Peeling facial at home – step by step instructions

For some types of skin scrubs are preferable to acids. Great scrubs for those who have dense, prone to fat and the formation of skin inflammations.

In this case, the scrub particles exfoliate the Horny layer of the epidermis, clean the mouth of the sebaceous glands, facilitate the penetration of drugs and active care components into the skin.

They fit perfectly and those who have normal skin and combination. For a skin abrasive scrub is better to choose a smaller, and use the scrub to be not more than 1 time per 7-10 days. For this skin scrub is the perfect preparation for applying masks or creams, massages and other health treatments.

In addition, the scrubs, in contrast to acids, do not contribute to increase the photosensitivity of the skin, provoking the appearance of pigmentation, are not a contraindication to the beach or tanning immediately after the procedure, do not require special training. That is, the scrubs do not violate the ordinary person’s life, either before or after the procedure.

At home you can cook a lot of different scrubs, which will differ according to the hardness of the abrasives, and accordingly, there are different to pour on the skin. Therefore any will be able to choose for themselves the best recipe.

We start with the soft options of scrubs, very thin and delicate skin of the face and complete a tough scrubs.

A variety of homemade scrubs

Recipe 1. Soft scrub with citrus peels

Peel of orange or lemon, to dry and grind in blender or coffee grinder in small powder. If the peel is not crushed, they need to give a little lie down or slightly to dry in the oven until the point where they will break apart in his hands.

The powder of the peels for the procedure must be mixed with a spoon of sour cream or cream. The mixture is applied on the face with gentle massaging movements. Washed off with water.

Recipe 2. From the ground coffee. A classic of the genre

About the fact that you can poskrbite skin sleeping coffee, known to many. But few know that coffee scrubs can turn into a great care and aromatherapy facial treatment with a complex action, if used for its preparation our next recipe.

You will need:

  • ground coffee half a teaspoon;
  • colorless henna teaspoon;
  • cinnamon pinch;
  • Basil, oregano, bergamot a pinch of each.

If they fear the reaction of the skin in the form of pokrasnenia, Basil, oregano and bergamot in the first time not to add at all, and in later times to add one. But there is usually no skin reaction does not happen.

All the ingredients need to mix, pour hot water and let stand. The mixture should be mushy and slightly mucous due to the henna.

Apply lukewarm paste on the face gently massage. After a massage the mixture can be left on the skin for 10-15 minutes.

Colorless henna is a great caring for the skin of any type. It makes the skin soft and velvety. Preparing due to the effects of coffee scrub henna works on the skin effectively.

Cinnamon and other spices help to relax and to meditate due to its odor, which may persist on the skin even for some time after washing off the mask. If grinding spices large pieces of spice will be also to provide exfoliating action. Washed off the mask with warm water.

Recipe 3. With crushed rice and cheese

This scrub combines the abrasive particles of ground rice and lactic acid from the curd. Rice cereal for holding scrub grind in a coffee grinder. For a single procedure we will need half a teaspoon of grains.

Mix the rice powder with a tablespoon of cottage cheese. If the mixture is too thick, then dilute it further with a small amount of olive oil.

Distributed on the face, massage gently, can leave as a mask for 10-15 minutes. Wash off with water.

Recipe 4. From the eggshell and lemon juice

Another combined option abrasive particles and acids. This scrub is perfect for those who want to whiten the skin.

Before you grind egg shells, it is necessary to wash and get the colorless film that lines the shell from the inside. Otherwise, the shell will be badly crushed in a blender or coffee grinder.

1 the procedure need to take the third spoon of shell powder packets and mix it with lemon juice. Highly diluted do not need to then scrub does not spread on face.

The composition is applied to the face gently massage, rinse with water.

Recipe 5. With brown sugar

For the procedure, you can take a normal melancoly cane sugar. Usually it is quite wet and soft. But if the sugar is dry and the individual grains are not held in soft lumps, you can add a little water. Again, exfoliation and aromatherapy.

Recipe 6. Salt

The peel is perfect for oily skin, especially in hot weather. For the face you need to take a medium-sized salt. One procedure need a third of a level teaspoon. Lightly wet salt can be whey or water.

Recipe 7. Shelled nuts

For the preparation of home peels you can take the shell of pine nuts or apricot and plum pits. The only difficulty is to grind them.

For peeling one-third teaspoon of crushed walnut shell can be mixed in any cream and apply on face massage movements. Then rinse with water.

At home you can make a large amount of surface enzyme and acid peels for the face and median peeling trichloroacetic acid.

Video: Median peeling

Chemical cleaning of the median exposure

It is no secret that the number of defects of the skin can only be removed by using median peeling. And it can also be done at home.

Step 1. Skin preparation for the procedure.

You should not just take a vial of trichloroacetic acid and apply to face. The untrained effect of the acid on the skin can be unpredictable.

To prepare for the peeling in house conditions it is best to follow the salon circuit training: cosmetics with acids – superficial peels – median peeling.

If the skin is depleted, dehydrated and sensitive, to prevent even more drying out during the procedure, the median peeling is recommended to have a course of injections of hyaluronic acid intradermally (biorevitalization).

We will need a cream with azelaic acid for young skin, prone to oiliness and clogged pores or a cream with retinoic acid (Differin, for example) for the age of the skin, which is urgently needed rejuvenation. You can use creams from lines of professional cosmetics that are specifically designed as tools for pre-peeling preparation. The creams acid content reaches 6-10% and sometimes 15%. These creams can be easily bought in most stores.

