Permanent makeup eyebrows

The pros and cons

The advantages are obvious:

  • clearly defined eyebrows that don’t need to touch up every morning;
  • the contour of the tattoo, you can pull out the hairs on their own, without fear of spoil created in the form;
  • there are no spaces or gaps in places where eyebrows do not grow;
  • you can add color light eyebrows;
  • the appearance that with makeup, without, perfect;
  • it is possible to displace the eyebrows higher, if desired;
  • you can correct asymmetry, to extend the brows if necessary.

Deficiencies in tattooing only 3:

  • if the taste and sense of proportion is missing, you can get black tattooed commas on his forehead, which will give an artificial origin of the eyebrows per kilometer;
  • if the wizard «hand tremble», the results of his «art» long enough have to cover up or remove the laser (about a year);
  • paint for tattooing mostly gradually change the shade of black can turn blue or greenish, and brown pink or brick-red.

How to choose the form and color of eyebrows

It just so happened that most artists gives shape to the eyebrows by using a common schema. Many have seen these images and read the descriptions on the Internet and textbooks.

Only here the forms are actually much more. And not for each type of entity will fit a standard scheme.

Here, for example, will look like the same face with different brow shapes.

As you can see, to spoil the unfortunate selection of the shape of the eyebrows can even the most beautiful women, such as Denise Richards, Sharon stone and Sarah Jessica Parker.

The best option is to seek advice from a professional makeup artist who will be able to choose the shape and color, not based on fashion trends, and taking into account the shape, the depth of planting and eye shape, nose shape, and other features.

Changing your eyebrows can visually change the proportions of the face, giving it a harmonious look. As for the color, the color of the eyebrows can be on a half-tone darker than the hair on the head. Only then can we expect that permanent makeup will look natural.

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If you want to choose your eyebrow color for blondes, and it does not remain «pale mole», again it is better to contact an experienced makeup artist. Otherwise there is a risk to settle for unfashionable already black eyebrows-threads, which, when improperly performed can look very tacky.

Video: Methods of correction of eyebrows


You should not agree to the holding of eyebrows in the following cases:

  • during pregnancy;
  • when menstruation;
  • in the presence of oncological diseases of any localization;
  • polyvalent Allergy, intolerance to local anesthetics and antiseptics;
  • violation of blood coagulation;
  • decompensated diabetes mellitus;
  • the tendency to form hypertrophic scars.

How do

To perform permanent makeup uses special pigments that are different from the pigments used for conventional tattoos. They do not change color over time and gradually fade. Also use a special machine to conduct tattooing, which injects the pigment at a shallow depth (maximum 1 mm).

Before the procedure, the mandatory form of the drawn eyebrow cosmetic pencil and repeatedly adjusted until then, until it is fully satisfied client.

  • Anesthesia.

Some artists prefer to work without anesthesia, believing that the use of anesthetics may affect future results.

The majority of uses before the procedure ointments containing lidocaine or other local anaesthetics. Creams and ointments can be quite enough for people with normal or high pain threshold.

To tattoo is smooth, you need to lie still regardless of pain or no pain. If you can stand the pain no desire or ability, you can choose the master who before the procedure enters the anesthetic injection. Then there will be no pain at all.

  • Disinfection.

Before you start getting your tattoo, the skin must be treated with an antiseptic solution. The procedure uses sterile disposable needles that are opened in the presence of the client.

  • Direct patterning.
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The whole procedure can take about 1-2 hours. Because you need to be patient. Faster employs craftsmen with experience. Less time may be required in the execution of the hair tattoo technique.

Video: permanent makeup

Care in the first days

From correct care in the first few days after the procedure depends on how well the dye will remain in the skin. If damage to the skin, to disrupt the crust ahead of time, it is possible to obtain white patches in it.

As waste the crust?

Usually formed scabs in the first hours after the procedure. Approximately 3-5 days they gradually start to flake at the edges and hanging in tatters. This «beauty» usually it takes another 2-3 days.

But noticeable crust are not at all. It may be that the crust is so soft, thin and invisible that they go during hygiene procedures, because appearance does not spoil.

How long does permanent makeup eyebrows

The duration of the result depends on a number of factors, such as the depth of the pigment in the skin, skin type, metabolic rate.

But the main of these factors is the quality of the pigment used for the procedure.

Normal paint for tattoos lasts about 10 years and only appears by means of a laser. High-quality paint for the tattoo to gradually fade and completely disappear after 6 months to 3 years after the procedure.

Video: How to pick the perfect shape

The cost

Service The price for the procedure Price correction
Permanent makeup eyebrows 4 500 RUB. 2 500 RUB.
Hair method 4 500 RUB. 2 500 RUB.
Tattoo age 4 500 RUB. 2 500 RUB.
Permanent makeup upper and lower eyelids 6 000 RUB. 3 000 RUB.
Permanent makeup lower eyelid 3 500 RUB. 2 000 RUB.
Permanent makeup lips with shading 6 000 RUB. 3 000 RUB.
The contour of the lips 3 500 RUB. 2 000 RUB.
Fly 1 000 RUB.  
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Prices in clinics of Moscow

The name of clinics in Moscow Cost, rubles
Center For Aesthetic Medicine «Integratedmode» 5 500
Cosmetic Pro 6 000
Clinic Thatwell from 5 000
Clinic Naomi 6 000
Clinic Of Andrology 5000


I have a girlfriend did. And she did and eyebrows, and hands, and lips. If more make-up, nothing, although, of course, very bright and defiant. But she will defiantly like it. But if she’s without make-up, it is seen that as the doll is painted. If she still before menstruation acne goes, it is generally kapets. Still, the tattoo you need to do then, when everything else is tuningova for five plus, otherwise all the flaws just the opposite become more visible.

Oh, girls. Think a hundred times before you do. I did brown the tattoo, and it turned out black with the blue. My master started me to piss me off, like I have the metabolism so, and other masters refused something to correct, because color is very dark. Now take the laser, then to interrupt again. Have a hundred times wished that climbed.