Paraffin facial — at home, reviews, prices

What’s so good about cosmetic paraffin wax

He has several obvious advantages, which give a pronounced effect already after the first procedure.

  • The thermal effect.

Despite the fact that paraffin before applying to the skin heats up to almost 50 ° C risk of burns is minimal, since the drug slowly gives off heat. Under a layer of paraffin tissue temperature rises slightly, by about one and a half to two degrees. But this is enough to accelerate the flow of metabolic processes by 15%, improve blood flow, increase lymph drainage, speed up the excretion of excess fluid, metabolic products, toxins.

Under the influence of gentle heat to relax the muscles of the face, diverge wrinkles and creases of the skin.

  • The ability to shrink when cooled.

When cooled decreases in volume because paraffin mask on the face shrinks and simultaneously tightens the skin. This provides a pronounced lifting effect.

  • The «greenhouse effect».

A layer of paraffin to keep moisture out. Under the influence of heat and humidity loosened the epidermis, opens pores and all the useful ingredients of cosmetics to penetrate deep into the skin.

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Necessary things to procedures

A list of needed items is small. This:

  • lotion without alcohol;
  • the choice of moisturizer, special emulsion or serum for the face, ampoule concentrates to solve specific skin problems;
  • gauze mask with slits for eyes and nose or the mask sheet Korean masks for the face (by the way, very handy thing);
  • cover cream (aka protective cream) in order to prolong the effect of the procedure;
  • cosmetic paraffin wax;
  • brush for application of paraffin;
  • capacity for heating paraffin in a water bath or paraffin bath.

An optional component may be a light facial scrub or peeling-the price on the basis of fruit acids. Gentle exfoliation will make the procedure even more effective.


  • dry, dehydrated, weathered skin;
  • the increased sensitivity of the skin to the frosty air, dry air of the premises to the wind;
  • the need in the shortest possible time «to put a face on» to the event;
  • an intensive skin peeling in the winter;
  • the appearance of the first wrinkles and skin folds on the background of dehydration;
  • the presence of the second chin, «floated» oval face;
  • loss of skin tone;
  • swelling of the face, his puffy;
  • the presence of red and hyperpigmentaion spots on the place of healed acne.


  • rosacea any stage, otherwise there is a risk of the rapid appearance on the face, vascular mesh, or stars;
  • the presence of pustular rash on the face;
  • any wounds or scratches on the face;
  • hypertension with high numbers of pressure and frequent crises;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus.

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How to make at home

We offer a universal technology for the paraffin facial at home step by step painted.

  • Prepare the working place.

We will need a comfortable chair, table or coffee table to arrange all the necessary cosmetics and accessories, water bath or bath for melting the wax. The table is better to lay a towel or sheet, which is not a pity to throw away, so as to wash off paraffin from surfaces it is not so simple.

  • Heat the paraffin.

If you have a paraffin bath, it is enough just to turn it on and wait until the paraffin is heated to a predetermined temperature. At this time you can prepare a workplace or to prepare the skin for application of wax.

If the bath-no heater, warm wax will be in a water bath. This will need two pans of different diameters. In a large pour the water, put down the wax. It is necessary to ensure that the wax does not spill water.

Periodically paraffin to stir with a wooden stick. It is important not to overheat the wax and not let it thicken too fast.

  • Prepare the skin for application of wax.

Wash and apply it on the face a gentle scrub or exfoliating the bedroll. In principle, the stage of exfoliation is not obligatory, but prior to the removal of the layer of dead cells allows to obtain a more pronounced effect of the applied serum or ampoule concentrates. The remnants of the exfoliant is washed away with water. Wipe the face dry and wipe the lotion or tonic.

So as not to overdry the skin should not use alcohol funds. Apply the cream, ampoule concentrate or whey, distributed tool, soft massage movements and give completely absorbed.

  • Apply the paraffin.

For application of wax use a cosmetic brush. If the paraffin was heated in a water bath, first do a temperature test on hand. If the wax does not burn, apply it in a thin layer on the face. Well in this case as low as possible to capture the neck. The eye area can protect the pad.

On top of the first layer of wax, put a layer of gauze or cloth mask. On top of the cloth put a few layers of wax as long as the thickness of the mask does not become of order 1, see Close the wax layer of the film with cutouts for nose and eyes. On top of the film can be put towel. After all steps done you can move to the wing chair, or lie down for 20-30 minutes and relax.

  • The completion of the procedure.

When the wax has cooled, it is removed, lifting the edges of the cheesecloth in the direction from neck to forehead. Skin, until she lost moisture, close the cover of cream.

As a cover of cream, you can use any thick cream or protective cream for the face.

When the procedure of paraffinotherapy complete, you will need at least another half hour to stay warm, drink hot tea.

Do not miss the benefits of relaxation and feeling of peace, which gives any Spa-procedures, even if performed at home.

How often can I do

Usually paraffin for face prescribe a course of 10-15 procedures. But at home it can be done as needed, once the skin loses its creaminess and smoothness, becomes somewhat dry after being in the cold. Usually enough for 1-2 treatments per week.

Up to what age would be effective?

Each of the ages their tasks, because the paraffin facial will be effective at any age and will give a significant improvement of the skin and overall health.

The price of paraffin for the face in the salons

Name of service Cost, rubles
paraffin for the face 400-600

The cost of a home paraffin will be much less. First you have to spend money on cosmetics, and paraffin, but then for a long time you will not be required any more investments.


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