Price septoplasty laser, cost, of the nose, endoscopic

Septoplasty is a surgical operation to correct a deviated nasal septum. Is not aesthetic and for medical reasons (unlike rhinoplasty), although these operations are not so often performed in conjunction.

This operation helps to eliminate:

  • shortness of breath, caused by curvature of the septum of the nose,
  • sinusitis,
  • nosebleeds,
  • snoring.

The result of septoplasty nose shape is not changed, it is the prerogative of rhinoplasty. Surgery is performed under local, General or combined anesthesia.

On the basis of which is formed

Pricing depends on the complexity of the operation, which, in turn, depends on the nature and degree of deformity of the nasal septum, as well as applied methods of operation.

Also take into account the nature of the anesthesia (local or General anesthesia), amount of rehabilitation after surgery.

Of great importance is also the reputation of the clinic, doctors, its location. As a rule, in regions such intervention is cheaper than in Metropolitan hospitals.

If you need to correct minor curvature (congenital), the operation will cost about 30 — 50 thousand rubles.

If you need to operate on the injured wall, broken in several places or crushed cartilage, and also, in addition to functional classes with Helicobacter pylori, to carry out aesthetic correction – it will cost from 90 to 150 thousand rubles.

The cost of septoplasty depends also on the kind of anesthesia used, number of days spent in the hospital.

I should say that the septoplasty with the curvature of the nasal septum can be carried out free of charge under policy OMS in a public hospital. Doctors in these establishments are qualified and proficient in this technique.

But here you only correct a medical problem, but aesthetic surgery under the policy are not done.

Private clinic can provide comfort and a more modern treatment methods, to combine the correction of functional and aesthetic problems.

Where can you check price

Price lists, where are the operation cost, usually:

  1. published by plastic surgery clinics on the clinic’s website,
  2. check prices, you can also directly visiting a medical institution
  3. but the final price of your operation will be determined only after consultation with the surgeon.
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Video: doctor’s Consultation

Does it matter the type of operation

There are several types of septoplasty:

  1. endoscopic – minimally invasive (gentle and less traumatic) surgery, resection is performed on the mucosa inside the nose, avoiding scars on the face. In this case, the operation can be fully controlled with microendoscope that allows more details to investigate and eliminate defects, minimize surgical trauma. Increased repeatedly the operating field is displayed on the monitor screen;
  2. laser that combines two methods: laser satakuntaliitto, which is to correct only the cartilaginous part of the septum by heating it with a laser beam and forming a desired shape and a classic septoplasty, when used instead of a scalpel a laser beam;
  3. ultrasonic – high energy ultrasound destroyed the cancellous bone of the septum with a small curvature without the use of a knife, without incisions;
  4. radiosurgery is a method of coagulation by radio waves of the soft tissues and cartilaginous framework of the nasal septum without incisions.

The most expensive operation is the laser. It is expensive because of the high cost of the device, about once in three or four more expensive than conventional endoscopy.

Besides, the laser beam has antiseptic properties and ability to cauterize the wound, stopping the bleeding. This is its advantage over conventional metal scalpel.

Moreover, the rehabilitation period after laser septoplasty is much easier, and the use turundae optional. Virtually no swelling. But laser septoplasty has a number of contraindications.

Compare prices on a septoplasty of the nose at the clinics of Moscow

In Moscow, a huge selection of medical institutions where you can do operation septoplastike approximately 130 clinics provide this service.

The prices are very different – from 17400 rubles to 120,000 rubles. The average price of 60,000 rubles.

Relatively cheap can make septoplastike in such clinics:

  1. City clinical hospital No. 67 of them. Vorohoba – 17400 rubles;
  2. clinic Asteriod -18650 RUB;
  3. Central polyclinic litfonda – 19800 RUB.;
  4. Central clinical hospital of Civil aviation – 20250 RUB;
  5. the clinic Medsi – 24030 rubles.
  6. medical center. Burnazyan – 22275 RUB;
  7. Medline Service – 25000 RUB;
  8. Institute of surgery. A. V. Vishnevsky – 29844 RUB;
  9. Institute of beauty on Frunzenskaya – 30000 RUB.;
  10. the clinic of Dr. Shah – 34000 RUB.;
  11. clinic Rybvest – 35000 RUB.;
  12. clinic-clinics – 35000 RUB.
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The average price for septoplasty in such clinics:

  1. hospital. academician N. N. Burdenko — 39580.;
  2. Medamed – 45000 RUB.;
  3. a La eve – 50000 RUB;
  4. clinic Medlyuks
  5. TWENTY – 60000 RUB.;
  6. clinic Reform – 60,000 rubles;
  7. clinic Inshakov – 65000 RUB.;
  8. Вeaty Med – 70000 RUB.;
  9. Studio aesthetic medicine – 80000 RUB.

Operation from 100,000 rubles and available in such clinics:

  1. RossClinic – 100000 RUB.;
  2. first surgery – 102000 RUB;
  3. medlanzh – 120000 RUB.;
  4. clinic Peter’s gate – 75400 RUB;
  5. interclinic – 120000 RUB.;
  6. clinic Doctor Plastic – 150000 RUB.
  7. clinic Devita – 180000 RUB.

This is a very brief indicative list of the clinics of Moscow.

Besides, you should understand that only after a full examination, determine the type and cause of the curvature of the septum, and choosing the appropriate operation method can be determined the final price.

Why is not worth saving

To save on operation, tempted by the relatively low price that can offer clinics with questionable reputation, you are at risk of complications, loss of money and health.

Sometimes a failed first surgery septoplasty can result in the fact that to fix something can be very difficult or impossible.

A second operation will cost many times more expensive. Remember that to save on health can not.

Must be reasonable, balanced approach to the choice of clinic and doctor, where the price would match the quality.

Always high price – quality guarantee

Let’s start with the fact that the quality of the operation directly depends on the professionalism of the surgeon, the availability of modern medical equipment, the conditions created in the clinic.

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A good specialist in this sphere cannot be paid, and the cost of the necessary equipment is often very high. So if you want a good result of the operation, be ready that it will be expensive.

At the same time, it also happens that the price the hospital sets high, and the results are not encouraging. Here you need to find a middle ground, which, in principle, lies in one magical word: reputation.

Read reviews about the clinic, about surgeons on the Internet, try to personally meet with those who were doing a similar operation in a clinic, visit the clinic themselves. And you will have a more or less objective picture.

Well-established clinics usually do not put extremely high prices though are not cheap.

The cost should be adequate: a small price indicates that physician services are not in demand, it operates not so often, or just aspiring surgeon wants to practice.

At the same time very high prices suggests that clinic (surgeon) I want to get the maximum benefit of individual patients.

As it is, and the other is not good, and does not guarantee you a positive outcome and aesthetic satisfaction with the outcome of the operation.

A thoughtful approach to the question septoplasty – selecting the right clinic and an experienced doctor, reasonable prices is a critical component of success.