Ozone therapy for weight loss: prices, contraindications, reviews, photos before and after

How to reduce weight

In itself, obesity is associated not only with fat accumulation in adipose tissue, but also with a number of changes in the body, which needs to be compensated in the process of weight loss.

The most significant effects of overweight is a hormonal activity of adipose tissue that surrounds internal organs, and the development of decreased sensitivity to insulin which stimulates the uptake of glucose by cells.

Furthermore, there is a change in the activity of the nervous system, which affects health, causes fatigue, lowered mood and performance, is not conducive to high physical activity.

Ozone therapy in obesity has a number of useful properties, the most significant of which are:

  1. Stimulation of uptake by cells of glucose and oxygen, which reduces the load on the pancreas and reduces the risk of diabetes;
  2. Improve the health, performance, mood, physical activity;
  3. Acceleration of neutralization and excretion of toxins and harmful products of metabolism, liver and kidneys;
  4. The oxygen saturation of blood and reducing its viscosity, which improves blood flow to the organs and tissues contributes to the normalization of metabolic processes in the body, rejuvenates the cellular structure and the body as a whole;
  5. Normalization of blood lipid composition with increase in the synthesis of high-density lipoproteins, which reduces the risk of atherosclerosis;
  6. Activation of connective tissue cells is accompanied by a more active synthesis of collagen and elastin, which protect the joints from the increased load on them.

Currently ozone therapy for weight loss can be administered in the form of:

  • intravenous drip-feed of the ozonized solution to provide beneficial effects on the whole body slimming;
  • subcutaneous injection of gas mixture of oxygen and ozone for the treatment of cellulite and local reducing the volume of the body by reducing the amount of body fat;
  • injection under the body in their location.

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  1. For weight loss as a secondary method that increases the effectiveness of weight reduction as a compliance with a low calorie diet and exercising;
  2. For the treatment of cellulite and stretch marks;
  3. Health improvement, stress tolerance, and mood;
  4. Preparing the patient for plastic surgery and rehabilitation in the postoperative period.


  1. Any disease in which reduced or impaired blood clotting, including hemophilia;
  2. Taking medications that reduce blood viscosity and increase the time of blood clotting, including aspirin;
  3. Ongoing bleeding or bleeding staying less than 3 days ago;
  4. Low levels of platelets in the blood (the result of the General analysis of blood);
  5. Menstruation the first 2-3 days;
  6. Thyroid disease;
  7. Head trauma in the past;
  8. Convulsions in the past, epilepsy;
  9. Acute or exacerbation of chronic pancreatitis;
  10. A heart attack or stroke that occurred less than 6 months ago;
  11. Severe course of diabetes, especially in the development of such complications as diabetic the defeat of the retina;
  12. Allergic to ozone;
  13. The presence of benign or malignant tumors in the body;
  14. Mental illness.
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How is the procedure

Depending on the purpose of treatment is first selected method of administration of ozone. The procedure gives a bracing, tonic and rejuvenating action. Dropper help overcome insulin resistance of the tissues and better absorption of glucose to maintain metabolism at a high level despite the developed the changes in the body and low calorie diet.

Ozonated physiological saline by passing a mixture of oxygen and ozone from the ozonizer through the liquid container. Given that the half-life is 30 minutes, a solution immediately before the procedure.

The prepared solution is administered intravenously over 15-30 minutes. After the procedure the patient is advised to rest for 10-15 minutes. Then you can return to your daily life.

Local treatment of cellulite and reduction of subcutaneous fat gives a subcutaneous injection of ozone-oxygen mixture. Injected gas mixture or using a syringe or through a special device that allows you to connect five tubes with needles.

The cannulas (the tubes) she moves with such speed that the gas had to be distributed under the skin. Usually one procedure, the mixture is introduced only in one area. You can enter and several neighboring areas, for this the tube with the needles moving to the new skin.

But the amount of ozone in a single procedure is strictly limited and does not change in a big way, so several zones during one procedure get less gas mixture.

After the procedure you may remain a little soreness at the injection of the gas mixture, and when pressed there is a sound similar to crunching snow.

Subcutaneous administration does not violate the daily activity and does not require any restrictions, except that access to the sauna, Solarium and outdoor sports in the day of the procedure.

The introduction of ozone is not recommended to combine with mesotherapy, biorevitalisation, introduction of fillers and treatments using laser light.

