Preparing for breast implants

Mammoplasty is a plastic surgery which is performed on the breast.

In the surgical process change:

  • form;
  • the contours;
  • the volume of the breast;
  • of its parts (nipple).

To decide it needed only after the selection of tried and tested clinics and a good specialist.

During the consultation the surgeon selects not only the method of surgery, but also gives instructions on preparing for surgery.

Before surgery the woman needs to go through several consultations and laboratory studies to determine the feasibility and safety of surgery.

Preoperative examination

Preoperative examination begins after choosing a clinic and surgeon who will conduct the operation.

Before the beginning of laboratory diagnostics medical specialist asks questions that need to give answers as detailed as possible.

The purpose of this survey and inspection:

  1. identification of possible pathologies that would interfere with the preparations for mammoplasty and surgery;
  2. establishing the psychological state of the patient – is she prepared mentally for the surgery and subsequent recovery.

History taking into account not only the wishes of the client, but also as psychological and physiological health, is determined by the Constitution of the body (height, weight, chest width and shoulders).

The operation is delayed until the time of achieving a comfortable physical and psychological state for surgery, if:

  • the woman is in a depressed, depressed condition;
  • under stress and heavy feelings;
  • is in a state of menstruation;
  • suffering from colds.

In order for the breast augmentation was successful, the woman should undergo consultations from several doctors and take some tests.

Laboratory tests

Two weeks before surgery, the woman will need to be tested to determine several factors, essentially influencing a course and result of the operation:

  • General analysis of blood to determine blood groups, rhesus factor;
  • biochemical and clinical blood tests are also taken to determine the information about the level of erythrocyte sedimentation rate, hemoglobin, leukocytes, and red blood cells, inorganic substances, trace elements, amino acids. In order for the surgery was without dangerous complications, these indicators should be within the standards. If the level of hemoglobin and erythrocytes is lowered, this means that the client suffers from anemia. High levels of leucocytes and erythrocyte sedimentation rate suggests the emergence of inflammation or infection. In these cases the breast implants will be denied;
  • determination using specific markers of the presence of such diseases as HIV, hepatitis b and C, syphilis. The study is conducted through a blood test;
  • the blood test for the speed of clotting (coagulation) to prevent the development of thrombosis, a heart attack. In order to evaluate the performance of the heart, information about the frequency of contractions, the electrical activity and detect possible violations is electrocardiogram. These data are necessary to coordinate the actions of the doctor, anesthesiology and intensive care during the operation;
  • analysis of the immunoglobulin E (IgE). Check the stability of the immune system, excluding the possibility of an allergic reaction to the injected substances for anesthesia and postoperative complications – inflammation, suppuration, the appearance of scars;
  • a pregnancy test. If pregnancy is detected, the operation is cancelled, posklku drugs used for anesthesia and for subsequent tissue regeneration negatively affect the fetus. Additionally, surgery in the breast sometimes ends up that the woman will not be able to breast feed;
  • study levels of sex hormones to determine hormonal background;
  • analysis for tumor markers = routine study before surgery, a forecast probability of subsequent rejection of the implant.
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Consulting the doctors

In addition to the various laboratory diagnostics, who decided on the operation in preparation for the breast implants need to go through advice from professionals in different fields.

Necessary opinion on the condition and the possibility of safe surgery from:

  • therapist;
  • mammalogy;
  • gynecologist;
  • dentist

In order to examine the mammary gland itself, to determine whether pathological lesions, swellings, seals, or nodes, performs the following types of high-precision physiological tests:

  • ultrasound examination of mammary glands;
  • fluorate;
  • mammography;

The more information collected about the patient, the more likely a successful and comfortable completion of the operation and quickness of the subsequent recovery.

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How to prepare for breast implants

In order for surgery to correct breast successful, it is necessary to accurately follow medical recommendations, to carry out a preparatory stage.

Right made preparations for mammoplasty will help to protect yourself from possible negative consequences, to facilitate the flow of subsequent recovery and quickly get back in shape after surgery.

Taking vitamins and other drugs

When preparations are made for the breast implants must consider not only the General condition of the client, referred to our clinic for correction of a breast, but also to pay attention to what vitamins, food supplements or other medicines she is taking.

The feasibility of further reception of the usual drugs discussed individually with the physicians.

Some vitamin-mineral complexes negatively affect the healing and tarabzouni connective tissue and mammary glands, so before the surgery, the doctor may advise you to stop taking them.

