Plastic belly button (umbilicariaceae) — what it is, after delivery, prices, photos before and after, reviews

You can even have «Rubenesque shape» and very proud. But protruding or too wide stretched belly button will have to carefully hide, as it is a cosmetic defect and no canons of beauty to explain its presence will not work.

To eliminate the described defect is now a simple operation, which is called umbilically.

This may need

  • Young moms.

Women after childbirth are more likely to notice the change in the shape and size of the navel, which does not decorate. It so happens that gradually, about six months after birth, the navel returns to normal along with the skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscular skeleton of the abdomen.

But happens and so that the deformation of the navel is the bar. Plastic after birth allows you to quickly remedy the defect and to return the woman confidence in their own attractiveness.

  • Patients after a bad piercing.

Not always the procedure of navel piercing is smooth. The cause can be:

  • improper technique of piercing;
  • the breach of sterility, which could begin as marked inflammation;
  • organism’s peculiarities, his inclination to excessive formation of connective tissue;
  • allergies to the metals of the earring for piercing, if you do not notice an allergic reaction immediately because of the swelling after piercing.

In any case, the belly button may result in an unsuccessful puncture to significantly change.

  • Those who have a form of navel changed after operations on the abdominal cavity.

Often the reason for the change is any transaction in which:

  • the incision is made in the area of the navel (on the midline of the abdomen);
  • is the tension of the skin of the abdomen (any plastic surgery that involves a tummy tuck without moving the belly button).

To change the form of it is possible only surgically.

  • Those who have acquired features of the structure of the umbilical ring.

Usually it is convex, which is formed due to improper processing of the umbilical cord in the infancy and weakness of connective tissue, which leads to the expansion of the umbilical ring and the formation of umbilical hernia.

  • Age customers.

With age, body tissues lose their elasticity and fall down. When there is significant ptosis of the skin of the abdomen is altered and the shape of the navel.

In any case, the navel is considered to be imperfect?

  • Convex protruding navel.
  • Deep navel, if it accumulates the secretion of the sebaceous and sweat glands, and mud, with frequent inflammatory processes.
  • Shifted sideways, placed too high or low.
  • Wide navel.
  • Stretched in the transverse or longitudinal direction.
  • Saggy belly button.
  • Navel with uneven «ragged» edge.
  • With significant scarring after surgery.

Options operation

Umbilical plastic can be independent operation, and may be just one of the stages of extensive plastic operations on the anterior abdominal wall.

Technique of abdominoplasty allows you to move the navel to a new location with a significant shift of tissue down or leave it in the same place, if the excess skin and subcutaneous tissue on the anterior surface of the stomach is small.

Video: What is a tummy tuck

The equipment that will choose a surgeon for plastic surgery of the navel as an independent operation largely depends on the characteristics of the existing defect, the condition of the tissues of the anterior abdominal wall, the wishes of the client.

  • Removing an umbilical hernia.

Typically, during such an operation is reduction of the hernia and strengthening the abdominal wall by a special grid, which reduces the pressure of the internal organs in the umbilical ring and prevent the re-formation of a hernial diverticulum. After setting the mesh is the reduction of the diameter of the umbilical ring, if necessary, and excision of excess skin.

  • The variation of the transverse, longitudinal size of a navel and its depth.

Are incisions in the navel and is formed into the desired shape and depth of the crater.

  • Eliminating the bulge in the umbilical region.

To do this, remove the excess tissue and form a funnel from the skin to the desired depth.

  • Recreating the lost navel.

If during the operation an incision was performed along the midline of the abdomen and touched the belly button, the usual «hole» after the operation can not be maintained. To restore bellybutton crater is formed from a flap of skin, which is submerged at the desired depth.

New fashion stitching navel

To us the new trend has not yet reached, but in Western countries it is already possible to meet guys and girls who sewed up his belly button, generally removing the pit from the surface of the abdomen.

An example of the victims of the new fashion can be called one of the models of the brand Victoria’s Secret Carolina Kurkova (she is pictured in the center). According to one version, demanded such a strange operation began after the famous television series in which people who were born thanks to the experiments the aliens did not have gizzards.


