Power shower against cellulite — how it works, does

Cellulite is not a problem of only overweight women, but slender and petite girls. The reasons for the formation of orange peel can be both hormonal disruption and metabolic disorders, sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition. Unfortunately, cellulite is aesthetically discomfort.

Fat cells become tight bumps that interfere with normal blood circulation in the tissues. As a result of this pathology every day is complicated, and the stronger vessels are compressed.

In the pursuit of perfection of the body use different methods. One of the effective is power shower – massage powerful jet of water from a special hose. A particularly popular procedure among young mothers who want to recover from pregnancy and childbirth.

What it is

The first shower was invented by the famous French neurologist as a treatment of nervous disorders and hysteria. Gradually it was noticed its beneficial effects on the skin, blood vessels and muscles.

Method is indicated for the following pathologies in the body:

  • diseases of spine and joints (arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism);
  • muscle weakness;
  • chronic fatigue, insomnia;
  • the weakening of the immune system;
  • vegetovascular dystonia;
  • stress, depression, apathy;
  • overweight.

Recently the power shower has become popular also as an efficient means of cellulite.


For people who have health problems, sessions can be contraindicated.

Due to the risk of complications of the procedure cannot be done in such cases:

  • in any infectious inflammatory diseases and elevated temperature (tuberculosis, SARS, influenza);
  • patients with thrombophlebitis and varicose veins;
  • patients with lack of body mass (anorexia, exhaustion);
  • hypertension 2 and stage 3;
  • persons who have had a heart attack or stroke;
  • with infections of the skin (herpes, abscesses);
  • with eczema or psoriasis;
  • patients with cancer and progressive benign tumors;
  • when kidney disease;
  • during pregnancy and menstruation, gynecological problems;
  • during the period of healing of stitches (for example after a caesarean should allow at least six months).

The principle of action on the body

The procedure is a type of massage. The patient’s body poured two accelerated jets of water under pressure up to four atmospheres (in the range from 10 to 45 ⁰C).

Due to the rush of blood and the therapeutic effect is achieved:

  • improves the function of blood vessels;
  • increases the tone of the tissues;
  • go out of body toxins and wastes;

Power shower against cellulite is similar to a massage:

  1. Relaxes the muscles after intense exercise and repetitive strain.
  2. Improving the efficiency of the circulatory and lymphatic systems, launches metabolic processes in the cells.
  3. Tissues receive more oxygen and nutrition to be cleaned from accumulated years of dirt.
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It is established that resolve some types-benign, inflamed lesions, including fatty lumps. The procedure is similar to reflexology.

The body is rejuvenated and regenerated. The skin gets elasticity and smoothness, leave extra centimeters in the problem areas of the figure.

Water washes away negative emotions and nervous tension, is uplifting, and returns the spirit. Whirlpool is popular for the prevention of acute respiratory diseases, since it has a restorative effect on the body and increases the protective properties of the immune system.

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How do power shower against cellulite

Any special preparations before the procedure is not required. Bring rubber Slippers or slates, swimsuit, towel and optional shower cap. In some salons to bring anything not necessary, as give the finished disposable kits.

Technique of massage the following:

  1. Master splash the naked body of the patient located at a distance of 3-4 meters, warm fan jet. It perfectly relaxes and prepares for the main manipulations.
  2. Then on the different areas affected by the two directional pressure water – hot and cold. First treated back, then front torso, the abdomen in a clockwise direction. Then the sides, the arms are on the chest at the end of the foot in the course of large joints.

Do not affect areas of the genitals, mammary glands, spine and head. Depending on the kind of problem being solved, the technique may be slightly different.

  1. Session ends with a cold shower the fan and drip type.

The further away from the camera, the less painful the procedure would be. The doctor carefully monitors the health of the ward, advise how to be, and in what direction to turn.

For prevention of bruises at home it is best to lubricate the body analgesic and regenerating gel (for example, Contractubex).

Where you can make

The procedure is carried out solely by the specialist. He individually selects the power of the pressure, temperature, and also specifies the duration of the session, and, if necessary, render medical assistance.

Today power shower can be done not only in a specialized clinic or Spa office in the resort, but in the salon or SPA.

Usually the method prescribed in the complex treatment along with baths, massages, wraps, etc.

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Is it possible to do at home

At home to conduct a full procedure, in accordance with all the rules is simply impossible. The effectiveness of the method depends entirely on the experience of a specialist who must have the appropriate education.

The alternative salon is considered Alekseev shower – needle hydro-massage with high pressure.

You can buy a nozzle with two grids with holes of different diameter. As well as additional devices for underwater massage, lymphatic drainage, face cleaning and others.

To tighten and smooth the skin, relax and recharge your batteries will help conventional douche. To begin it is necessary with warm water and finish with cold.


After the first session the body has a wonderful lightness, is charged with energy. Disappear fatigue, drowsiness and nervous tension.

After completion of the course the skin become more elastic and significantly reduced volumes, form the contours of the figure, smoothed cellulite.

Women with fair skin are more likely to suffer from bruises, however, they appear in red. A lot of this just give up without seeing the final result. But those who decide to continue the course till the end, never regretted it.

Gradually, the skin used to the pressure, the bruises heal, and new ones stop appearing. As a result, the process gives only positive emotions, relaxes and rejuvenates. In addition, alleviates pain in joints, muscles and lower back, ease the symptoms of migraine headaches, strengthens the immune system.


For weight loss and getting rid of orange peel you will need 10 sessions with a duration of 7-15 minutes every 2-3 days.

Initially, the exposure time is only 1-2 minutes, and the jet power is minimal, so that the skin would get used to it.

With each procedure, the pressure increases and the temperature decreases. In some cases, the doctor may prescribe up to 20 sessions. To maintain the results of therapeutic courses should be repeated every 6 months.

Useful tips

Useful tips to help you get maximum enjoyment from Charcot and to avoid problems:

  1. Before the course is very advisable to consult a physician, and in the presence of any disease – with doctors narrow focus.
  2. Despite the fact that salons be given kits with the necessary things, it is better to take a joint swimsuit (to avoid slipping) and shales. As disposable underwear can be thin cotton cloth, which from the pressure of the water just breaks. And shoes usually foam and slip much.
  3. Expensive repairs and equipment in the clinic are not always indicators of the quality of the method. Main thing is experience and skillful actions of the technician certificates and diplomas.
  4. The doctor must rely on the feeling of the patient. If you experience pain, reduce the pressure to find the optimal temperature. Ideally bruises should not stay as it is tiny, not a normal reaction to exposure to water.

  5. Women showed a trend that the degree of pain depends on the day of the menstrual cycle. Therefore it is not necessary to visit the clinic the week before and after menstruation.
  6. It is important to combine the treatment with a balanced diet, sports and other cosmetological activities. Only then fat will be burned quickly and intensely.
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Adverse reactions

If used incorrectly, due to the inexperience of the master or ignoring contraindications can damage your health:

  • exacerbate a chronic disease;
  • cause pain in the muscles and the skin of people with a low pain threshold;
  • to provoke bruising.

Beauticians and doctors in one voice say about the use of the procedure is subject to safety regulations.

It is impossible to influence a powerful jet of water on the stomach, and also on areas of the inner sides of the feet, groin. It will cause not only severe pain, but bruising and damage to blood vessels.

For reviews patients power shower invigorates, elevates mood, improves skin tone and muscles. If 1-2 times per year to take courses such hydrotherapy, it is quite possible to get rid of the hated orange peel and maintain the acquired shape.

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