Parsley for the person from wrinkles around the eyes

Fragrant parsley is now widely used not only in cooking but also in cosmetics to rejuvenate the skin. About how to use this plant and what to cook and will tell in this article.

How does

Due to its composition containing many nutrients, parsley is really able to prolong youthfulness of the skin and to rid it of wrinkles.

Effect of parsley following:

  1. Due to high content of ascorbic acid in humans, deeply nourished and hydrated skin. Also, it smooths the complexion.
  2. Pectin and thiamine help to get rid of inflammatory processes in the epidermis.
  3. Calcium eliminates pigmentation.
  4. Riboflavin promotes cell renewal and makes the skin smooth and saturated with moisture.

In addition, cosmetics with parsley rejuvenate the skin and rid of small facial wrinkles. They also establish the metabolism at the cellular level and rid of excessive fat.


Indications for the use of parsley from wrinkles are:

  1. Dry, dehydrated skin.
  2. The tendency to swelling and peeling of the skin.
  3. Irritation of the epidermis and the presence of acne.
  4. The first signs of skin aging.
  5. The oiliness of the epidermis.
  6. Shallow or deep facial wrinkles.
  7. The presence of pigmentation and freckles on the face.
  8. Grey leather smokers.


You should know that to use parsley for skin rejuvenation is not for everyone, because in some cases it can cause harm.

Thus, there are the following contraindications for the application of cosmetic products based on parsley:

  1. Idiosyncrasy of the man of parsley.
  2. An allergic reaction to this plant.
  3. Various skin diseases in the period of exacerbation.
  4. Damage to the skin.
  5. Rosacea (if you use ice cubes).
  6. The presence of open wounds on the skin in a prospective place of application.

Rules for the use of

There are the following recommendations on the use of parsley and its preparation:

  1. Most often for cooking creams based on parsley is used leaves of this plant. Less commonly used the stems and roots.
  2. Before using any of the parsley it must be washed thoroughly under running water and chop. To apply contaminated or whole plant is impossible.
  3. To parsley «revealed» their properties, it is desirable to dip in boiling water for one minute.
  4. Parsley juice can be applied both in pure form and mix it with other ingredients. Moreover, the juice from this plant are allowed to use daily as a natural lotion for washing.
  5. Parsley is best used as a decoction.
  6. To remedies based on the plants maximum have an impact on the epidermis before they are used, be sure to thoroughly clean your face with a scrub or with ice cubes. It is also important that the skin had no makeup.
  7. To eliminate these mask should be warm water. In that case, if you use lotion, it can not be removed with water.
  8. The frequency of the use of such cosmetic products depends on the specific purpose and composition of a mask or cream. On average, the rate for such rejuvenation should be one month, after which you need to take a break, otherwise the skin «get used» and the effect to decline.
  9. The frequency of mask 2 times a week.
  10. In order to better mask was kept on the face after application, it is desirable to adopt the prone position.
  11. If the mask is thick, it will help to evenly apply the special silicone cosmetic brush.
  12. The finished mask can be used only once. Storing it is impossible, because then the majority of its beneficial properties will be lost. Better every time to prepare a fresh mask.
  13. Keep for a long time can only be frozen in ice cubes with fresh parsley. Storage duration – no longer than three days.
  14. If you are dealing with root of parsley, it is better to grate. The leaves and stems is more convenient to grind in a blender.
  15. Parsley goes well with other rejuvenating herbs, so it can be used together with mint teas and chamomile. Despite this, it is better to stick to recipes and not to try to imagine untested combinations of decoctions.
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Recipes of masks and creams of parsley from wrinkles

All cosmetics from parsley are divided into two main groups:

  1. Tools for use on the face.
  2. The funds should be applied solely on the sensitive eye area.

Consider each of the data of cosmetic recipes in more detail.

