Price mesotherapy face hyaluronic acid for hair how much does, cost

Mesotherapy is widely used in cosmetics procedure, which is struggling not only with aging but also other imperfections of appearance. With mesotherapy can improve skin condition, eliminate cellulite, eliminate double chin and stop the alopecia.


The procedure is the introduction of special compositions (or «vitamin cocktails») in the middle layer of the skin to injection or non-injection method.

Used in mesotherapy preparations enriched:

  1. vitamin-mineral complexes,
  2. plant extracts,
  3. amino acids, etc.

The composition selected for each patient individually.

The procedure is carried out using ultra-fine needles, the depth of insertion is typically from 1.5 to 4 mm. In the case of hardware mesotherapy, the drug is administered through mesoinjectors.

Treatment in a multidisciplinary medical center or beauty salon, where there is a qualified technician.

The procedure is entitled to perform only dermatologist certified in cosmetology and physiotherapy (non-injection method).

The requirement for work experience on a speciality not less than five years, moreover, the doctor must pass a training course on mesotherapy with obtaining the relevant certificate (not less than 72 hours).

Mediclinic or the center of aesthetic medicine should be licensed to carry out activities in the field of dermatology, cosmetology and physiotherapy.

The doctor does not immediately begin the procedure, first, inspect skin, assess its condition and assigns, if necessary, additional examinations and tests. Only after this is individually the drug.

Thus, to undergo a mesotherapy can be not everywhere, but only in specialized medclinic and beauty centers.

Some experts offer private services at home, but you should not trust them, or at least only after verification of necessary certificates and permits.

The application site

The cost of mesotherapy is determined primarily by the cost of the used drug. Another important factor in the correction area, as its volume depends on the required number of «cocktail».

For example, if you need to adjust the stomach and décolleté need a larger volume compared with the if treatment was performed on the scalp. Thus, the application plays a role in the formation of the final price.


The doctor determined that for mesotherapy all the face fit the drug NCTF 135, 5 ml of which costs about 5,000 rubles. For comparison: if you want to pierce only the chin area or the area around the eyes, only need 1-2 ml (1 ml cost about 1000 rubles).

The average cost of different types of mesotherapy

The cost of mesotherapy depends on many factors. This includes:

  • the level of the medical center or beauty salon;
  • the location of the clinic (Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other cities);
  • the original skin condition;
  • the area that requires correction;
  • the number of sessions;
  • the cast of «cocktail»;
  • the methodology used (type of mesotherapy).

With regard to the latter, there are several types of mesotherapy: injection and non-injection (hardware-based), hyaluronic acid, etc.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic mesotherapy is one of the most efficient and effective methods of rejuvenation.

Her courses after a certain period of time, usually six months or once a year, since the composition sufficiently quickly dissipates.

Facial mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid can reach to 7000-8000 rubles.

You can focus on lower prices, this should take a responsible approach to the choice of a doctor, read reviews about the clinic.


Non-injection is another way to deliver nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. Unlike injectable treatments, there are special cosmetic devices.

The price of the session depends on the type of hardware exposure, and the size of the treated region.

As in the case of injection, plays a role the purpose of correction. Based on this, selected a particular drug is drawn up or «cocktail».

The average cost of one session in Moscow is 3000-7000 rubles.

Many clinics offer a discount for a single payment of the entire course.


The cost of injectable mesotherapy is said to start at 2,500 rubles and can result in a much larger amount, depending on the level of the clinic, the corrected area and used the drug.

For example, in some clinics the procedure costs about 40000-50000 rubles.

However, the average cost is around 5000-7000 rubles (for individuals).


Hardware unites various non-injection mesotherapy method. The price correction will start from 2000 rubles per zone.

Average prices:

  • electroporation – 10000 roubles;
  • biorevitalization — 5000-20000 rubles;
  • laser mesotherapy 15000-40000 rubles.

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What drugs are the most expensive

The cost of drugs varies greatly. The price of one and the same substance, part of the «cocktail» may vary greatly from several suppliers. The more expensive the drug, the higher the degree of purification of substances, and consequently, the higher their effectiveness.

What drugs are used:

  • INNO-NDS Anti-ageing (Spain). Effective anti-aging agent, which includes folic acid, sodium hyaluronate, panthenol, etc. Effective in cases of severe photoaging. The cost of the procedure with a drug – from 4700 rubles.
  • INNO-TDS Vitamin Complex. The composition includes amino acids, coenzymes, vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid. Good fights wrinkles and pigmentation. The price of mesotherapy – from 4900 rubles.
  • INNO-TDS Firming. Has expressed lifting effect. The composition comprises lipoic acid, organic silicon, zinc gluconate etc. Costs 4100 roubles.
  • INNO-TDS Restructurer. Shown after chemical peelings and other cosmetic procedures. Contains ascorbic acid, zinc gluconate, magnesium gluconate, etc. Is from 3700 rubles.
  • NCTF. A powerful tool for dealing with severe aging. Contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids. Is from 5000 rubles.
  • OM – White skin active. A strong bleaching agent, used to remove pigmentation and stretch marks. Costs from 3000 rubles.

Does the venue

The cost of mesotherapy is affected and the location of the clinic.

In Moscow and St. Petersburg, the procedure can cost more expensive, as it is believed that in hospitals and clinics employ the best professionals, and thus a high level of service.

Moscow clinics are offered to undergo the procedure cost on average from 3,000 to 15,000 rubles, a session of mesotherapy head will cost 3500-4000 roubles, correction of the body – from 3100 (one zone) to 25,000 rubles.

St. Petersburg prices are slightly cheaper: from 2500 rubles (face), from 2400 rubles (one body area), from 2600 rubles (scalp). In Saint-Petersburg is also a lot of expensive centers, customers are willing to pay considerable sums.

In regional centres the prices are lower than in Moscow and St. Petersburg. So, in Ufa mesotherapy face is from 2150 rubles, abdomen – from 2200 roubles, hair – from 2000 rubles.

In Krasnodar and Ekaterinburg rates the same: the face – from 1400 rubles, the body – from 1300 rubles, the head – from 1500 rubles.

In cities with a population of less than 200,000 people prices even cheaper: from 900 to 1200 rubles.

Mesotherapy at home is not recommended, because it needs to have the necessary medical skills and knowledge.

Alternatively you can buy the dermaroller machine for home mesoprosodes. It costs 690 rubles and above.

Is it worth saving

To save on the skill of the doctor and cost of medication in any case is impossible, because at stake are health and beauty.

Services of inexperienced specialist may be cheaper, but this increases the risk of adverse reactions:

  • swelling;
  • hemorrhage;
  • allergic reactions if the wrong drug is selected, etc.

On the other hand, we should not rashly rush into the most expensive clinic in town, since it’s easy to overpay.

The main thing when choosing of the center for rationality and a comprehensive approach (the study of opinions and recommendations, compare professionals and prices in a few centers).

The result justifies the means

The main feature of mesotherapy is the ability to put nutrients into the middle layer of the skin than conventional cosmetics can not cope.

Effect after a full course of treatments is truly remarkable:

  • the skin is tightened,
  • visually rejuvenated,
  • wrinkles disappear.

But there is a flip side to the coin: the effect of mesotherapy are temporary. Passed one course you have to be prepared for the fact that after some time it will need to be repeated. Depending on the initial skin condition, the full course can take up to five months.

Doctors recommend mesotherapy once every six months.

You need to consider that the duration and the efficiency rate is directly dependent on the financial possibilities. So before going to the beautician should carefully weigh and to think how expensive will be to maintain the beauty in the future.

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