Powder for oily skin — mineral, rating

The choice of powder for many girls becomes a real problem, because today there are many varieties of this cosmetic product. With all this, the situation is significantly more complicated when women skin. In this case, the correctness of the chosen powder will depend on the final look of all the makeup.


There are following types of powders:

  1. Classic crumbly. It is perfect for oily skin prone to acne. Much worse crumbly be applied to dry skin with flaking.

The undeniable advantage of such cosmetics is that it can be combined with almost all Foundation and keep makeup fresh.

With all of this, you should know that loose require special skills of application, also it is not very convenient for transportation in a female handbag, and can sometimes cause allergic reactions.

  1. Compact powder for oily skin is not always perfect, despite the fact that it is easy to transport and apply. Justified it by the fact that fatty epidermis is the end of the day this tool will create a mask effect, thus, does not conceal his faults. Only the correct tone and quality the manufacturer can have a little to save the situation.
  2. Cream powder undesirable for applying on oily skin as it will make the deficiency of the epidermis even more pronounced. If the woman has acne and various skin imperfections, this type of cosmetics will help to successfully disguise such issues. That is why this kind of means is considered to be one of the most successful for owners of distressed epidermis.
  3. Mineral powder for oily skin can be used, if properly applied. She is loved by many girls for its excellent masking properties and also natural composition.

With regular use of this beauty product can actually improve the condition of skin and its color. Moreover, mineral prevents the loss of skin moisture, therefore does not affect the aging process, unlike other varieties.

It can also be applied on dry and one for oily skin with acne.

  1. Foundation powder is a so – called «heavy artillery». Makeup artists typically use it only when there are clear deficiencies on the skin. It can help eliminate Shine and give the face the right tone.


How to operate the powder and to influence the woman’s skin, largely depends on its composition. Justified it by the fact that some cosmetic products contain harmful substances that contribute to clogged pores and premature aging of the skin.

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Consequently, before you buy a particular product, it is important to know about this:

  1. In the presence of the composition of Dimethicone and oxychloride there is a great risk that the pores will be clogged. This will entail many negative effects.
  2. In the presence of titanium dioxide product will have the ability to reflect the UV cure. This is an acceptable ingredient that is not considered harmful.
  3. If you want to absorb sebum in its composition needs to be sericite. Also with this task perfectly cope kaolin.
  4. For oily skin, the powder must contain zinc oxide. It will treat minor skin defects.

In addition, you should know that adding fragrances often cause skin irritation and allergic reactions. For this reason, it is better not to take products that contain such impurities.

How to choose

There are the following rules for the selection of powders for oily skin:

  1. With the purchase of any kind, first of all, you need to pay attention to the integrity of the packaging, the shelf life of the product and the manufacturer. None of these items should not be in doubt. If you are unsure about the suitability to buy it, certainly not worth it.
  2. You should not purchase the means when the end of shelf life left a couple of months, because to use it you will be much longer.
  3. No need to buy a powder-tester, even if it is sold at a reduced cost. Justified it by the fact that the tester has tried a lot of girls, so it definitely contains a lot of dangerous bacteria. Nothing good this product will not, therefore, better to buy new, in sealed package.
  4. The tool has to fit perfectly for your skin tone. Thus, when it is selected it is important to consider your complexion.
  5. For summer period it is possible to apply more dark tones and winter light.
  6. If you need to give a person the desired shade and to consolidate the Foundation, then it is better to use powder light texture. For a small refreshment of the skin and make it opaque compact fit.
  7. With increased dryness of the skin, you can apply a cream powder or conventional loose. The main thing is to moisturize the skin, otherwise the product will go to spots, spoiling the whole makeup.

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A rating of powders for oily skin

The best powders for oily skin are:

  1. Clarifying Powder Make Up. Will help to even out skin tone, eliminate enlarged pores and oily Shine. Its effect last for up to ten hours, which is not true of most of the current powders.

Due to the lack of oils in the composition will dry the skin, relieving it from inflammation.

  1. Vichy «Aera Teint». It contains unique micro particles, which help cleanse the pores. Thanks to her, the skin becomes more healthy, improves complexion and evens its tone.
  2. Shiseido pureness. It gives my skin a matte finish that hides redness and also has protection against UV radiation. This is a great choice for problem skin, prone to rashes.
  3. Essence Pure skin. It has a strong antibacterial effect, gives the skin a healthy glow and successfully mask the small defects.

Thanks to light texture, easily applied with a sponge and brush evenly distributed on the skin.

How to apply

Largely the features of the application depend on its type and texture.

To properly apply, you should follow these tips:

  1. For starters, it is important to clean the skin with soap and tonic. Apply makeup on brown skin – this is the guarantee that the end result will be unaesthetic.
  2. Apply to the skin a moisturizer, even if it is prone to fat. So the tool will go smoothly, without streaks and stains.
  3. If necessary, you can use a corrector or concealer. The powder is always applied after them.
  4. If the tool is loose, it should be applied with a brush, which should only be a little wet in the product. The remains gently shaken off, and only after that to hold the brush face downwards, fixing makeup.
  5. Convenient compact applied with a sponge. The main thing is not to overdo it and not to gain too much product.

How to remove

To remove from the face using different media make-up remover. It can be:

  • milk
  • mousse,
  • foam
  • cream.

According to reviews, it is best to cope with this task the milk and cream. These products as much as possible gently cleanse the skin without damaging it and without causing irritation.

It is recommended to wash in the evening before bed, when you eliminate all remnants of cosmetics on the face.

To go to bed with cosmetic product on the skin is not possible with other types of cosmetics. This is substantiated by the fact that they have a negative display condition of the epidermis and make it dry.

A General technique for eliminating makeup from the face following:

  1. To put a little money to make-up removal on a cotton pad and massage gently to hold in the skin, which were coated tool.
  2. If necessary, you can re-apply to a clean cotton pad and repeat the procedure.
  3. Further, the wash liquid gel and processed the skin tonic to refresh it.
  4. Before bed apply the soothing night cream.

Tips makeup artists

To the purchase and use of powder for problem skin does not become yet another cause for frustration, should adhere to these tips, make-up artists:

  1. Powder for oily skin should not contain any oil because once applied, the makeup will last long. Also, this product will create a favorable environment for fatty bacteria.
  2. If the problem of acne is not to use the product with a dense texture that can clog the pores. Otherwise, from acne you will not get rid of for a long time.

  3. If the problem of enlarged pores make-up artists suggest to apply crumbly. It will create a slight «loop» and make pores invisible at the same time without clogging them.
  4. All kinds of cosmetics for problem skin have to be antibacterial.
  5. After each use, sponge and brushes for the application of cosmetics should be thoroughly washed and dried. Only way to avoid the growth of microbes on the instruments.
  6. If you can not yet afford to buy quality, it is better to abandon the application of this cosmetic product, because the bad will bring more problems.

You should know that no matter how expensive and high-quality cosmetics was not, she would not be able to get rid of causes skin problems. That is why for my skin need to look for the root cause of the flaws of the epidermis and eliminate them. This will help the beautician, the gastroenterologist and the endocrinologist.

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