Surgical correction is performed under local anesthesia, therefore no reason to abandon the operation a bit. This:

  • the age of 18;
  • pregnancy at any time;
  • diabetes in its advanced stage, when significantly reduced immunity and the ability of tissues to regenerate;
  • the tendency to keloids and hypertrophic scars;
  • any diseases and medications that reduce clotting ability of blood;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • acute diseases of the internal organs or exacerbation of chronic;
  • Oncology;
  • intolerance of local anaesthetics (such as lidocaine, for example).


Usually, as preparation for surgery, just go through the consultation with the plastic surgeon and take some necessary tests, such as General and biochemical blood tests, urine analysis, blood HIV, syphilis and viral hepatitis. If everything is in order, it is possible to plan the operation.

What is the procedure

Usually in the most difficult case is the navel takes about 1 hour. In other cases, the surgeon is enough 20-30 minutes to repair the defect.

Any cuts are carried out in such a way that the postoperative scars were hiding within the umbilical funnel. After the perfect navel is formed, the wound sutured and a sterile bandage.

A few hours after surgery, the patient stays in the clinic under supervision of medical staff. Discharge home usually occurs on the day of surgery.

The postoperative period

In the postoperative period should be at least two weeks to observe a number of restrictions to avoid divergence of seams and build-up bruising and swelling in the operated area.

In the first 10-14 days is not:

  • take a hot bath, instead, rinse in a cool shower;
  • to expose the scope of the action the action of heat (heating pad, warm from the oven or fireplace, sauna, steam bath);
  • actively to massage the area around the navel, smearing it with creams or ointments with healing effect;
  • lift weights and perform work requiring considerable tension in abdominal muscles.

During the year after the operation, it is necessary to hide the umbilical region from the sun’s rays and light of the Solarium, not to provoke pigmentation postoperative scars. Some plastic surgeons mandatory are recommended to wear after surgery, a compression garment for at least 2 months for best results. It reduces the severity of swelling and stimulates tissue healing.

Avoid those foods that can trigger excessive gas and bloating (cabbage, grapes, plums, etc.), so how much of the stretched skin.

The stitches will be removed 7-10 days after surgery. The results of the laminates can be evaluated after two months.

The consequences

  • Pain.

In the first few days of possible nagging pain in the lower abdomen, more in region of the postoperative wound. Usually the pain is not intense and is easily dealt with by taking painkillers.

  • Hematoma.

Bruising after plastic surgery can be extensive and occupy aunts surface of the abdomen or even more. To be afraid is not because bruising is usually superficial and can resolve without treatment. The most important thing in the period of blooming bruises not to expose them to the action of ultraviolet light, so as not to provoke the appearance of skin pigmentation.

  • Swelling.

Tissue swelling after surgery can be significant. Due to the swelling you may temporarily «recover» 1-2 sizes in the waist and stomach area. But most of the volume goes into the first week or two, the rest dissolves another month and a half.


  • Infection.

Getting an infection in the wound can provoke inflammation and even purulent fusion of tissues. To prevent this complication usually prior to surgery antibiotics broad-spectrum and their appointment should continue for some time after discharge from the hospital.

  • Pronounced scarring.

Result plastic can be worse than expected due to proliferation of connective tissue and formation of scars. If in the process of healing the scars begin to protrude above the skin surface and spread outwards, then you need do not hesitate to contact your plastic surgeon.

Usually, injections of corticosteroids help decrease the scars and get a good aesthetic result of the operation.

  • The formation of umbilical hernia.

In cases where the operation is carelessly and damage the connective tissue of the umbilical ring, can form a hernia, to remove which it will be possible only surgically.

Simple tips

  1. During pregnancy the earring from the navel to get better, and in its place to draw a thick silk or any synthetic string. This eliminates the formation of longitudinal scar, which would otherwise arise on the spot sausage channel in the skin, stretch marks, diverging rays from the puncture site, the need to re-pierce belly button after childbirth.
  2. If you want to get a piercing, it is better to abandon the idea of wearing an earring in the navel, as this is the most difficult in terms of treatment of purulent infections of soft tissues and formation of pronounced scars.
  3. To take on the physical work only if this work you, otherwise the risk of hernia is very large.
  4. If the navel accumulates a secret that begins to stink, it is not necessary to dig in there with a cotton swab. The pit should be washed liberally with water and, if necessary, treated with brilliant green or iodine solution.


Service The cost
Umbilically from 24,000 to 105000 rubles

During the consultation it should be clarified what is included in the cost of the operation, and that will have to pay extra.

Photos before and after umbilically

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