Store creams with AHA acids will not work, as there is acid content rarely exceeds 3%.

Use of the selected cream should be at least 2 weeks in order for the skin prepared for the median peeling. At the same time, we must use a sunscreen with SPF not lower than 50.

Two weeks after starting use of the cream can carry out the first procedure superficial peels. Optimal for preparing for the median peeling is a superficial peeling done by a professional funds or peel with lactic acid.

For exfoliation lactic acid you need proper lactic acid in solution or powder. It is sold in stores for soapmakers. When buying a solution, you need to pay attention to its concentration.

Usually sold 80% solution. It must be diluted to a 30% solution. Gradually, from procedure to procedure, it is possible to increase the concentration of acid up to 40%.

To use a more concentrated acid is not necessary, as it will need to be washed off using a Converter.

Procedure lactic acid

Step 1. The person must wash with water and mild detergent (gel the can or foam), dry and degreased alcohol-containing lotion or ordinary rubbing alcohol.

Step 2. On the skin with a cotton pad to apply the acid solution with soft circular motions from forehead to chin. You must ensure that the field of application of the drug do not overlap, but tightly closed. The exposure time of acid on the skin for 2-3 minutes. Then the remaining solution is washed off with cool water.

Step 3. After washing you can make a moisturizing facial, for example, applied algae or cream mask. After the treatment a cream is applied.

Video: face Peeling with lactic acid at home

You usually need to spend 2-3 superficial facial peel every 10 days. This allows you to smooth out the surface of the epidermis and leveling its thickness, which allows trichloroacetic acid to penetrate evenly, and the skin to accumulate a «safety margin» to quickly and effectively respond to injury.

Step 2. The implementation of medium-depth peeling. For holding medium peel, it is best to use trichloroacetic acid or TCA.

TCA peeling at home is carried out using the following tools:

  • trichloroacetic acid;
  • soda;
  • cleanser with triclosan or antibiotics in the composition to provide antibacterial protection of the skin;
  • degreasing lotion or alcohol;
  • cream with triclosan for post-peeling care company Sesderma or cream with three antibiotics in the composition.

How is TCA face peel at home

Preparation for the procedure

Take trichloroacetic acid and dilute it to the state of 20%. 25% is the maximum concentration. The optimal concentration for first-time use should be considered as a concentration of 15%.

Diluted acid is applied on any closed skin area to make sure that it will not cause allergies.

Step 1. Wash our face with water and mild cleanser, wipe dry, degrease.

Step 2. Apply acid. For this you need to pour a 20% solution of acid in a shallow container and take two q-tips. A cotton swab to apply the acid on the skin is not recommended, since the lack of experience of application you can get on the skin around the eyes, the vermilion border, apply the acid, overlapping layers or skip some sections. Cotton buds to take the right hand so that they were parallel to each other and their heads touch each other.

Dip a cotton swab into the acid solution and apply it on your face, from the forehead from the midline to the periphery parallel «tracks». Then just apply the acid on the cheeks, chin and nose. Go around the eye area, place of crossing the skin of the nose mucosa of lips.

Apply one layer. Hold for 2-3, maximum 4 minutes. To reduce the burning sensation, you can use the hair dryer include a cold air supply.

Step 3. Wash off the acid. To neutralize the acid take the soda solution. To avoid causing additional skin damage is actively occurring by the reaction between acid and soda, the soda solution is applied lightly pressed a cotton pad in multiple layers and applied one coat of catalyst – reaction is over – struck the next.

Feature of the converters based on soda is that when interacting with the acid they give a reaction with gas release. On the face of it will be felt as a slight hiss. The rest of the acid and baking soda wash abundantly with water.

Step 4. Apply it on the face moisturizer and cream antibiotics. Step 3. Post-peel care.

For post-peeling care you will need:

  • cream antibiotics;
  • panthenol or bepanthene;
  • a good moisturizing cream, serum or ampoule concentrates;
  • gentle cleanser for the skin.
  1. On the first day after the peeling face anything not to do: do not wash, wearing make-up, it is impossible to once again touch her hands.
  2. Definitely need to change the bed linen clean and ironed with a hot iron, and even better boiled before Ironing.
  3. Panthenol for the first time, it is better to take in the form of foam. Apply panthenol cream with a triple antibiotic on the skin should be every three hours. 2 times a day on your skin to apply serum or ampoule concentrate to regenerate.
  4. In the first week will have to abandon to visit the baths and saunas, swimming pools, sports. Is to refuse to participate in cleaning, carpet cleaning, sweeping and any other work in which the ingress of dirt and dust on the face.
  5. The resulting crust should not be picked off, we need to wait to they fell off themselves.
  6. When from under the crusts appear youthful, it must be protected from drying out with the help of cream.

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What results can you expect from trichloroacetic acid

Active exfoliation

Due to this, goes the old epidermis and the new is lighter and uniform in color, fade pigmentation spots. Smoothed the surface of the skin, a new face reflects light, cause the skin seems to glow from within. Spread with fine lines and wrinkles.

Stimulation of metabolic processes in the skin

This increases the synthesis of collagen and elastin, hyaluronic acid in the skin.

  1. Increases their own level of hydration.
  2. Improves the tone and elasticity of the skin.
  3. Cellular composition of the skin is updated faster.

As a result, the skin after peeling trichloroacetic acid and looks like, and becomes more young.

How often can I do

Repeat median peeling can be no more than two times on the course. The minimum interval between treatments should be at least 6 weeks.

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