Pasta shugaring — types, recipes, how to do it yourself, instruction, reviews

If you cook the sugar paste is too difficult and time consuming, it is possible to buy ready-made, which is on sale now a great many.

Professional tools

Paste, designed for the professional hair removal in salons, develop taking into account the diverse needs of artists and the conditions in which they work.

Now in Russia you can pick up for itself and its clients products with optimum compositions and properties.


Produced at the density of 4 different types. Pre-Packed in packages of different sizes, because you can easily pick up any volume and for home and for salon use.

In the line means there is a paste for binding methodology for shugaring. Made in Israel.


The manufacturer presents pasta 4 types of density. There are various volume packaging.

A separate series of pastes with menthol, home hair removal hands and feet and a versatile set for home-shugaring.


Comes in 5 different types of density. Also different flavors of: vanilla can be creamy, tropical and honey.

The volume of only one – 750 ml.


Sometimes soft, medium and firm density. Is including in very large packs of 4, 5 kg.

For its production used cane sugar as it was originally in the days of Ancient Persia and Egypt.

Maris (Maris)

Produced in Russia. If you believe the manufacturer, do not require heating, as it maintains a predetermined ductility at room temperature. The density of stands five types of pastes Maris, which are marked with numbers from 10 to 50: 10 – the softest, 50 is the most dense.

Used for its production ready fructose, glucose and water without the addition of citric acid that the manufacturer writes in obvious advantages. Suitable for all types of hair. Available in packaging of different sizes. There are ready sets of products that are cheaper than the individual products set purchased one.

Prices on pasta shugaring

Product The cost in rubles
400 gr 500
790 gr 1000
1500 gr 2000
280 gr 660
750 g 1100
1500 gr 1650
3300 g 3000
290 gr 500
330 gr 600
800 gr 900
1500 gr 1500
kit for hair removal of the hands and feet 1500
universal set 1600
500 gr 600
1500 gr 1200
3000 gr 2300
4500 3300
750 g 1400



As you can see, prices on professional pasta does not correspond to the value of their constituent components. Prepare thick sugar syrup at home is easy. So why pay more?

Video: Cooking pasta in 10 minutes

Step-by-step cooking instructions


  • sugar 10 tablespoons;
  • water 1 tablespoon;
  • Paul lemon.

Step 1. You need to choose the right cooking temperature of the syrup from the start. All the time you need to cook the pasta at a constant heat, not reducing and not increasing it.

Step 2. In a fireproof bowl, mix the ingredients for the pasta and begin to heat the mixture, constantly stirring. The sugar should completely dissolve. As cooking the mixture darkens and becomes caramel flavor. Once the mixture becomes Golden brown, you need to bring it to a boil and simmer for 10 minutes.

Step 3. Remove the mixture from heat, give it time to cool.

Step 4. In order to verify the correctness homemade sugar paste, you need to take a small amount of warm mixture and try to roll it into a ball. If the paste does not spread and does not stick to the fingers, it is cooked properly, and it can be used for hair removal.

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Step 5. If the paste spreads or glued, it is necessary to heat it and add a small amount of sugar. If sugar syrup is frozen in Lollipop, it is necessary when heated, add a little more water.

If the mixture is caramel began to smell burning sugar, it remains only to throw it away, for hair removal it is unfit. If you already have a successful cooking experience a small amount of sugar paste, you can use the recipe from a large quantity of syrup, which then can be used for a long time. Take:

  • 1 kg of sugar;
  • lemon juice 7 tablespoons;
  • water 8 tablespoons.

Boil the mixture for 40-45 minutes, stirring constantly so the sugar does not stick to the bottom of the pan. The willingness to believe in a simple way: you need a small amount of syrup drop in cold water. If the mixture hardens, the pasta is ready and we can remove it from the heat. Warm paste should be good to roll into a ball should not be sticky or conversely brittle.

If instead of lemon juice you decide to use citric acid, don’t forget to add more water or boil hard caramel, is delicious, but the shugaring.

Video: Cooking shugaring in house conditions

How to choose?

Pay attention to the composition and critically treat the advertising promises of the manufacturers. The water in the the opening can be any, even «past special treatment», though usual. On the properties of the pastes is not affected.

Lemon juice or citric acid should be part mandatory, as it is under the influence of acid sugar breaks down into glucose, fructose, sucrose. Without this chemical reaction, the paste will not be able to acquire its ability to remove hair without the risk of injury to the skin.

Citric acid is completely consumed in the preparation of sugar paste and can not damage the skin in the conduct shugaring. The sugar in the paste composition can be labeled as sugar or as final products of the reaction occurring during the preparation of paste: glucose, fructose, sucrose. Can be specified and simply fructose, as a component with the better adhesion to the hair.

Preservatives in properly prepared pasta is not needed, as concentrated sugar syrup itself is a wonderful preservative. If they are specified in the composition, then its acquisition should be abandoned as it can be made with violation of technology or its structure does not correspond to the declared.

Essential oils are applied except for giving recognizable aroma and such a low concentration does not affect the skin condition, and a higher increases the likelihood of allergic reactions.