How many sessions required

The usual number of procedures intravenous injection of ozonized solution 6-8. In some cases their number can be increased to 12-15. Ozone therapy if weight goes within a few months, can be carried out repeated courses.

Subcutaneous injection of ozone-oxygen mixture in different people require different numbers of treatments depending on the severity of cellulite and the desired effect. They can be from 5 to 15.

Rehabilitation and recovery

Ozone therapy is used as one of the options prepare patients for various cosmetic operations such as liposuction or abdominoplasty. Also widely used ozone to accelerate the recovery of the human body in the postoperative period.

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Method of introducing ozone and the number of procedures per course in this case is chosen individually by the attending physician.

Consequences, complications and side effects

With the introduction of ozone subcutaneously:

  1. Soreness at the injection of the gas mixture all the time until the gas is distributed beneath the skin, the creaking when pressing on the injection of gas;
  2. Small hematoma at the site of injection when damage to the blood vessels of the skin with needles;
  3. Allergic to medical ozone.

When intravenous:

  1. Cramps;
  2. Blurred vision;
  3. Headaches;
  4. Mental disorders often sluggish depression;
  5. The development of acute hemolysis result in excessively intense effects of ozone on blood cells;
  6. DNA damage of the cells of the human body that can cause cancer.

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The pros and cons


  1. Accessibility;
  2. A small number of contraindications;
  3. A large number of useful effects which ozone has on the body;
  4. The effectiveness of treatment of a large number of diseases, the use for the prevention and rejuvenation.


  1. E high demands on the quality of equipment and the degree of purification applied to the ozonation of the oxygen (it should not be impurities of nitrogen);
  2. The presence of complications, especially in cases when the patient hides from the doctor certain diseases;
  3. The risk of accelerating the growth of benign and malignant neoplasms as a result of improved nutrition and respiration of the body cells.

Analogues procedures to get rid of excess weight

For weight loss currently used by a large number of medicines and treatments. Consider the main ones and compare.


Treat hunger all the rules have doctors in specialized hospitals or departments, since the fasting is necessary to start right, and from fasting need to come out right, to bring your body.

When fasting do it at home without taking into account all contraindications, existing rules, medical weight loss can result in the aggravation of old or emergence of new diseases.

Ozone therapy is a more gentle method of healing the body and much better suited to people who want to improve their health, but do not want to end his career or cause your body harm to the inept actions.

Drugs for weight loss

Usually these teas, powders and pills for ingestion. The effect of all medications and herbal medicines is implemented through three main mechanisms:

  • a diuretic effect;
  • laxative effect;
  • the acceleration of heartbeat which leads to acceleration of blood circulation and accelerate metabolism.

As a rule, the use of weight-loss drugs without diet and sport does not give significant effect in reducing weight. Ozone therapy does not cause artificial excretion of water and electrolytes, has no effect on nerve centers.

All of the effects of ozone are realized through improved nutrition and respiration of cells, and therefore the weight loss with it is much safer, has predictable outcomes and proven for several decades.

Cosmetic products for slimming and eliminate cellulite

The majority of cosmetic creams and gels, products for body wraps contain ingredients such as caffeine or the extract of red pepper that are designed locally to improve circulation and breakdown fat. But the penetration of active ingredients of cosmetics through the skin into the subcutaneous fat is virtually impossible. Because the effectiveness of these products is small.

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Ozone mixed with oxygen is supplied directly where it is necessary to activate metabolism and blood circulation, and therefore its effectiveness will be much higher.

Massage, including cellulite and hardware

Massage is designed to activate the metabolism, «splits» body fat, stimulates blood circulation and lymph flow. In this respect, the simultaneous execution of the massage and subcutaneous injection of ozone potentiates the effect of both procedures and allows to obtain a more pronounced and long lasting results.

Prices for ozone therapy for weight loss

Procedure Prices in rubles
Consultation of ozonoterapia from 300 in some centres, free of charge
Treatment of striae (stretch marks) ozone  
chest from 1800
belly from 2000
buttocks from 2000
hip from 2000
hands from 1000
waist from 1000
Subcutaneous administration of ozone  
belly from 2200
waist from 1000
loin 800
back from 2200
hip from 2200
buttocks from 2200
Shin 800
IV fluids with ozone 800

Some clinics have discounts in the procedure of ozone therapy in two or more zones, and if you pay just five or more treatments. Information on discounts you can obtain at your medical center.

The before and after photos

As seen in the photo, ozone therapy and obesity are incompatible.