Plastic of the ear lobe, as is done, the before and after photos


Who shown

  • Grown-up people who do not consider the tunnels in the ears fashionable.

Each of the ages confronts the man his task. At a young age it is important to stand out, to Express themselves, to attract attention. This is achieved by including the wearing of specific jewelry type tunnels.

Growing up, the person sets new goals, and huge holes in the ears remain. Often the skin after the decoration is removed from the lobe, constricted. But very rarely the opening is contracted so that the tip took his original form.

The only solution in this case is a plastic surgery during which excess skin is removed and the lobes is returned to the original appearance.

  • Women who prefer wearing massive and heavy earrings.

Under the weight of the jewelry the skin of the ear lobe stretches. Also stretched the puncture lobe, and instead of neat little holes is formed elongated and very visible hole. And if we slightly changed the size of the lobe in most cases does not cause anxiety in women, the ugly oblong hole can be perceived as a cosmetic defect.

To disguise this defect can earrings type studs that cover the hole in the lobe. Or you can have cosmetic surgery in order to remove excessively large hole and some time to make a new neat puncture of the ear lobe.

  • Patients with rupture of the lobe.

Torn earlobes rarely heal without assistance. Because after it goes the inflammation and heal the wound, you can seek the assistance of a plastic surgeon in order to restore the integrity of the lobe and give it a natural shape.

  • Patients, performing plastic surgery to fix defects of the ear.
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The shape and size of the lobe can be adjusted during surgery to correct a congenital if acquired defects of the auricle. For example, during surgery to correct prominent ears.

  • Patients after plastic surgery for the facelift.

Usually during surgery for circular face lifting or tightening of the middle third sutures, which are located close to the ear lead to excessive tissue tension. From this, the ear lobe loses its natural location and be attracted to face. During the operation can be returned to the lobes, and the entire auricle of the natural state.

  • Patients aged.

Here there are still not appreciated by our women to improve their appearance and emphasize their timeless youth. The fact that the earlobes too prone to age changes. Over time, the skin of the lobe is stretched and the fat layer become thinner. The lobes become too elongated, flat.

As a rule, the woman may not pay attention to it. But to others it will be noticeable, especially if the appearance of the lobes will be contrasted with the well-groomed appearance of the face and neck.

The good news is that it is not necessary to go under the surgeon’s knife. For the lobes similarly applicable techniques of rejuvenation with injections of hyaluronic acid, the use of fillers or lipofilling.

The advantage, of course, is to give the fillers based on hyaluronic acid, the gel will not only return to the lobes of its former density and elasticity, but will also promote cell rejuvenation of skin.

If there is a need to reduce stretched earlobes, or get rid of the ugly stretched holes for earrings, it is possible to gradually make first plastic surgery, then three months to get her ears pierced again, and then use filler.

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Plastic of the ear lobe is considered to be a simple operation, but in the case of a patient’s diseases or conditions that can lead to adverse consequences, the intervention is better to postpone until complete recovery or stabilization of condition of the client. Surgery is contraindicated in:

  • the presence of hypersensitivity to some medicines;
  • contagious diseases (this may be seasonal like the flu and HIV infection);
  • violation of blood coagulation, use of anticoagulants, in women, time of menstruation;
  • local inflammatory diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue.

What is the procedure

Time plastic the ear lobe takes about half an hour, rarely an hour. To perform the intervention is performed under General anesthesia. Less common local anesthesia with a solution of novocaine or lidocaine.

The technique used by the surgeon in a particular case depends on the source of the problem, the state of the tissue, the desired result.

Sutured wound of the lobe so that in its place is left only a thin scar that will fade completely with time. When the stitches, postoperative wound closed with a special patch that you want to wear a week.

Video: Correction of the ear lobe

The postoperative period

Usually after surgery, the earlobe is swelling. There may be a small hematoma. The first few days you will need to take painkillers.

The sutures are removed in 7-10 days. About three months the tissue of the lobe will gradually recover. At this time, is not recommended to rush to get her ears pierced, as is the formation of connective tissue and the formation of thin scar. If during this period to go back to wearing heavy jewelry, you can provoke the formation of rough scar.

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Approximately 3 months after the operation with the permission of your plastic surgeon, you can get her ears pierced and to start wearing jewelry.


Name of service The cost
plastic 1 lobe from 10000 to 20000 rubles

Prices on plastic surgery can during the of shares be reduced to 7,500 rubles. Therefore, if the operation is not perceived as urgent, you can save considerably.

Photo before and after plastic surgery of the ear lobe