Powder for oily skin — mineral cleanser that better, or concealer

Girls with oily skin have a hard time. From excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands the face constantly shines, the formation of comedones and later acne. Even the most carefully applied makeup lasts a few hours, especially in hot conditions.

Cream floats, blush spread out, turning into a comical mask.

Securing the makeup with a powder, you can keep a fresh and matte complexion almost the whole day.

The main thing to choose the right face powder for oily skin, which prevents Shine and the formation of lesions, inflammation, does not clog pores and allows the tissues to breathe.


Powder – a basic vehicle designed, primarily, for fixing makeup, and to a lesser extent, to disguise the deficiencies.

All funds are divided into several types depending on the functions performed:

  • mineral is not only cosmetic, but also a cure for problem skin;
  • matting – absorbs oil and sweat, skin;
  • loose – creates a thin veil that does not clog pores;
  • compact – great for correcting makeup;
  • rice – perfectly whitens while cleansing the skin.


Mineral powder for oily skin is ideal.

She absolutely does not contain:

  • synthetic supplements
  • preservatives.

And consists exclusively of natural ingredients:

  1. oxide and zinc dioxide,
  2. iron
  3. kaolin,
  4. quartz
  5. boron nitride,
  6. mica, etc.

Due to this, the coating has a positive effect on the condition of the covers:

  • lies flat and smooth, giving frosted effect;
  • does not cause allergies;
  • mask defects;
  • eliminates irritation and redness;
  • absorbs moisture, keeping the fresh appearance of the face;
  • reflects sunlight and protects from ultraviolet radiation;
  • moisturizes;
  • disinfects.

The only drawback of mineral powder – a high cost. But one little jar lasts for a long time. After all, for applying all over the face need a very small amount of product.

Release mineral makeup brands:

  1. The Body Shop
  2. Milk Fancy,
  3. Dream Minerals,
  4. Gosh, Silk Naturals,
  5. NYX, Mary Kay,
  6. Signature Minerals
  7. Benecos,
  8. LOreal,
  9. Bourjois.


Matifying powder forms a layer, hiding minor imperfections, absorbs excess sebum, giving the face a velvety and soft.

A quality product reduces pores, has antiseptic effects, protects from UV rays.

Such a powder is:

  • loose;
  • compact;
  • creamy texture;
  • mineral.

And depending on density can create a slight almost invisible coating or fully replace the tone. Its main difference from other types is the absence of light-reflecting particles that give the skin radiance.

Matifying powder for oily skin are trademarks of:

  • Maybelline Clean Line,
  • L’oreal Mat’ Magique,
  • Art-Visage,
  • Face it Oil Cut Pore Powder,
  • Tony Moly Facemix Oil paper Powder,
  • Estee Lauder Double Matte,
  • Shiseido Pureness Matifying Compact Oil-Free.
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The texture and density of the powder is crumbly and compact.

In the process of creating the image of the makeup artists prefer the first option, and this is important reasons:

  1. In contrast to the compact, the particles do not stick together with each other. So, whatever the number may hit the face, will still be able to apply only one thin coat.
  2. Compact more dense in texture. If you overdo it, it clog the pores and prevents oxygen exchange of the skin.
  3. Loose powder is applied evenly, evenly, does not clog pores, disguises the soft texture and does not blur the tonal basis.

In the morning to finish it is better to use loose powder. And bag to put the compact to apply it during the day as shedding previous coverage.

It is preferable to choose a well-recommended trusted manufacturers:

  1. Natriv BB,
  2. Holika Sebum Clear Pact 01 Pure White,
  3. Ciracle Secret sebum powder,
  4. Bourjois Poudre Libre Loose.


Even in ancient Asia rice was used not only in medicine, but also for skin care. It has a lot of vitamins (groups b, E, PP) and minerals – zinc, silica and selenium.

Powder based on it evens out the face, protects against external environmental influences.

Product is perfect for girls who:

  • prefer the cosmetics on a natural basis;
  • suffer from allergies;
  • by nature have a combination or oily skin;
  • complex due to the presence of pigmented spots, freckles;
  • I wish to give the face a lighter shade.

