Pepper patch of cellulite – how to apply helps

Cellulite or lipodystrophy is stagnant processes in the collagen fibers of the subcutaneous layer that lead to disruption of blood circulation and obstruction of lymph drainage. Changes in the skin characterized by visible manifestations: the skin thickens, fat tissue forms dents, bumps and holes, visible to the naked eye.

Struggle with pathological changes of the skin include a range of activities, which includes massages, wraps, baths, the use of anti-cellulite ointments, scrubs, creams, therapeutic exercises. One way to reduce the appearance of cellulite is the pepper patch.


Pepper patch of cellulite is a light brown mass with a slightly specific odor, which is adhered to the print or paper-based. It is sold in a package of two pairs, each wrapped in protective cellophane. Sticker length 18 cm, width-8-12 cm

The main active ingredients warming patch:

  • Hot pepper extract;
  • Extract of belladonna thick.

Pepper increases blood circulation, nutrition of the fat layer, reduces swelling, fights stagnation and belladonna relaxes muscles, relieves spasms and pain.

Part of the sticker against cellulite include additional substances:

  • To give the sticky effect of pine resin;
  • For better bonding to the skin – rubber adhesive;
  • For the penetration of the main active substances into the skin, the composition contains tincture of Arnica, lanolin, mineral oil.

In addition, to give the desired thickness and density used slobodow resin, technical neonato, wheat flour.

All the components are added in a certain proportion, then components are mixed, applied to the substrate and dried.

Mechanism of action

The traditional use of capsicum stickers are colds, or inflammatory neurological diseases (osteochondrosis, radiculitis).

Anti-cellulite effect is based on heating the skin and deep subcutaneous layers:

  • There is a pleasant warmth, weakness burning or tingling in the bond, while active components are inside.
  • They improve blood circulation, lymphatic fluid, relieves swelling, and restores the metabolism of fat, toxins, toxic substances.

The skin after application warm-up means:

  • acquires elasticity, smoothness,
  • smoothed stagnation body fat,
  • bumps orange peel skin become less visible.

Besides pepper sticker well dissolves fat cells and then helps to dispose them from the body, which promotes weight loss.


How effective will this tool depends on the frequency, the duration of use, and the regularity of its use. Once begun, the fight pits on the skin should not stop even for a minute.

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To achieve greater effect, you can apply additionally:

  • Bath before you apply the patch, take a warm bath with the addition of 4-5 drops of essential oil, such as citrus pre-mixed with yogurt, cream or milk, you can replace the butter with sea salt, while bath to use anti-cellulite scrub;
  • Wraps – for this procedure a few drops of essential oil added to 20 ml of a base (vegetable, olive, coconut or cocoa butter). After the session be sure to apply anti-cellulite cream;
  • Regular body massage, you can use a vacuum or banks to purchase a special anti-cellulite massager.

The effectiveness of the patch will increase if daily to do gymnastic exercises to keep muscles toned.


We cannot use a band-aid visible damage to the skin for bruises, scratches, cuts on the skin, you may experience pain, irritation and redness.

You cannot use anti-cellulite sticker with open wounds, burns, and also to impose it on moles, warts, not to provoke their growth and birthmarks.

Pregnant and nursing women should consult their doctor. If you have gynecological problems, not to stick the sticker on the belly. Absolutely contraindicated means, if you have an allergic reaction to active components.

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The pros and cons

In any anti-cellulite remedies have positive and negative properties. The main advantage of this drug is its low price.

The advantages include:

  • Stealth sticker underneath, the action can last all day;
  • Ease of use, not spent a lot of time on the procedure;
  • Providing a point of action on the problem area;
  • Warming the sticker will not affect the work of other bodies.

Negative sides:

  • The medication is indicated only in early stages of cellulite, in the advanced form it is unlikely to help;
  • As a standalone tool may be used but will not be too effective without the use of additional measures;
  • After using painful to remove from the skin.

If after the application of the stickers on the skin irritation or redness, you need this area to lubricate any fat cream.

How to use pepper patch of cellulite

The use of anti-cellulite stickers do not require any special skills, but to use pepper patch of cellulite needs to be in accordance with the rules:

  1. To remove the hair on the place where you want to stick a label if they grow there, it will make it easier to remove after use;
  2. Degrease problem of any alcohol-containing liquid, not to use pure alcohol, not to overdry the skin;
  3. To remove the protective layer to attach the tool to the problem area, spread, press down lightly to the skin;
  4. Not allowed to under the patch hit the air, it forms folds, which are then to RUB and cause pain.
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After using anti-cellulite remedy is removed from the surface of the skin. Most modern adhesives are water soluble or fat soluble adhesive base, usually indicated in the composition. So, to make it easier to remove the sticker it is necessary to lubricate any vegetable oil or plain water.

Browse popular brands

The pharmacy sold a wide variety of different types of patches, one of the varieties of Chinese are anti-cellulite patches.

Types of Chinese plasters

  • Cleansing – relieve swelling, eliminate toxins. Their composition is supplemented with Chinese Angelica, magnetic powder, root of monkshood and gentian macrophylla;
  • Orthopedic – reduce inflammation, increase the tone of the capillaries. Added menthol, turmeric, chili pepper, ginger root, Chinese Angelica;
  • Combined – increase the metabolism, eliminate the excess salts. Contain starch, tourmaline, bamboo vinegar, perlite and silica.

Chinese remedies have a gentle action on the problem because of additional components, so the period of use and the treatment can be increased.

Patches for weight loss

  • Slim Hot – on the basis of red pepper, additional ingredients: horse chestnut, ivy, ginger, fucus, nicotinic acid. Removes excess fluid, reduces swelling, so that can lose weight;
  • Slim Patch contains herbal ingredients: hawthorn, sesame, tree resin. Burns fat, reduces swelling, removes toxins. With this sticker you can walk the whole day.
  • Lucero – the weight loss product contains essential oil of seaweeds, cloves, ginger, cinnamon, horse chestnut. Can be pasted on the thighs, buttocks, sticker creates a greenhouse effect thanks to its special moisture-proof basis. It is recommended to use 30 days and worn 24 hours.
  • Beauty Style – famous components: resin, sesame seeds, hawthorn fruit extract, Cassia root Alisma. Stuck for the night.
  • Soso – helps to get rid of extra pounds and cellulite fat. Removes toxins, improves blood and also lymphatic system. The composition contains a root of violets and sedges.
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Patches caffeine

The main active ingredient is caffeine in the form of a plant extract, also added red chili pepper.

This means you need to keep on the skin no more than 20 minutes, it is reusable.

There are different opinions about this. Not to get disappointment to apply this type it is necessary first stages in the formation of tubercles, the effect is strengthened if, in addition to muscle to give exercise.

Use these stickers have the same rules as regular pepper patch.

The opinion of doctors

The opinion of experts about percovich patches — definitely not:

  • First, specialists dermatologists don’t consider orange peel a disease, so go to town against the mythical disease also does not make sense.
  • Secondly, warming pepper sticker was originally designed for the treatment of colds, glue it on the chest when coughing.

It also reduces pain in some inflammatory diseases of the nervous system: glued to the neck helps with osteochondrosis, if the glue on the lower back, reduces pain in the lumbar radiculitis.

Doctors believe that manufacturers percovich patches added to the list of indications of cellulite, gave him a beautiful name, in this case increased the price several times.

Their therapeutic action of slimming and against cellulite is no different from ordinary plaster.

Is it possible to use for prevention

To this question answered in the previous Chapter.

But physicians have nothing against preventive measures and various treatments aimed at getting rid of bumps, especially if they are combined with exercise, massage, baths, pleasure and positive mood.

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