Peach oil for facial wrinkles — under the eyes

All women care about their beauty and youth, trying to extend them in all possible ways. We must not forget that the advantage for these purposes, there have always been various natural remedies. One of these is peach oil. It has a high efficiency in the prevention and elimination of wrinkles. Besides nourishes and revitalizes the skin, making it young and radiant.

This tool is actively used in different fields of cosmetology and pharmacy.


Peach oil is a vegetable oil that is produced by process of cold pressing from the seeds of peach inside of cores in order to maximize the conservation of valuable minerals and substances in its composition.

Among the most important we can mention:

  • a group of polyunsaturated acids – oleic, linoleic, palmitic, stearic and others;
  • vitamins a, b, C, E, D;
  • minerals – zinc, magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorus;
  • proteins and sugar.

This chemical makeup determines the uniqueness of peach oil in terms of the rendered action on the skin. Not unimportant point is the naturalness and safety of its use. This yellowish color the product has taken a leading place in modern cosmetology.

The principle of operation

A comprehensive and beneficial effects of oil on the skin, thanks to its natural components, due to several factors.

Aimed positive effects of peach oil:

  • Fatty organic acids nourish and moisturize cells. This determines the proper functioning of the skin at the cellular level, which is vital for healthy skin in General. Deep nourishment prevents the emergence of various inflammatory processes, quickly and effectively eliminates dryness and flaking.
  • Vitamin a is actively involved in cell renewal, stimulating their regeneration, and the integrity of their structure. The most visible and visible aging of the skin occurs more slowly.
  • The main effect of group b vitamins is to maintain a healthy complexion. They prevent the formation of age spots, vascular mesh, have a whitening effect. Also, we should note separately the advantage of part of the oil 15, which supports natural elasticity and firmness of the skin.
  • Vitamins C, D and E are essential antioxidants. Thanks to them, provided the person’s health condition at the cellular level, in the end, the life cycle of cells increases, and this prolongs youth as a whole.
  • Part of the zinc and iodine, have healing and anti-inflammatory effect. Therefore, in order of treatment (inflammation, acne, microcracks) oil has proved to be excellent.
  • Such trace elements as iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus strengthen the cell structure from the inside, which again supports the desired tone and the youthfulness of the face.
  • Defining protein group and carotenoids support healthy and necessary balance of the skin. Here, the most important is stimulating the production of precious collagen, which provides elasticity and preservation of life-giving water of the skin cells.
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Thus, all of the above, we can confidently say that this natural remedy has a very effective anti-aging effect.


  1. moisturizes
  2. eliminates sagging and wrinkled
  3. supports healthy balance and correct functioning of the skin epithelium,
  4. improves firmness and elasticity of the skin because of its impact on the cells inside.
  5. many important and significant step is the alignment of the structure and relief of the skin.

Peach oil from wrinkles – affordable and very effective means of natural origin. Proper use can not only slow aging, but also prevent and smooth out fine wrinkles formed on her face.


The undoubted advantage of peach oil is safe for use. This is achieved primarily by the absence of any synthetic, artificial substances and preservatives in its composition.

The main contraindication to the use can only be intolerance to certain elements contained in large quantities in this product. This fact is usually allergies.

It is also believed that peach oil should not be used by people with impaired functioning of the nervous system, as it can increase the excitability and anxiety. However, topical administration (topically), it is unlikely for the manifestation of this fact.

Do I need a test for allergies

In order to avoid any adverse reactions, you should always before using even such innocuous means to test the sensitivity of the skin to its effects.

It is carried out quite simply:

  • apply oil on is not a large area, preferably with thin and delicate skin, e.g., on the inner elbow of the hand,
  • and to see whether the observed changes – redness, itching, swelling, etc.

If there are no equivalent, you can safely proceed to active, but at the same time reasonable, the use of oil in different variants and ways.

Rules of application and use

Peach oil for the face can be used for several purposes. To achieve the desired and more effective result, recommended the observance of certain rules.

In its application, consider the following points:

  • it is impossible to boil the oil;
  • before applying, you must always cleanse your face;
  • pre-test for an allergic reaction;
  • to comply with the rules and periods of storage of the product;
  • stick to recommended quantity of used oil, its use in a particular recipe and method;
  • it is not recommended to use repeatedly during the day, usually just one time a day, and in some cases less.
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Popular recipes with peach oil from wrinkles

In the fight against wrinkles on the face peach oil is commonly used in the preparation of lotions and masks. Their main goal is toning, nutrition and skin health. Perfect also as a means for provedniya rejuvenating facial massage.

The most common and effective recipes from wrinkles include:

  1. Mask for aging and dry skin. For its preparation you will need the pulp of fresh peaches (about two tablespoons), one tablespoon of peach oil and two teaspoons of cream. Mix all the components the resulting mass is superimposed on the cleaned face for 20 minutes. Dale washed off with water.
  1. Mask to improve the tone and elasticity of the skin. In equal proportions mix the cottage cheese and peach oil. The mixture is superimposed on the face and kept for about 15 minutes. After washed off with water.
  1. Mask-the belongings for flaky dry facial skin. Bran, ground almond and peach oil mixed in equal proportions. Then left for half an hour. After the massage movements are applied to a wet face and kept on the skin for 20 minutes. Washed off with water.
  1. Lotion for aging skin. Take fresh petals of roses or rose hips and pour the peach butter, it should cover them completely. After that, the container with oil and petals is heated in a water bath until complete discoloration of the latter. Cool and strain the resulting lotion stored in the refrigerator. Used every evening after washing your face, as the final stage of cleansing, rubbing face soaked it with a swab.

Peach oil can be added in small amounts (one tablespoon) in a used face mask (strawberry, cucumber, cottage cheese, etc.).

The main thing to observe rules of their use on face: do not more than 1-2 times a week and carry out the procedure immediately after preparation of the mask, the remains cannot be stored.

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How to use for under eyes

Peach oil from wrinkles under the eyes has the highest efficiency in the fight against aging faces. Delicate and sensitive skin of the eyelids perfectly transformed due to the natural components of the product.

Daily removal of makeup from the eyes with this oil will help you achieve elasticity, firmness and elasticity of the skin of the eyelids.

Works great to eliminate dark circles and puffiness under the eyes. In addition, there was a positive result not only quick, but also persistent.

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For super sensitive skin in this area is not quite important is also minimal risk of allergic reactions are included with natural and organic ingredients.

Application recipes peach oil for the skin around the eyes:

  1. To eliminate dark circles and signs of fatigue are applied to the eyelids soaked in oil tampons. This compress is maintained for about 15 minutes. It is possible to hold both at night and in the morning. A healthy and radiant look will be provided.
  2. Many use oil for removing makeup. This method achieved several goals: cleansing, nutrition and hydration. While water wash away the remnants of oil is not required. The procedure is especially recommended for those who is irritated for a variety of tools for removing makeup.
  3. An elixir of youth for the skin will be the mixture of several oils in equal shares, but rather from peach, almond, olive and jojoba oil. Daily you must massage a few drops. In addition, they can lubricate the eyebrows and eyelashes. They will become thick, strong and intense.

Is it possible to apply for prevention

The effectiveness of the use of peach oil is increased significantly, when used as a preventive measure.

Always any process easier to prevent than to fix. Similarly with the skin. With constant nutrition and hydration, it will not be prone to early aging and fading. Thus its youth is renewed for a few years, and sometimes even dozens.

Daily use of this oil will make your skin healthy and elastic.

In addition to its effectiveness, it is accessible and safe to use that is not in last place.

All the above information should know each lady.

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