Plastic frenulum of the prepuce (frenulotomy) — what it is, prices, reviews, photos before and after


It acts as a natural regulator, which is responsible for the exposure of the head during erection, co-ordinates the bending and prevents displacement of the prepuce below a certain area.

Bridle of the foreskin is an extremely fragile mechanism that can fail at any time. Because of the numerous nerve endings, blood and lymphatic vessels, that little skin fold is highly sensitive.

The number of receptors in it is much higher than in the head. During intimacy she occasionally stretched, thereby accelerating arousal and orgasm.

From this small leather strips depends largely on the natural functioning of the penis. Defects can lead to early ejaculation and subsequently to impotence.

Because of pain and bleeding man, fearing a repeat of the gap, holding back during intercourse, thereby complicating the process of reaching orgasm not just physically but also psychologically. In the end, there is a complete erectile dysfunction. That’s why when any suspicious symptoms, redness and pain should consult a doctor-urologist.

Many men believe that to solve the problem once and for all with the help of the circumcision. But to go to such extreme measures is not necessary. If the discomfort is caused by any defect in the bridle, eliminate it by using a simple plastic operation.

Frenulotomy in urology

Frenulotomy (from the Latin frenulum — lore and ancient Greek tome a cutting) surgical incision of the frenulum of the foreskin. In urology, indications for carrying out of frenulotomy is congenital and acquired short frenulum causing difficulty and pain during sexual intercourse, tears and ruptures, accompanied by bleeding.

The surgery itself takes only 15-20 minutes. Age limit is not provided. Prior medical training is not required. The only preoperative action – a thorough treatment of the penis. After that, the patient is administered anesthesia.

Thus it is necessary to observe the rules of use of anesthesia in accordance with the age categories of citizens. For children up to 12 years have anesthesia intravenous, adults anesthetic is injected directly into the skin of the penis.

A few minutes after the administration of the anesthetic, the surgeon proceeds to frenulotomy. The bridle cut up with a scalpel in the transverse direction, apply a ligature on the artery rough and in the longitudinal direction of sew the edges of the resulting wound. If the penis of the patient discovered a rough scar formed due to previous history of fractures or tears bridle, it is immediately removed. After the operation the wound impose a gauze cushion.

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At all stages of frenulotomy the patient will spend a maximum of half an hour. Hospitalization is not required. The patient can start daily activities right after surgery.

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Caution: Y plastic!

In addition to transection surgery is used another method of plasty of the frenulum of the foreskin, the so – called Y-plastic. Due to bad effect of this method became so popular as frenulotomy.

The risk of phimosis is most likely the in the conduct of Y-plasty. In addition to the scar unaesthetic appearance formed by a narrowing of the foreskin, delivering more physical suffering to the patient.

Operation of a short frenulum

Known medicine defects of the frenulum of the foreskin, the most common is its lack of elasticity and length. Short frenulum can be congenital or acquired.

The cause of the deformation of this part of the male sexual organ can be a trauma. During intercourse the frenulum defect may cause a man the inconvenience and discomfort, because the foreskin does not move properly, leaving the head in a semi-enclosed appearance. In addition, you may experience pain when excited.

During intense frictions may occur inflammation of the frenulum and even more serious injuries. The healing of the injured body – a fairly lengthy process. If it’s torn, you should immediately consult your specialist as often without surgical help it is impossible to stop the bleeding.

Healing can take place naturally. However, at the site of injury, scar formation, length of the frenulum becomes even less will increase the frequency of premature ejaculation. To decide whether to suture or not – needs a doctor, not the patient.

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Recommendations after frenulotomy

Soft and pliable, the scar that will remain after plastic surgery, would look quite aesthetically pleasing and not cause any inconvenience. However, until the wound heals completely, can occur due to infection.

To avoid complications, the patient must:

  • follow the recommendations of your doctor;
  • to treat the wound means, prescribed by a doctor;
  • to refrain from intimate life and Masturbation until the final wound healing.
  • Contraindications to surgery
  • Contraindications are:
  • chronic liver disease;
  • inflammatory diseases of the genital organs;
  • of sexually transmitted infections;
  • immunodeficiency, particularly HIV / AIDS.

The application of laser

Previously, defects of the frenulum was removed surgically. The operation was the transverse skin fold incision followed by longitudinal suture. Today in medicine are widely used in laser technology, including for operations on the genitals.

With their help, the release of blood during surgery is minimized, the stitches on small incisions required, so that the edges are sealed together. It would seem that the use of laser and radiowave instruments should reduce the risk of complications. But a short experience has revealed serious flaws laser technology. Since the male organ does not have a constant size due to natural physiological reasons, the use of so-called «seamless» technique was impossible.

Soldered laser instrument the wound edges diverge at a minimum of erection, resulting in the need for additional fixation.

Until the final healing will take a few times to fix the edges of the wound. As a result of the repeated fixation on the penis is formed of coarse, it is not an aesthetic scar, which will cause problems during sexual intercourse, in particular premature ejaculation.

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We must not forget that when using laser and radiowave instruments significantly increases the risk to injure the urethra and other internal and external sex organs.

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The price of the surgery

The price includes consultation, anesthesia, surgery, removal of stitches, dressings. The price of frenulotomy also depends on the complexity. But the main thing – literally immediately after plastic surgery male can lead a normal life without pain and discomfort.

The only restriction is that sexual abstinence and adherence to doctor’s recommendations.

Plastic of the foreskin of the penis 8000
Plastic frenulum of the penis 4000
Anesthesia 300
Medical treatment (bandaging) 450

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