Peeling fish Garra rufa (Garra Rufa) — what is it, reviews, prices, videos, pictures, before and after


An example of such services was peeling by Garra rufa fish. Sometimes this service is called intimacies, fish Spa or Fish Spa.

In addition to the beauty, fish peeling has a psychotherapeutic effect as watching fish, soft touch fin, flowing water promotes relaxation, restores vitality and a positive mood.

What kind of fish and what’s the catch?

Fish of the species Garra rufa belong to the family Cyprinidae. Live about 10 years in length and can grow up to 12 cm Cabin fish to such a ripe old age rarely survive.

For the first time to use them at first for medicinal, and then for cosmetic purposes began in China and Thailand. Then, salons, fish Spa started to open in Europe.

The therapeutic effect they provide through:

  • ability to remove dead skin cells without mechanical damage: fish have no solid teeth, because they can gnaw only ready to desquamation of the epithelium;
  • the fish saliva contains a special component Diethanol, which promotes the healing of minor wounds of the skin;
  • the water in which swimming fish, and is enriched with mucus, which allocates the skin of the fish, and also has a beneficial effect on the skin.

Exactly what fish have no sharp teeth, defines security procedures for the client. They scraped the surface skin layer as tarocca without damaging its integrity. No because viruses and bacteria cannot enter the body and cause disease.

But in the salons now do not always use the fish harmless. As the demand for them is huge now, under the guise of Garra rufa can be sold to other fish species. They are similar to them in appearance but have teeth. For which he was surnamed chin-Chin.

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Chin-chin can damage the skin. Their bites are not as sensitive as the piranhas, and do not cause the appearance of blood, but it causes microtrauma contribute to the penetration of pathogens into the body of the client.

Some owners of salons specifically acquire them, noticing that clients are more like a distinct sensation of the bites and a more pronounced effect of peeling, and therefore come more often.

Video: Fish peeling for beauty and pleasure

Sellers services of fish-peeling claim that infection nowhere to take, citing the fact that the fish pass the veterinary control, the water in the aquarium changes, and the like. The way it is, but:

  • fish are checked only once when the «start» to work every day and after each client, no one inspects (and they are for the day can be 10-12);
  • at work equipment for fish therapy, timely change and treatment filters and tanks to keep the fish and the procedures of serious observation and formal requirements of the SES are not;
  • themselves fish to process after each client will not work, as they live and no means of disinfection and sterilization applied to them is impossible;
  • no one in the salons are not following closely to the skin of the treated area of the client had no cuts or injuries.

In most American States fish banned because of the fact that there are no effective methods of disinfection equipment for fish-peeling.

Refuse services in Thailand and the UAE due to the fact that during procedures with the use of Garra rufa fish and chin Chin is the risk of Contracting fungal infections, bacterial and viral infections, including serious such as HIV and viral hepatitis. Also fish that do the peeling, can be a source of infection with worms.

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In addition to the beauty, fish therapy has a therapeutic effect on diseases accompanied by skin manifestations:

  • psoriasis;
  • vitiligo;
  • lichen planus;
  • ichthyosis and hyperkeratosis;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • baby allergic eczema;
  • fungal infections of the skin;
  • eczema;
  • acne.


The procedure can be performed at any age, even small children. Contraindicated treatment fish only when:

  • lupus erythematosus;
  • psoriatic neurodermia;
  • malignant tumors of the skin.

How to prepare

No serious training is required. The only condition that must be observed to obtain the more pronounced effect of the procedure is to use a moisturizer and cosmetics during the 1-2 days before the procedure.

The procedure

  • Usually before the procedure, the skin washed with soap and water. In a number of salons on the skin is additionally applied disinfectant.
  • Then hands up to the elbow or foot to the ankle immersed in a fish tank.
  • If you need to clean the entire skin of the body, treatments used for swimming pools or tubs, in which pre-placed fish.

Usually the procedure lasts from 10 to 30 minutes. For pedicure you need about 300 fish processing owner using 150-200 fish.

During a session the client feels a tickle, sometimes a slight tingling sensation. Feeling overall a pleasant, relaxing.

In some salons before diving into an aquarium with fish skin of the hands or feet pre-steamed in the warm water. This allows you to get a more pronounced effect of fish-peeling due to the fact that the softened and swollen skin with the fish easier to chew.

Usually lukewarm water aquarium top Horny layer of the skin is gaining enough water and softened only after 7-10 minutes after immersion into the aquarium. And after steaming the fish can get to work immediately.

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Video: Fish-beauticians

Prices for fish in Moscow

Type of procedure

Duration The cost in rubles
Peeling feet 15 min. 300
25 min 500
Exfoliation 15 min. 300
25 min 450

How many procedures are necessary?

Usually after the first session few people see a noticeable result, especially if the skin has pockets of nagrubanija such as corns or dry corn. Because usually recommend 8-10 treatments fish peel for 15 minutes.

The course allows you to forget about the cracked heels, calluses, painful seals on his fingertips.

Women generally need less treatments. Men are usually recommended to undergo long sessions (up to 35 minutes) course, as their skin is rougher and much less men are courting her.

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