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Acne in teenagers is not the worst aesthetic defect. Much worse its consequences in the form of acne. Why acne develops and how to deal with this problem, try to understand.

What it is

Acne is a consequence of acne, which manifests itself in the form of pigmentation and scarring on the site allowed elements. Dark spots and scars can have varying degrees of severity, depending on the nature and intensity of the inflammatory process.

Scar from acne is a connective tissue which has replaced normal skin and the goal of treatment is to stimulate regeneration of the epidermis, which soon occurs. To completely get rid of scars also is not always possible, so the skin smoothing and improvement in its structure – it is a good effect of therapy.

Scars on the face and body can be:

  • atrophic (sections sink tissue),
  • hypertrophic (raised scars over the skin),
  • keloid (red-blue scars that rise above the skin and beyond the boundaries of the damage).

The option of scars depends on individual reaction of the organism and the location of the damage. Atrophic scars are more frequent on the face and hypertrophic and keloid on his chest.


Blemishes and scars are formed not after every pimple and comedone, which means there are other reasons for their formation.

The scar is formed or not depends on the depth of the element: the deeper the inflammation, the more pronounced the scar.

Among other reasons, plays the role of improper skin care and lack of dermatological treatment.

The elements of acne can not push, because this will lead to the ingress of infection and dissemination of the contents of the pimple in the deeper layers of the skin.

Review of tools from acne

For home care there are special tools from the manufacturer from the professional cosmetic pharmaceutical drugs.

The drug is selected individually by a dermatologist cosmetologist.

Usually drugs from the acne are composed of fruit acid, which in higher concentrations are used for chemical peels.

Means of dermatocosmetic particularly popular are firms and Christina, Anna Lotan. But all these cosmetic products have a high price and not available to everyone.

From the pharmacy means that are suitable for the correction of scars and age spots you can use the following:

  • Salicylic acid is a popular and affordable means of pharmacy. You should handle solution region of scars and blemishes 1-2 times per day.
  • Hydrogen peroxide on assurances consumers can also help to align the skin after acne. It is recommended to make compresses twice a day to make the peroxide soaked cotton ball for 3-5 minutes.
  • Soap with birch tar has antibacterial properties and stimulates the regeneration of the epidermis. So put this oil if you have acne and in remission. Use coal-tar soap can, 1 times a day for 3-4 weeks.
  • Blue clay is a well-known pharmaceutical remedy for problem skin. Dissolve the powder with warm water until the consistency of thick cream, apply on face and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse with warm running water.
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Uncontrolled use of any of the above funds may only aggravate the situation.

Acid the abuse will make the skin sensitive and cause excessive dryness, antiseptic solutions may cause worsening of acne. Therefore, each step in the treatment is better to coordinate with a dermatologist.

From pharmacy to treatment acne gel offered Contractubex. It is effective only for fresh hypertrophic or keloid scars – those that protrude above the surface of the skin.

You can use this tool to atrophic scars or just smear all over your face, as you can cause side effects and allergic reactions that do not improve the skin condition.

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How to treat the disease

Treatment acne dermatologist does. To date, the best treatment is a combination of chemical peels and mesotherapy.

Chemical peels stimulate deep skin regeneration and mesotherapy (injections of vitamins and peptide complexes) nourishes the deep layers of the skin.

Cosmetic treatment for acne is an expensive and lengthy procedure. Complex peels with mesotherapy to be most effective. Compare this can only laser skin resurfacing fractional laser, which will cost much more expensive, and in case of incorrect execution can lead to disastrous results.

Other means of treating acne include:

  • ultrasonic peeling – a method of surface treatment of the skin, acting on the spot acne but not the scars;
  • microcurrent therapy, normalizing the sebaceous glands and more applicable in the treatment of acne, and not its consequences;
  • cryomassage of the face is an expensive and unpleasant procedure that allows to improve the structure of the skin and eliminate dark spots.
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Patients need to understand that the elimination of scars is a long process that can take months and years to come.

Do not despair, if not immediately observed effect only after 4 or more treatments may be noted the first results.

What to do with spots

Spots after the resolution of acne are often temporary and can take place without the use of any remedies.

And to speed up the lightening of the skin will help the peels and cosmetic face cleaning, lightening products for home care.

A good remedy for post-acne spots for home care must contain acid in small concentrations and vitamins, in particular ascorbic acid.

Tips beautician

The best way to get rid of pitted acne scars is to combine suitable home care and assistance to the dermatologist.

To prevent the development of acne need to follow the rules of skin care:

  • use a good drugstore cleanser, preferably out of the line of dermatocosmetic with Sebo-regulating effect;
  • to treat large inflamed (pustules, nodes) antibacterial or antiseptic (Fusiderm, Matt and others);
  • and tested to find the cause of acne, otherwise to get rid of acne and prevent the appearance of its effects will not work;
  • once in 1-3 months to visit a cosmetologist for cleaning the face – cleansing the skin of comedones and sebum-helps reduce the appearance of acne and post-acne.

Homemade recipes

To help cope with spots and pitted acne scars traditional medicine.

Whitening lotion

In a dark glass bottle, connect the 1 teaspoon oil of rose, olive and peach stones, add a few drops of essential oil of tea tree and lavender. Treat the face several times a day this lotion, but when you first use be sure to follow the reaction – whether of irritation.

To enhance the effect of the lotion, you can add the lemon juice, oil of cypress or juniper.

This will improve the bleaching performance, but will increase the risk of Allergy development. So if you have allergies, do not mix in one bottle more than three components.

Herbal solutions

The simplest way to prepare is alcohol solution St. John’s wort. For its preparation should be mix 250 ml of alcohol and 2 teaspoons St. John’s wort. The solution should infuse in a dark place for 2 weeks. Use on scars and spots 1 per day.

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For the treatment of acne and its consequences you can prepare a solution of antibiotic. 2 tablespoons calendula flowers, pour 1 liter of boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes. During this time you should grind into powder 6 aspirin tablets and 6 tablets of chloramphenicol.

After 30 minutes, drain the resulting infusion of calendula and add 30 ml of alcohol and powdered tablets. To use the tool for local treatment of pimples or traces of them.


Mechanical exfoliation can be done using regular soda:

  • For this it is necessary to moisten a teaspoon of powder with water and circular movements applied to the skin.
  • To massage the face should be a few minutes, then rinse the baking soda with warm water and apply moisturizer.
  • It is important that any scrub you can’t use more than 1 time in 3 days.

More complex composition – a sea salt scrub with sour cream:

  1. To do this, grind 2 teaspoons of sea salt in a blender and adding equal proportions of low-fat sour cream.
  2. Apply the scrub in circular motions for a few minutes to massage the skin and leave tool for 10-15 minutes.
  3. After rinse with warm water and moisturize the skin.

Acne is particularly prevalent today, but low awareness of the population about what is a disease and needs to be treated, leading to neglected and complicated cases of acne. With timely treatment to a specialist is quite possible to get rid of acne.

But if you missed the boat and already have scars, then contact the dermatology and cosmetology, who will pick up a quality salon treatment and home care.

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