On the market powder is made up of professional brands:

  • Polverederiso,
  • Sweetscents,
  • Smear the skin, «Wheat»,
  • Polvere di riso
  • Bourjois Poudre de Riz de Java
  • Paese.

Another nice feature of rice powder that it can be easily done at home.

For this you just need to follow the instructions:

  1. Take 200 g of rice, wash it under cold running water.
  2. Pour grits into a sterilized glass jar with a volume of 1 liter, pour cooled boiled water, cover with cotton cloth or gauze and put the container in the refrigerator for a week.
  3. Every day carefully drain the liquid and pour clean water again, to prevent fermentation. After 7 days the rice will disintegrate into small crumbs.
  4. Pour it in a mortar and mash thoroughly.
  5. Fill the slurry Cup of boiled water, mix to a smooth consistency. After the formation of the precipitate, drain the precious liquid into a separate clean container.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until then, until the rice gruel does not remain, collecting the milky white water.
  7. A few hours after the formation in it of sediment, strain the liquid through a cloth or fine cheesecloth, carefully not shaking. White sludge on the filter — this is the rice powder. You can simply collect the water from the syringe, leaving the sediment at the bottom. Now you need to dry protected from light place at room temperature and grind.

Rice powder is not able to disguise skin imperfections, blemishes, remove redness. But it creates a light veil on the face, matting, degreasing problem areas, promotes rapid healing of the skin and fights inflammation.

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What is better powder or cream Foundation for oily skin

It is impossible to say which is better Foundation powder or concealer.

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After all, these are two completely different cosmetic product that performs its function:

  • the cream is designed to mask the visible flaws of the skin — dark circles, age spots, redness, small pimples, wrinkles, leveling the surface;
  • powder necessary to create a thinner coating, matte effect, to eliminate greasy Shine, reinforces and refreshes makeup.

Ideally, these two tools should complement each other and applied simultaneously.

Oily skin suitable cream:

  1. Second Skin by Max Factor,
  2. Long-Wear Even Finish from Bobbi Brown,
  3. Dream Matte Mousse from Maybelline,
  4. Superstay Better Skin by Maybelline.

Preference is given to products based on water.

Selection rules

To pick up dust owners of oily skin is not easy, given the huge variety of tools.

The following rules will help to avoid mistakes during purchase:

  1. Be sure to use a tester to find the right shade, to see how easily and evenly the powder is placed on the skin. To put it in the nose, the forehead and chin. It is necessary to consider daylight and artificial lighting.
  2. Remedy for oily skin contains no oils, beeswax, starch, lanolin and light-reflecting particles. On the packaging there should be an inscription «are non-comedogenic».
  3. The mineral should choose a shade lighter as the iron oxide it becomes slightly darker after application. It concerns the purchase of funds for evening makeup.

  4. From loose — needs to be small particles, so it falls evenly.
  5. If you use the creams, then choose the products of one brand and line.

How to apply and wash off

Loose powder is applied to dry skin with a soft broad brush of natural cloth. Ideal Kabuki. The movement should be directed downwards to smooth the hair.

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Compact — it is better to apply lightly hammering the special sponge that comes in the kit. It should be regularly replaced in order on the surface does not accumulate bacteria.

If you want to disguise minor flaws, you can use a small brush dipped in water.

Before you can correct your makeup during the day, you need to wet the face matting with a cloth to get rid of accumulations of fat. If the skin is infection (herpes, staph), the makeup to use is contraindicated.

To remove dust better than the micellar water. Unlike milk it does not require rinsing, does not leave a sticky film, absorbs pollution.

After that, you can additionally wash your face with a special gel or foam, and wipe with a tonic without alcohol and lubricate with a thin layer of moisturizer.

Tips beautician

Following the advice of a beautician, you can reduce the sebum production and prevent inflammation and rashes:

  1. Regularly clean the skin of dirt, wash your face at least twice a day, be sure to remove any makeup before going to bed.
  2. Choose quality hypoallergenic cosmetics according to skin type.
  3. Do not neglect procedures of exfoliation, cleansing face masks at home and in the salon.
  4. Ditch unhealthy habits.
  5. Exercise, eat fruits and vegetables, dairy products, drink plenty of pure water without gas.

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