The vitamins of lemon juice in the paste to heat treatment are destroyed and artificially synthesized vitamins do not have a material impact on the epidermis.

Colorings and flavorings give the pasta pink, orange, greenish color and odor, which the manufacturer needs to make his product recognizable. On the properties of sugar molasses is not affected, and allergies can cause.

Different plasticity of the pastes. Depending on the water content in the paste changes its ductility, or density. Changes its ability to remove hair at different temperatures.

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What temperature is significant for the procedure shugaring:

  • the body temperature of the client and its separate areas: the bikini area and underarms much warmer hands and feet;
  • room temperature;
  • the temperature of the hands of the master courses.

What are the paste density:

  • soft: used at a lower temperature, often applied with a roller or spatula, and removed the fabric strips for those who prefer to carry out the procedure with gloves;
  • medium density: used chiropractic technique shugaring (applying and removing the paste with your hands);
  • tight: used at high temperatures, the bikini area and underarms, used for the removal of coarse hair.

If the density and temperature in the description of the pasta you still do not say anything, you can use mini-kits for shugaring, which includes a small number of pastes with different densities. These kits are firms Gloria and Cannaan.

Pastes of different density can be mixed to produce paste that is suitable for its plastic properties for each specific situation.

Home or salon use. For home use a number of manufacturers offer ready-made kits, which include pastes in addition to lotions to prepare for the procedure and after the removal.

The properties of the hair. Some manufacturers on the labels indicate that a specific paste designed to remove fine hair, thick hair or vellus hair. In fact, the thickness of the hair and the color are not decisive indicators to select it.

There are different ways of applying the pastes. Sugar paste can be applied warm wax from the cassette. This paste was placed in a cassette that size is suitable for heaters: convection. She has a special roller, which is preheated paste is applied to the skin for hair growth.

Special strips for hair removal paste along with the hair is removed against the hair growth. This technique is also called banding. Use often soft and ultra-soft paste. The paste can be applied by hand in a manner which will be discussed below. This so-called manual metodo. Use the paste of normal density and very dense.

Video course «Sugaring at home»

Instructions for use

  1. Hair shugaring should grow by 3-4 mm, otherwise they will not be captured by the paste.
  2. A day or two before the procedure can be done peeling, it will facilitate hair removal and reduce discomfort.
  3. The day of the procedure steaming before epilation will help to expand the pores, making the hair will be removed with a little effort, will not break off.
  4. After steaming, the skin should be wiped dry and to handle preparing a lotion for hair removal.
  5. For the procedure shugaring sugar paste needs to be heated so that it was slightly warm. This is usually 37-40 OS. To do this, you can put it in the microwave at minimum power for 30-60 seconds. Then it is easier to separate a piece of the total weight of the paste and its much easier to stretch. And applied to the skin of warm paste much nicer.
  6. While the pasta heats up on the skin, you can apply talcum or baby powder.
  7. One portion of paste the size of a quail egg need to knead in the hands until, until it becomes quite pliable and will not change color to a lighter one. Then with your fingers distribute the sugar syrup over the skin against the hair growth, with a sufficient touch. Tear the pasta from sticking to her hair growth of hair. It is worth to pay attention to what layer of the paste need to not pull up and against the hair growth, almost parallel to the skin. If you start to pull up, you can instruct yourself the bruises and sometimes break off the hair that they grow back after a day or two.
  8. If the place where you spent sugar hair removal, the hairs remain, you can repeat the procedure 1-2 times. Isolated hairs can be clean tweezers.
  9. The remains of the paste with skin wash off with warm water. At the end of the procedure, the skin can apply the lotion after hair removal with soothing and anti-inflammatory action.
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Here are some tips that will greatly facilitate the procedure of the house:

  • be sure to bring the mixture to the right consistency as too thin or too thick pasta you will not be able to work;
  • pick the room where it will be warm enough and dry: if it’s hot or humid (e.g. bathroom), the paste will spread and stick stronger than usual, because the effect of the procedure can be bad, but time will have to spend a lot more;
  • if hair length more than 5 mm, they are better cut with scissors or a special typewriter hair, otherwise increases the risk of breaking off hair and the procedure itself becomes more painful;
  • if you decide to remove hair from large area of skin, you must make sure that the areas to which you go, not had time to become wet from sweat or oily due to sebum, be sure to Pat dry with a towel or powder with talc;
  • carefully pull and confidently fix the skin before you tear off the layer of paste with the hair, otherwise it will hurt and there is a risk of bruising;
  • do not store paste in the fridge, it can sugar, and instead of shugaring, you will get a sugar scrub;
  • if you use a professional paste, it must pick up its density at room temperature, your hands and be sure to heat the pasta, if it is provided by the manufacturer, to the desired temperature in the microwave or to help melting wax faster;
  • use professional paste for hair removal different densities for different areas of the body;
  • take care of your fingers: excessive stress on the joints of the hands when kneading too dense paste, which you just heat in the microwave, may cause long-term problems with joints.

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