Prices for breast implants — compression, in Moscow, in Minsk, reduction, cost

On the basis of what is the cost

Breast implants in plastic surgery aimed at correction of Breasts.

There are the following varieties:

  • breast augmentation with implants;
  • reduction mammoplasty (breast reduction);
  • mastopexy (breast lift);
  • correction of breast asymmetry;
  • correction of nipples and areolas;
  • breast reconstruction with prostheses after surgery (mastectomy), etc.

The cost is determined by a combination of factors:

  • the volume of surgical intervention, variety and technique of operation;
  • used equipment;
  • the severity of the defect (the initial condition of the breast);
  • the cost of implants;
  • the «name» of the plastic surgeon, his qualifications;
  • the prestige of the medical center;
  • the territorial factor (what country and what city is it performed), etc.

Special attention should be paid to the experience and qualifications of the expert.

If the surgeon is not able to provide diplomas and certificates on awarding the relevant qualification or have no examples of the work done that you can see, you should not trust him with their health.

The higher the qualification, the more expensive cost of the performed operation. To save money in this case is impossible, since we are talking about health and even life of the patient.

Equally important is the status of the medical center. If the clinic has a good reputation, the operation will be costly.

These costs are quite justified, because the safety of the patient in such institutions to the fore. All services are provided at the highest level, and it will have to pay a lot.

When planning plastic surgery on the Breasts also need to consider the following factors:

  • the cost of anesthesia, which can exceed 10,000 rubles;
  • the cost of the extra medications that are prescribed after the surgery;
  • the cost of the dressing materials;
  • the duration of hospital stay and cost per day of inpatient treatment;
  • the cost of tests that can be included or not included in the base price mammoplasty;
  • the cost of compression underwear (some clinics offer to buy underwear from them).

Does it matter the type of operation

There are the following types of operations:

  • Augmentation (enlargement of the bust with implants)

This is the operation for breast enlargement, involves the use of special implants. There are other methods of breast enhancement, but this remains the most popular and effective.

  • Reduction

Surgery to reduce the size of the breast. Despite the fact that many women want to increase a bust by any means available, for some overly bulky Breasts cause discomfort, health problems and psychological complex. This is especially true for those who have cancer disproportionately large in comparison with the figure as a whole.

  • Reconstructive

An operation aimed at reconstruction (recovery) glands, including after a mastectomy, either total or partial resection of the breast.

Indications for reconstructive mammoplasty are:

  • the need to restore the glands after a mastectomy – removal of breast;
  • congenital underdevelopment of one of the glands, or severe congenital asymmetry (difference of two sizes and more);
  • replacement of the previously installed implant that has a limited shelf life;
  • absence of one or two glands.

In any of these cases shown breast reconstruction. It can be combined with other techniques.

  • Lipofilling

This technique involves breast enlargement through a unique system of processing fat and filling them glands.

Lipofilling allows her Breasts enlarged to any desired size.

For the operation is taken own fat of the patient, which is taken with special devices, minimally damaging the fatty tissue. Fat injected into the breast, the surgeon simulates the glands.

  • Endoscopic

This method involves a regular increase glands implants, but they are introduced with the help of endoscopic instruments.

Due to this minimizes the risk of postoperative complications and side effects. Bust after the correction as a whole looks better.

  • Correction of the areolas and nipples

Plastic areolas and nipples is for aesthetic indicators, i.e. if the woman does not like their appearance. The chest should look harmonious as a whole, so too much areola or nipple can significantly worsen the appearance of the bust.

Indications for surgical correction of nipple:

  • too big protruding nipples;
  • the asymmetry of the areolas, large areolas too;
  • pronounced indents nipples;
  • small areola and large nipples (asymmetry);
  • protruding glands with large puffy nipples (congenital defect).

A nipple reduction can be performed alone or in combination with other methods.

  • Mastopexy

Surgery for breast lift, aims to improve the shape and appearance of the sagging Breasts. Involves moving the nipples and areolas to a higher level as well as resize the areola for aesthetic purposes.

Lift is of several types:

  1. anchor;
  2. circumareolar;
  3. endoscopic, etc.

The cost of operation is obviously dependent on the methodology used, since each of them differs in complexity of carrying out and a set of materials used.

For example, a breast lift implants usually do not apply, therefore, the operation will be cheaper the cost.

If a combined operation is performed (for example, reduction with subsequent lifting), correction will cost several times more expensive.

Cost of breast augmentation increases, if together with the installation of implants requires correction of the localization, the size and shape of nipples and areolas.

The price is also influenced by the need of endoscopic instruments. In the presence of other equal factors of endoscopic magnification may be more expensive, but there are exceptions.

Prices reduction mammoplasty vary widely. The cost depends on the anatomical features of the breast, the presence of asymmetry, the degree of sagging, the need to change the nipples and areolas.

The method of correction (vertical access, a circumareolar or classic) also plays a role.

Even more difficult is determined by the cost of mastopexy, as the price depends not only on the applied methodology (circumareolar, vertical or anchor mastopexy), but also on the need for additional manipulations (simultaneous increase or decrease of bust).