This is especially true of dietary supplements containing b vitamins E.

Two weeks before the mammoplasty is necessary to stop the reception of the following drugs:

  • containing aspirin. It has a blood thinning effect and reduces its clotting during surgical intervention, and therefore its use before surgery can be dangerous;
  • non-steroidal drugs with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, acting on the walls of blood vessels and blood flow;
  • steroid drugs and medicines intended for the treatment of diseases hormonal.
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In cases where the intake of these medicines can suspend, the operation is cancelled. The health risk is too high.

Oral contraceptives

Oral hormonal contraception or transdermal therapeutic system with the same active substance may affect the flow of transactions and the processes of the subsequent recovery.

Prior to conducting a surgery, the doctor will need to decide whether dangerous oral contraceptives in preparation for the breast implants.

Most often, in order to exclude any risk of complications and malfunctions in the body, doctors recommend to stop to use hormonal contraceptive methods for two weeks before surgery.

A month after surgery with a favorable outcome and successful regeneration of breast tissues, we can safely return to their usual methods of protection.

Alcohol and Smoking

Preparation for breast implants requires a complete rejection of alcoholic beverages and Smoking for a month or even two before surgery.

The reasons for this are many:

  • alcohol has an extremely negative effect on the heart, blood vessels, and also on the recovery ability of the body;
  • the presence of blood alcohol when administering anesthesia can lead to very serious consequences and even death;
  • nicotine has a pronounced vasoconstrictor effect. Disturbed microcirculation of blood, inhibited not only the process of the transfer of drugs and tools for anesthesia, but the metabolism is important in the postoperative period

It is better to avoid the use of harmful, negatively affecting the body’s metabolism before any surgical interventions, especially those relating to the implantation of foreign bodies such as breast implants.

The presence of any negative factors can cause the abscess and subsequent rejection introduced in the breast material.

Additional preparation steps

Surgery is a stress to the body and the immune system.

For a month or two before mammoplasty should adhere to the following simple measures:

  • to normalize the mode of work and rest. Get plenty of sleep and relax;
  • to avoid stress, anxieties, worries of any violent emotions;
  • to moderate physical activity. To briefly abandon intense workouts in the gym or over-active aerobics;
  • to follow diet and menu. Making diet is to give preference to products containing a large amount necessary for the metabolism of vitamins and minerals. Avoid food that provokes disruption of the digestive process. To refuse harmful, salty, spicy food, sweet drinks and fast food;
  • need to buy clothes without fasteners, thick seams and protruding decorative elements, as well as comfortable shoes with a low heel to relieve tension on the body. You need to get a special underwear for recovery after mammoplasty to pick it up to help the doctor;

Photos before and after surgery

Mental attitude

Many people are afraid of surgical intervention, fear of the effects of anesthesia, unsuccessful operation. Some cause discomfort of thought about long and painful recovery.

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Such alarms have a negative impact on the body. You need to feel physically and mentally before going for the breast implants.

It is important to remember:

  • what advantages will the operation;
  • how many internal and external psychological problems it will solve;
  • how many opportunities to pleasures of life will bring new, beautiful Breasts.

What you need to warn the relatives

Typically recovery after a mammoplasty is not long and difficult. On the second day after surgery, the client will be discharged.

Before that, she will need to tell his people how to behave:

  • try not to disturb the woman in the recovery period. She needed rest, healthy sleep and care;
  • to talk about the fact that breast implants is a safe and popular operation that will not cause harm, on the contrary will improve the quality of life. The native may be easier if they will help you choose the clinic and doctor-specialist;
  • some time may need assistance in dressing;
  • a very important psychological support. Good mood relatives is transmitted to the patient and helps speedy recovery;
  • everything that surrounds a woman after the operation should be adapted in order that she could comfortably use it. Will have to shift some things, move furniture.

The support of family and friends, their concern and care necessary after any medical intervention.

How to prevent complications

Complications – a direct consequence of the fact that do not comply with the instructions of the attending physician and was not adequately caring for the client.

In order to avoid this, you need to:

  • before the surgery, wash away the makeup and thoroughly wash the body;
  • after surgery to reduce physical activity, stop going to the gym;
  • do not drink or smoke for at least three months after mammoplasty;
  • to follow sufficient sleep and rest;
  • not to use painkillers, blood thinners and impede recovery, and drugs containing aspirin;
  • to protect yourself from stresses and anxieties

Remember that the operation will lead to wonderful changes. Discomfort during recovery – low price for confidence and beauty!