4. Medication that reduces blood clotting;
  5. The first days of menstruation;
  6. The presence of continuous bleeding in the body and the first 2-3 days after stopping it;
  7. The decrease in the level of platelets in the blood test;
  8. Cancer;
  9. Hyperthyroidism;
  10. The acute phase of a heart attack or stroke;
  11. Allergic to medical ozone;
  12. Diabetes, which led to diabetic retinopathy;
  13. The state of alcoholic intoxication.

How is the course

In order to pass the course, you must first visit the consultation of the physician ozonoterapia.

The doctor will determine the indications and contraindications to the appointment of ozone, will appoint the required number of procedures and amount of the gas mixture on one procedure.

Ozone therapy is painful, because in the place of injection on the face can be applied the anesthetic, then the distribution of gas under the skin is not accompanied by unpleasant sensations.

Ozone-kislorodnaya mixture is introduced under or into the skin with a syringe. The number of injections for one treatment can be about twenty. To obkalyvanija may face.

Is it possible to introduce ozone in certain areas, which need to improve.

For example, ozone therapy be the areas of the face like chin, or the area crow’s feet around the eyes.

After injection the physician may gently massage formed at the site of injection blisters for a better distribution of gas in the tissues.

To Supplement the procedure can mask with ozonized oil.

How many sessions you need and how often to do

Usually ozone therapy of the face involves the number of procedures from 6 to 10. In some cases the treatment can be extended to 15. Procedure performed with an interval from 1 to 4 days. Most often it is 3 treatments per week.

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Consequences, complications and side effects

  1. Soreness during the introduction of gas under the skin and distribute it in the tissues;
  2. Persistent pain at the site of injection for 1-2 days after the procedure, the distribution of pain in the region of the teeth and ears;
  3. Swelling of the face at the injection site, a slight creaking when pressing on the skin at the site of distribution of gas;
  4. Bruising at the site of injection, if you were hurt vessels;
  5. Ozone therapy of facial acne and other skin defects can be ineffective in case if there are serious internal reasons, such as diseases of the endocrine, digestive, or other systems. In such cases it is advisable to combine the introduction of ozone to eliminate skin problems with treatment of the underlying disease;
  6. Allergic to medical ozone;
  7. Abscess at the injection for violation of the rules of asepsis during the procedure and infection in wounds;
  8. Blurred vision;
  9. Cramps;
  10. Headaches;
  11. The development of acute psychosis;
  12. Violation of mobility in the arm and leg on one side of the body (paraplegia);
  13. Increase the risk of cancer.

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Procedures for areas Prices in rubles
1 area in the face 600-1500
oval 600-1500
chin 600-1200
neckline 600-1500
neck 600
face+chin 1600
face + neck+neckline 2500

Analogues procedure

Depending on what problem the client came to the beautician, a session of ozone therapy can be replaced by a biorevitalization, mesotherapy, microcurrent therapy, contour plastic with fillers, facial massage, beauty treatments for the face with alginate or collagen mask sheet, cosmetic surgery etc.

Procedure in Moscow and other major cities is usually conducted at major medical centers and beauty salons, where the client and the cosmetologist there are plenty of treatments to choose from.

This allows you to choose the optimum program of treatment for various skin problems, taking into account all indications and contraindications, which are at the client.

Any injection techniques are good that allow you to solve a number of problems of the skin that give quick and lasting effect. But they are significantly more expensive than ozone therapy.

When you consider that it is often necessary to spend a few mesotherapy or biorevitalization, the savings in the choice of therapy it turns out is palpable. Drugs used for injection, often of animal origin. This significantly increases the risk of developing allergic reactions to their introduction.

Facial massage improves lymph flow and blood flow to the tissues of the face, tightens the muscles, which can significantly improve the condition and appearance of the skin.

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But massage has certain contraindications such as the presence of pustular rash on the face (common in young people), hypertension (have almost every other adult).

Ozone therapy of the face for acne does not affect blood pressure levels, and successfully struggling with a rash on the face, making it available to a wide range of people.

Alginate and collagen sheets have a powerful moisturizing effect and well tighten the skin. But they work only in the uppermost layers – the epidermis that gives the skin a well-groomed appearance for some time, but does not affect its status, blood flow and metabolism.

Plastic surgery is usually the choice for those patients who do not help bezoperatsionnye methods of rejuvenation.

Due to the ability of ozone to update the cellular structure of the skin and rejuvenate the whole body, ozone therapy of the skin will allow any woman to postpone the time when she will need the services of a plastic surgeon. Almost all of these analogs of the ozone is not used in women during pregnancy and breastfeeding or have their significant limitations.

Ozone therapy of the face during pregnancy is not only not contraindicated, but on the contrary it is recommended as a means of improving the appearance and health of the pregnant woman.

Before and after pictures