The cost of braces without the increase depends on the complexity of the intervention, which is determined by the woman’s age, the degree of sagging, the condition of the soft tissues of the breast and anatomical features of the thorax.

It should be noted that lifting is very often carried out together with the correction of the areolas.

If obtaining the best result requires a decrease or increase of the glands, cost of braces increases in proportion to the volume and complexity of operations.

If a mastopexy is performed together with the increase of the value correction must be added the cost of the implants.

Video: the cost of the operation

What determines the cost of the implant

Implants should be made from quality material and tested by experts. Proven and well-established prostheses are more expensive.

Many women do not see the difference between expensive and cheap implants and become victims of fraud. There is a risk of rejection of the implant as a foreign body.

When choosing a clinic, be sure to check the price of the implants, as they may not be included in the total price.

The cost of an implant is influenced primarily by its variety. Is important not only material, but also form. Surgeons usually suggest round or anatomical prostheses.

As for material, most implants are made from magazinemore gel or hydrogel.

They «adapt» to the shape of the breast giving it a natural look. Implants of the hydrogel are more expensive.

The cost of correction is affected by the degree of fullness of prosthetic gel. If this figure is 100%, the implants will cost more. Cheaper implants with 90% fill.

Thus, the factors affecting the cost of implants, the following:

Characteristics of the implant

Impact on the price






Shell plating





The size (volume filler)



To 850



Silicone gel




Compare prices on breast surgery at the clinics of Moscow

Prices in Moscow clinics vary in a wide range. You can view them in the tables below.



Medical center

The cost in rubles

Arthroplasty through an incision under the glands



«Center for plastics»


«Dr. Levin»


Arthroplasty through an incision around the areola



«Delta Clinic»


«Dr. Levin»


Axillary access



«Best Hospitals»


«Estet Clinic»

To 600,000

The incision inside the navel

Multidisciplinary medical center «KB №185»


«Euro Clinic»

117,000 was

«Prima Clinics»


Secondary arthroplasty

«Triumph Palace»Clinics


«Art Plastic»



Medical center

The cost in rubles





«Time of beauty»




Medical center

The cost in rubles


«Institute of surgery»



Clinic inshakova



«Dr. Levin»


Correction of the areolas and nipples


Medical center

The cost in rubles

Correction of inverted nipples

Scandinavian health center


The reduction of the areolas and nipples

«Time of beauty»


Correction of protruding nipples

«Beauty Plaza»




Medical center

The cost in rubles

The use of artificial material

«Beauty Plaza»


The use of own tissues




«NMHC Pirogov»


Secondary operation


Medical center

The cost in rubles

Removal of implants

«NMHC Pirogov»


Replacement of implants



Removal of the gel



The treatment of contractures

«Real Clinic»


Regional pricing

The difference between the Moscow and regional prices in the range of 10000-20000 rubles and more, if you take the total amount. Some prefer to do the surgery abroad, what will be even more expensive.

The most expensive clinic in Switzerland, where breast will cost more than 10000$.

Alternatively, instead of Moscow, you can make a breast augmentation in Minsk – it will be released around the 20000000-30000000 Belarusian rubles (70000-100000 Russian rubles).

According to statistics, the capital is largely ahead of the periphery, including in matters of pricing. However, this does not mean that surgical correction of the chest in the city would be held bad.

The main thing – to find an experienced and qualified professional who can provide examples of your works and has positive reviews.

When choosing a surgeon it is best to rely on recommendations of friends. Nobody can guarantee that even in the Moscow clinic the surgery will be performed at the highest level.

Why is not worth saving

To save money on breast implants, with the exception of «loud» and popular name of the surgeon or interested in the money the medical center in any case impossible.

Anesthesia, high-quality implants, the expertise – all of which should be at the highest level and be well paid.

If the city clinic offers a «make» operation for less than 80000 rubles, it is very doubtful «pleasure».

The consequences in this case can be dire: you need to re-correction before complications and serious health problems.

Always high price — quality guarantee

The choice of the medical center and a plastic surgeon should be approached responsibly and efficiently. Not worth chasing low prices, but also to give preference unreasonably expensive clinics also should not be.

The latter is often inflate the cost due to the promoted brand and the name of the surgeon.

First of all, you need to focus on qualification and number of performed operations is on the chest.

The clinic must be licensed for the provision of medical services, and prices should not be grossly underestimated or overestimated.

Not to pay for a breast implants, it is necessary to know the quality and experience of the doctor, who will have an operation. On advertising do not pay attention, but know reviews can be very useful.

How much compression

The rehabilitation period after mammoplasty necessarily include wearing compression underwear. It is necessary to secure the chest, to prevent displacement of the implants and provide a high aesthetic result in the future.

The price of underwear depends on its type and purpose, material, and manufacturer.

In Russia the most popular companies such as:

  • Native
  • Valento,
  • Medi,
  • Beautiful Line.

On average, the cost of linen varies in the range of 2500-5000 rubles. For example, bra by Native will cost 3500 rubles.

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