Prices of hair transplantation

Graft is a patch of skin, which contains from 1 to 5 hair follicles. This is the plot, which take on the same area of skin (usually in the occipital region) and transplanted to those places where hair was lost.You can find also prices depending on the scope of the intervention (package): small, medium, large. The volume determines the number of transplanted follicles in the thousands.

Regardless of the extent of the problem of the formation of baldness is always possible to find optimal conditions. At the moment, to carry out the operation in the Russian Federation, and it is possible to visit one of the clinics abroad, which now offer an extended list of services to Russian speaking patients. You can restore hair on the frontal and parietal region of the scalp, eyebrows and eyelashes, beard and mustache.

The value of Moscow and other major Russian cities

By and large the cost of services in the capital and other cities of the Russian Federation in many respects comparable, if you compare similar size and technique of the operation.

How much is the graft

Transplantation method The cost of transplanting a single graft
patchwork method 50-70 rubles
transplantation of long hair 100 rubles
hair transplant FUE 80 rubles
transplantation of body hair 100 rubles

A number of clinics that introduced a differentiated value of transplantation of the graft, depending on the number of grafts: the more, the cost of each of them cheaper. The availability of additional services and medicines need to be clarified in each case. Often in the cost of operations do not include the payment of a hospital ward, where you will spend 2 to 6 days.

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Prices for the package

Name of service The price (Russian rubles)
the restoration of whiskers 50000
hair transplantation to the area of the beard 50000
restoration of eyelashes from 20000
restoration of eyebrows from 20000

In some cases, the clinic set a minimum price below which the transplantation will be unprofitable for the organization. For example, you may set the price for 1 graft, but the cost of the operation, during which at least 500 transplanted grafts will be permanent, regardless of the actual number of displaced hair follicles.

How to determine the number of grafts you need?

The main criterion for selection of the required number of grafts is the degree of baldness according to Norwood. If you are not familiar with the Norwood scale, your degree can be set in the following photo.

3 degree

4 degree

5 degree

6 degree

7 degree

In addition, we consider:

  • the density of hair in the intact areas where hair is not affected by the loss;
  • the thickness of each hair;
  • the color of the hair.

Therefore, the average number of grafts taking into account all these criteria will be the following:

  • Stage 3 – 1500-3000;
  • 4 degree – 1800-4000;
  • Stage 5 – 3500-5500;
  • 6 degree – 4500-9000;
  • 7 degree — 6000-10000.

Usually all the operations during which requires a transplant more than 3000 grafts, is performed in two stages. Re is typically performed a year after the first.

Visually identifying the degree of baldness and installing the required number, you can determine the cost of transplantation in the Russian and foreign clinic with a high degree of reliability. More than the exact amount you will be able to report only during a personal consultation.

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Services clinics hair transplant in Europe

The paid services provided by European clinics often differ from the same services in the Russian Federation quality of service, the best results of transplantation, higher status customers. Often have to pay more than in Russia, but there are a sufficient number of patients who believe that it’s worth it.

Among the countries that can be found in the reviews of those who have already had surgery, you can find Germany and Belgium (Brussels), and the United Kingdom. Preliminary consultation is held via Skype or email. Specify the volume of operation, cost, timing.

Name of service The cost
transplant one graft 1-3 euros
associated costs up to 2000 Euro

Under the related expenses should understand the medications that will be needed during the operation and during the recovery period, anesthesia, bandaging, medical examination after the surgery, the stay in the ward, consultations on Skype after discharge from hospital. Clients of clinics are responsible for the road.

Operations in Turkey and Georgia

The cost of operation and its volume can be found in several ways:

  • online consultation via Skype with a doctor;
  • by comparison the extent of baldness, available to the patient, and with varying degrees of baldness at the clinic site;
  • the administrator of the clinic site, which you can pre-send a few photos of the scalp are of good quality.
Transplant method Price for 1 graft (Euro)
patchwork method 1.5
hair transplant FUE 3.3
transplantation of long hair 3.3
transplantation of body hair 4


The transaction volume Price (Euro)
Small (3000 grafts) 2500
Large (4000 grafts) from 3000
Transplantation of eyebrows (eyelashes) from 2000
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Usually, no further payments required, as everything is already included in the cost of operation. Some clinics offer their clients a free meeting at the airport, transfer to the clinic, stay in a hotel or clinic, a multi-language support. During the recovery period allowed sightseeing and entertainment activities that the patient pays separately as desired. Flights paid by the patient.