On the face

Help to cope with wrinkles on the face the following tools based on parsley:

  1. Mix the chopped parsley and strong brewed tea. To get wet in the finished lotion to a cotton pad and wipe over entire face and neck area. Also, instead of a slurry of parsley, you can apply the juice from it.
  2. Chop the parsley and fill it with mineral water. Two hours later, use a lotion cleanser.
  3. Spoon fresh parsley mix with 2 tsp of cream and the same of olive oil. Apply the mask evenly on the entire face except the eye area. To stand for twenty minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Repeat this rejuvenation to three times a week after thoroughly cleansing skin.
  4. Chop the parsley in a blender and add one egg yolk. Pour another spoon of warmed olive oil. Apply to the face in two layers. On top you can put a dry paper towel below the mask did not spread. After half an hour rinse with warm water.
  5. Mix equal quantities of parsley and dill. Fill them with boiling water and infuse for hours. The prepared mixture, wipe the face every morning.

In addition to the fixed assets of the parsley, you can also apply the following mask:

  1. Take one egg white and grated parsley. Add a little garlic juice. All carefully mix and apply on face. After ten minutes rinse.
  2. Mix the parsley juice and plain unsweetened yogurt. Apply to face and neck area. Leave on for twenty minutes, then rinse.
  3. Mix the honey, chopped parsley, egg yolk and cheese to make a thick mixture. Apply it on the face, while carefully rubbing into the skin. This mask nourishes tired epidermis, eliminates wrinkles, oiliness and eliminates small wrinkles.
  4. Take the juice of mountain ash, lemon juice and almond oil. Make lotions with this lotion on the location of deep wrinkles.
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It is important to know that if after applying the mask you have any burning and pain, then it must as soon as possible to wash off. In most cases, these signs indicate an allergic reaction to one of the components of the mask.

Around the eyes

Quite often a well-groomed woman’s face spoil the tired eyes with wrinkles and puffiness on the eyelids.

To get rid of these shortcomings, you should use the recipes of masks:

  1. Chop the parsley in a blender and fill it gauze bags. To soak it in water for a minute, and then apply to the eyes for ten minutes. Repeat the procedure every morning.
  2. Squeeze the juice of fresh parsley, and blot them with a cotton swab. Apply it on the eyelids and leave for fifteen minutes. Repeat the procedure after removing makeup from the eyelids.
  3. Mix the chopped parsley and butter in equal proportions. Apply a thin layer to the eye area and leave for fifteen minutes. The remnants of the mask gently with wet cloth. Wash is not necessary. Procedure is desirable to do before going to sleep.

Are there any side effects

Cosmetic anti-aging agents based on parsley are very rarely cause adverse reactions on the skin.

Despite this, people with sensitive skin may experience the following side effects:

  1. Burning.
  2. The feeling of tightened skin.
  3. Peeling and dry skin.
  4. Redness of the skin due to irritation.
  5. Rash.

The doctors and cosmetologists

The doctors and cosmetologists in most cases have a favourable attitude to using natural cosmetics on the basis of parsley.

They justify the fact that this plant does not contain anything bad, and if the person is not allergic to it, it can be used to eliminate wrinkles and prevent their occurrence.

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Applications for the prevention

Parsley can be used for the prevention of skin aging. For this purpose it is useful to combine with olive oil, honey and egg yolk. Apply this mask two times a week.

In addition, for as long as possible to preserve the fresh appearance of the skin and get rid of early aging, should adhere to the following recommendations of a cosmetologist:

  1. Eat right. The diet should be rich in nutrients.
  2. Avoid contact with the skin to direct sunlight.
  3. To use sunscreen.
  4. Have good sleep and rest.
  5. Do not apply too often «heavy» makeup, as it escusive the skin and leads to its rapid aging.
  6. Carefully care for your skin and use mostly natural homemade cosmetics (creams, lotions, masks).

Natural cosmetics today offers a huge selection of different additives and parsley is one of the most harmless, at the same time, effective components. For this reason, the use of this plant will be able to almost everyone regardless of gender or age.

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