Paraffin treatment for hands is what it is, price for the service, photos before and after, reviews

In addition to anti-aging action, it has a pronounced relaxing effect, helping to relieve fatigue and stress after a hard work, moisturizes and strengthens nails, preventing their fragility.

The types and their properties

The relatively low melting point

Candle paraffin treatments are not suitable, because its melting point you can get severe burns. For paraffin need special cosmetic that melts at a temperature of 50-55 OS.

The maximum it can be heated to 65 ° C, but only if the hot wax will be applied over two layers of «warm».

High heat capacity

He slowly gives off heat. A thick layer of paraffin and a heat-insulating layer of dense tissue is sufficient to provide a thermal effect on the tissues for 25-30 minutes.

This is enough time to conduct an in-depth hydration and nutrition of skin. Throughout the procedure the temperature of the skin and underlying tissues increases by only 1-3 degrees, the intensity of metabolic processes increases by 15%.

The special composition

Such wax undergoes special purification from harmful impurities, therefore absolutely safe for the skin.

To make the procedure more effective, it can be added:

  • aromatic oils for aromatherapy;
  • seaweed for deep hydration of the skin;
  • valuable base oil to nourish the skin and restore the hydro-lipid mantle of the skin;
  • vitamins for skin tone and its rejuvenation;
  • plant extracts (peppermint, vanilla, aloe Vera, calendula and others) to solve specific skin problems.

The ability to compression

When the paraffin is heated, it expands. Accordingly, when cooling it shrinks and provides tissue compression impact.

The compression leads to an improvement of the outflow of venous blood, lymphatic drainage, reducing edema, improving skin tone and elasticity.

Occlusive ability

It holds a layer of water vapor evaporating from the skin surface. In the end, the loosened epidermis, enlarged pores and all the nutrients from the wax (if with additives) and the cream penetrate deep into the skin.

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  • dry, dehydrated skin;
  • the presence of peeling back surfaces of the brushes;
  • chronic degenerative diseases of the joints, accompanied by pain;
  • cracks on the skin caused by dehydration;
  • skin laxity, loss of its elasticity;
  • the increased sensitivity of the skin to the action of cold, moisture, wind.

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  • injuries on the skin (scratches, abrasions, trophic ulcers);
  • arterial hypertension, occurring with frequent crises;
  • allergic reactions to cosmetic products.
  • infectious diseases;
  • angina physical exertion;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • excess body hair.

Cold and hot wax

Not all shown heat treatments, including prolonged exposure to hot wax. But that is no reason to deny yourself the pleasure to make an effective treatment for hand, as in virtually every salon masters can replace it with cold.

It is not warm. He is initially at room temperature is liquid, therefore it can be applied by conventional brush. In the end, undesirable heat effects no, and all the benefits of the procedure are.

Can be used in pregnancy if the woman has a doubt that will not hurt you the procedure is her baby.

Description of the procedure

Paraffin treatment for hands can be performed as an independent procedure or in combination with manicure.

  • Treatment of nails.

If the nail treatment, color coating and caring for the skin is planned to be held in one session, the manicure should be done before its application. At least, it is desirable to treat the cuticles and apply nail nourishing oil.

Why? And because if you do the manicure after removing the wax, you have to dip your fingers in water, washing with this moisturizer. Yes, and your skin long after the paraffin remains wet, which complicates the work of the master.

  • Waxed.
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The procedure has several mandatory stages. Technology the procedure may only slightly vary depending on what method of application of paraffin will be selected.

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Usually the procedure is as follows:

  • your skin is cleaned from dirt and put on her cosmetics;
  • handled nail cuticle and nail moisturizing oil;
  • carried light hand massage using a scrub, the scrub is washed off;
  • apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream, which is chosen based on the client’s problems with the hands;
  • hands any way to apply the wax in several layers;
  • on top of the wax wear plastic gloves;
  • wear gloves over fabric gloves;
  • after 25-30 minutes the paraffin is removed and close all protective cream for hands.

Remember that in cold weather must be warm at least another 30 minutes, so as not to obotrite moist after the procedure your skin.

Methods of application


For this method use a special device — the tub in which the paraffin is heated to a predetermined temperature and for a long time remains warm. Her customer drops his hands a few times. After each dip, the layer of wax is getting thicker.

The brush

Heated paraffin can be applied to the skin with a brush and spread it.

Combined method

Perfect for those who can tolerate heat treatments. In this method, first, the immersion method is applied 2-3 coats of wax, heated to 55 OC, and then brush a layer of the paraffin, the temperature of which 65 OS. The effect of such a procedure will be higher due to more pronounced thermal effects.

The result

The effect of the procedure you will notice as soon as remove the paraffin. These are all the advantages of the procedure: a result no need to wait, it is almost instantaneous, and saved it for several days.

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What you get in the end:

  • deep moisturizing;
  • elimination of peeling and roughness of the rear surfaces of the brushes;
  • the improvement in skin color;
  • to increase the elasticity and skin tone;
  • fast healing of cracks;
  • the reduction or removal of pain in cases when there is a chronic disease of the joints of the fingers.

How often do

Strict recommendations regarding the number of treatments and intervals between them does not exist. Paraffin can be done as needed. In winter, the best is to repeat the procedure 1 time a week to keep your hands remain smooth and soft.

Most of the clients of beauty salons makes the paraffin by the time the manicure to save precious time.

Prices for the service

Name of service Cost, rubles
paraffin treatment for hands 500-1500

The value of the procedure depends on many factors: the class used cosmetics, the presence of additional phases of care (massage, peeling), and so on. Because mandatory clarify all the details before agreeing to the procedure.

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Photos before and after paraffin therapy for hands

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