Perlane (Perlane) — what it is, prices, reviews, photos before and after, the consequences

This filler based on hyaluronic acid. Compared to Restylane it is more dense gel, because it:

  • more suitable for correction of significant age-related changes;
  • gives a more pronounced immediate effect and a more long lasting result.

The disadvantage of this drug is that it needs to enter only a professional in their field, otherwise the result may disappoint for a long time.

How it works

The basis of drug action is its ability to fill indentations in the skin and thereby to straighten the wrinkles. As well as the ability of the filler to add volume to the tissue at the injection site and the long-term this amount to maintain. Introduces the filler intradermally, so that concentrations of the drug were present in the dermis.

The gel is completely biocompatible, because the hyaluronic acid molecules of the filler being gradually included in the metabolism in tissues and break down to carbon dioxide and water. It prevents the intake of tissues of nutrients and oxygen.

The skin continues to operate in normal conditions, despite the presence of volume of the implant in its column. The revitalising effect of the drug is that under the influence of hyaluronate potassium aktiviziruyutsya the work of the fibroblasts, the skin cells responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastin in tissues.

Molecules of hyaluronic acid captures water molecules and keep them. Through this process, gradual resorption of the gel does not immediately lead to a decrease in volume. Place the hyaluronic acid molecules is a molecule of water.

It becomes less concentration of hyaluronic acid to the implant, the more water molecules attracts the filler. The initial volume may persist until 15 months and then starts to decrease gradually.

What is different from other fillers

Q-med uses for the production of gel biosynthetically Perlane hyaluronic acid. In contrast to those products that use hyaluronic acid of animal origin, gel Perlane does not contain residues of protein molecules. This means that:

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  • the preparation is not dangerous in terms of disease transmission;
  • filler can not provoke the emergence of allergies to chicken protein or other animal products that people consume daily in food.

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Where can be used?

Eliminate wrinkles

Perlane is used for smoothing:

  • wrinkles in the «crow’s feet»;
  • nasolabial folds;
  • wrinkles in the forehead;
  • creases of the skin above and below the lips, in the corners of the mouth that appear during a smile;
  • wrinkles on the bridge of the nose and between the eyebrows.

Facial contouring

Filler allows you to change the shape and size of the individual areas of the face for a long time. It can be:

  • cheekbones;
  • lips;
  • nose;
  • chin;
  • line the lower jaw.

To use Perlane under the eyes is not recommended. For this area, where the skin is too thin and almost devoid of subcutaneous fat, it is better to choose the drug with lower density.


  • pregnancy and breast-feeding;
  • acute diseases both communicable and somatic;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • violation of blood coagulation and anticoagulants;
  • skin diseases fungal, viral or bacterial origin in the place of injection.

How is

Depending on how it will be administered the drug, choose the method of anesthesia. For wrinkle correction introduces a small amount of gel and anesthesia is not required for this.

If you intend to change facial features, for example, it is necessary to emphasize the cheekbones, the volume of injected filler will be significant.

To this end, before the introduction of the drug conducted Perlane injection of lidocaine or other local anesthetic. Introduced the drug so as to push out the skin, folded over in the crease, from the inside out. If the purpose of the procedure to change the facial features, the first can even be applied special markings to honor the symmetry and to get the most natural and harmonious result.

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By the time the procedure correction with Perlane filler takes about 30-40 minutes.

The consequences of the drug

Despite assurances by cosmetologists that after the procedure the patient can continue their usual way of life, you must be prepared for the appearance of edema and hematoma, the need to correct them or to hide, it is possible to abandon the meetings, if the appearance in the first week will make much to be desired.

How long the effect lasts?

The density of the gel is that even deep wrinkles around the nose or forehead can securely to smooth out for up to 2 years. On the average, to correct the results after the last injection of the drug is necessary not earlier than in a year.

You should consider the fact that some cosmetic procedures may facilitate the resorption of the filler and a more rapid decrease in the volume of gel in the areas subjected to correction.

That can be after the introduction of the filler?

  • Thermal procedures.

Heat promotes blood flow to the skin and more rapid leaching of hyaluronic acid in the bloodstream. Immediately after the procedure and during the first two weeks of heat exposure in the areas of the injections may contribute to increased edema.

  • Sunbathing and visiting the Solarium.

In those places, where were the punctures of the skin, can form subcutaneous hematoma. Better to hide the face after the procedure from ultraviolet radiation, so as not to provoke the appearance of pigmentation.

  • Massage.

Massage accelerates resorption of the filler due to both mechanical effects and by increasing blood flow. Because it is desirable for at least the first two months after the injection from massages to abstain.

What goes

  • Botox and Dysport.

The combined use of the two drugs allows obdelennaya the prospect of a pronounced effect in those who have the habit of keep the same expression, such as frown or purse her lips.

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Botox helps to reduce muscle tone and Perlane smoothens the creases of the skin. By the time when the effect of botulinum toxin over, a habit of straining the muscles might fade away, which will affect the condition of the skin in the best way.

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  • Chemical peels.

The impact of the outside and inside allows you to get a more pronounced effect. It is important to observe the necessary interval between the two procedures, which must be not less than 2 weeks.

  • Plastic surgery.

Fillers and plastic perfectly complement each other and allow you to get a more rejuvenating effect: the skin is not only tightened, but also saturated with moisture and glows with health from the inside out.


The name of the drug Cost in RUB.
Perlane 1 ml from 14000 to 27000

The price is for the drug and its introduction in the conditions of honey. center. The amount of the drug you will need one procedure, you will be able to find out during a personal consultation with a specialist.

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