Pain after mammoplasty — how much it hurts, in your chest, back, ribs, joints


Like any other surgery, mammoplasty (surgery to change the size or shape of the breast) can have complications. One of them is pain after mammoplasty.

Causes of complications

The possible consequences are so popular with women, plastic surgery can be as General surgery, and specific complications, one manifestation of which can be a pain.

To the General surgical complications include:

  • wound infection;
  • the formation of rough scars;
  • the formation of hematomas (bruises) ;
  • change sensitivity (increase or decrease it) in the nipple-areola area;
  • the increase in temperature.

Special complications:

  • fibrous capsular contracture;
  • the gap or displacement of the implant.

Complications may occur not only in the early postoperative period, and later, after a few weeks or even months after surgery.

Causes of complications can be:

  • technological factors related to the characteristics of the used implant;
  • the actions of the surgeon who performed plastic surgery;
  • features of the body of the patient;
  • failure by client to doctor’s recommendations.

It always came pain

In the first few days, all the patients feel pain after the operation in the wound area, but they gradually diminish and disappear completely.

With the development of complications, the pain may recur or intensify.

Pain bother many women in rehabilitation (recovery) period in the occurrence of different oslojnenii themselves. The average duration of the rehabilitation period of 2 months.

Factors influencing the occurrence of complications

As to the appearance and the duration and severity of pain is affected by many factors:

  • operating access (podmienky the crease, in the crease under the breast glands, through the areola region);
  • the location of the implant;
  • during the recovery period;
  • respect a woman received from the doctor recommendations.

So, a breast lift is more traumatic surgery with breast reconstruction, and involves not only the excision of the skin.

Most of the operative trauma of the tissues, though fraught with more lasting pain, but gives a more lasting effect.

The selection of the optimal access is determined by the doctor depending on individual features – shape of the breast, the actual and the desired size, the size of the areola, etc.

Localization and character of pain after mammoplasty

If in the early postoperative period, the pain is localized in the wound area, then at a later date localization can be different depending on the character developed complications.

Different is the nature of pain. According to the description of patients, pain can wear:

  1. a burning character;
  2. stabbing;
  3. pulsating;
  4. to be constant or occur intermittently under certain conditions (physical exertion, when the body is tilted, etc.).

During infection of wounds as a result of violations of rules for skin care in the postoperative period and the abscess formation pain is of a throbbing character.

Pronounced pain is characteristic of neuralgia is the irritation of the nerve or its ingrowth into the scar.

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Pain in the chest can be associated with the accumulation of blood and lymph in the breast tissue (hematoma or seroma).

They can occur, if during the operation were not sutured a damaged blood and lymphatic vessels or the vessel could burst during exercise.

Chest pain after mammoplasty arise in the case of ongoing bleeding and increase bruising (occurs in 1.1% of cases of mammoplasty), or when suppuration of blood inside the glands.

The nature of pain with an increase in hematoma is bursting, and when suppuration hematomas or the formation of ulcer after wound infections it will be pulsating.

In case of purulent infection (sepsis are marked from 1 to 4% of cases) joins:

  1. temperature rise;
  2. deterioration of the General condition of the patient;
  3. manifestations of intoxication syndrome (headache, decreased appetite, weakness).

The cause of pain in the chest gland after mammoplasty can also be a significant increase in sensitivity of the nipple-areola area (found in 14% of cases) as a result of damage or pinched nerves, when properly selected size of the implant.

Discomfort and pain occur at the slightest touch to the nipple.

The ribs

When mammoplastika the cause of rib pain can be irritation of the intercostal nerves overstretched pectoral muscles, the large size of the implant.

The pain intensified when pressure is applied to painful areas compression underwear.

Since the intercostal muscles are involved in breathing, when the respiratory movements of the rib muscles and the nerves concerned are irritated with each inhale and exhale. Patients complain of difficulty, pain when breathing.


Usually back pain after mammoplasty in the early postoperative period.

The reason is that during the operation can be damaged by branches of the intercostal nerves Innervate the pectoral muscles. These nerves are closely connected with the spine.

In addition, back pain associated with a forced position (lying on back) in the first days after the intervention, the ban on active movement, compressing action of the compression underwear. Subsequently, these pain go.

Video: the post-operative period

How long are pain

Usually moderate pain after the operation lasts 2-3 days, and this is a normal reaction to surgery.

