Permanent makeup 3D eyebrows — before and after the effect

Using this method it is possible to significantly raise the level of the eyebrows, and the tattoo will not look like a trivial tattoo on bald skin.

How to get the desired effect?

The effect of natural eyebrow thanks to a special alternating stripes of different colors. It is based on the dark hairs that pick up the color of the hair or darker. And between the dark stripes «hairs» put «shadow» color which is darker.

To create the effect of commonly used paint 2-3 different shades. In the end, tattooed the hairs look really voluminous

How is the procedure

How to do 3D permanent makeup eyebrow, you can watch the following video.

Video: 3d permanent makeup eyebrow

When the procedure is performed by a master of his craft, everything seems easy. However, it should be understood that behind this apparent simplicity, not only the stages of learning and obtaining the necessary experience, but also the understanding of style and harmony.

Care after 3D permanent makeup eyebrows

It should be remembered that this is the same procedure as regular tattooing. The only difference is the skill and professionalism of the master, a novice performing permanent makeup in 3D technology is often not under force. But the rules of care and the consequences of improper care for both techniques are the same.

The main stages of care for permanent makeup eyebrow:

  • it is forbidden to RUB the eyebrows, scratching, tearing crust;
  • the first two days of the lubricated area of the eyebrow miramistina;
  • use any healing creams, to crust did not descend ahead of time and didn’t pull the skin;
  • if a long time goes swelling, take an antihistamine;
  • the protected region of the eyebrows against ultraviolet radiation.
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If you remove the crust ahead of time, then there is a risk of light spots, devoid of pigment. Sunlight, the radiation of the tanning lamp will contribute to the rapid fading of pigment, which were made tattoo.

Prices for the service

Name of service Cost, rubles
Hair tattooing eyebrows, made in the technique of 3D 6000-15000


The before and after photos