During the week of the postoperative swelling subsides, and a feeling of discomfort, tension and pain disappear completely. These pains are not cause any emotions in women.

But the duration of pain depends not only on the type of surgery and its trauma, and pain threshold in the patient.

Therefore, some women complain of pain for several weeks. If the doctor finds no complications during the examination, such pain does not go beyond the norm.

As for the duration of the pain syndrome in more distant terms, the main criterion justifying the severity, and the duration of the pain is the cause of their appearance.

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So, when the hematoma or abscess pain kept prior to treatment.

In neuralgia due to the ingrowth of the nerve in scar or nerve compression of the correctly chosen size of the implant, pain worried woman for a long time and also requires remedial measures..

The duration and intensity of pain also depends on the operational method. Of breast augmentation in cases when there is significant stretching of the muscles, severe pain observed about a week after surgery.

Over time, the muscles relax and the pain subsides. A few of these better-tolerated surgery with axillary access.

When you need to see a doctor

Contact the doctor at any symptoms, cause discomfort and pain.

Only a doctor after examination can decide whether the normal flows of the rehabilitation period, and whether there are additional procedures and appointments.

For example, when a hematoma or seroma the doctor will provide the outflow of the accumulated fluid through the drainage tube, and with the help of endoscopic equipment can stop ongoing bleeding.

The temperature rise may be a manifestation of the inflammatory process (usually above 38*C) or the body’s response to surgery.

To go to the doctor is necessary in case of high fever or if the temperature, though not high, lasts more than 2 weeks after mammoplasty.

Can I take painkillers

The most intense pain observed after 6-8 hours. after the operation, the end of the action of anesthetics for anesthesia.

Pain noted at the slightest touch to the chest during movement. At this period the physician prescribes effective pain medication injections every 6 hours.

After discharge from the hospital (usually the day after surgery) the doctor recommends a dose of pain medication tablets (Ketanov, Ketonal).

Discomfort in joints

With an increase of hematoma increases the load on the stitches and become painful, there is risk of dehiscence.

The same discomfort in joints can occur with a significant size of the implant. It is recommended to increase Breasts no more than 2 sizes.

Currently, the most used suture material that dissolves independently. Removal of stitches, made another suture, the doctor will painlessly in 7 days.

Useful tips

The woman, deciding on this surgery, should know:

  • choosing a plastic surgeon, it is better to be guided not by issues of cost savings and his professional level and experience of such operations;
  • to choose implants from a better known manufacturer, and taking into account the recommendations of the doctor;
  • before the operation to carry out the reorganization of the existing foci of chronic infection;
  • it is advisable to remain under the supervision of medical staff in the hospital for days after the intervention;
  • strictly follow all obtained from doctor’s recommendations;
  • after mammoplasty — it is necessary to wear a special compression underwear (elastic tank top and bra), which will relieve the chest and create the conditions for more rapid scar maturation; the period of transition to regular underwear will determine the doctor;
  • physical activity should be limited for one month; up to 2 weeks to raise not more than 3 kg;
  • for months after the operation, should provide maximum comfort the chest, restricting even the movement of arms;
  • breast massage can be carried out in coordination with the physician, but not earlier than one month; the intensity and the direction of the massage movements will indicate plastic surgeon;
  • to provide follow-up appointments the doctor after a week and after 1-3-6 months and every six months after mammoplasty in the future.
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Successful breast augmentation is not only a professionally executed work of the surgeon, and accurate fulfillment of all appointments and recommendations of the doctor during the rehabilitation period.

Adhering to medical recommendations, you can minimize the risk of complications.

Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to do this operation before pregnancy?

You can, but after the end of lactation the operation must be repeated.

Breast surgery for any effective for a longer period if held six months after lactation.

When is the final result of cosmetic surgery and how much it holds?

The final result of the operation is estimated approximately in six months.

The duration of the effect depends not only on the kind of plastic surgery, and for adherence to doctor’s recommendations.

How to behave after the surgery?

In the early days of necessary rest to promote healing without visible scars.

Playing sports, significant physical exertion, a visit to the baths, sex resume by permission of the doctor (time individual).

Will the marks from surgery too conspicuous?

It depends on many factors: the initial state of the breast, type of correction and its degree of surgical technique. Usually all issues are initially obsuzdajutsja with a plastic surgeon.

Why are antibiotics?

After surgery, quite often prescribe broad-spectrum antibiotics to prevent infectious complications.