Products for breast enlargement — food, which contribute to eat

Every woman dreams about sexual forms of the hips and chest. But nature unfortunately, not everyone gives the desired bust size.

In this regard women:

  • have decided breast augmentation;
  • someone engaged in vigorous physical exercises that would give her more volume and lovely shape;
  • someone goes on a special diet.

This raises the question whether there are foods for breast enlargement?

It is necessary to provide and perform maximum information about this subject to get a competent and accurate answer to the question.

Myth or reality

Currently, it has been proven that breast size is determined by the level in the body of this hormone as estrogen.

It depends on the attractiveness of the female figure. When a woman is a shortage of this hormone, it becomes flat in all places where there should be a certain rounded shape.

Accordingly, if the body receives the necessary amount of estrogen, the female Breasts will increase in size and volume.

The important point is that estrogen is produced in women’s ovaries, and the receipt of this hormone from the outside is only an artificial replacement of the lack of native.

To Supplement the missing amount of estrogen in two ways:

  • the use of hormone therapy (pills, Supplements);
  • eating foods containing plant estrogen («phytoestrogens»).

The first way is with a lot of contraindications and side effects, therefore, such methods fit very carefully, and used only in special cases strictly prescribed by the doctor.

As for the second, it is the most safe and healthy way to increase essential hormone.

Including in the diet foods that contain estrogen, You will be able to increase its levels in your body, which subsequently will lead to a certain result, namely breast augmentation.

But do not amuse themselves in advance stunning results. Getting certain products by direct action on the growth of mammary glands, they still do not have.


Many common food items used almost daily, contain similar to human estrogen, phytoestrogens.

Entering the body with food, the latter are easily digested, can replace and eliminate the deficit of its own hormone.

Main product groups that contain phytoestrogens:

  • legumes – beans, peas, different kinds of beans, lentils;
  • foods that contain soy are soy flour, cheese, yogurts, butter, tofu, etc.;
  • vegetables – tomatoes, pumpkin, eggplant, broccoli and cauliflower;
  • fruits and dried fruits – dried apricots, figs, peaches, red grapes, raspberries, strawberries;
  • some seeds – flax, sesame, pumpkin seeds and sunflower, rice, barley, wheat, oats;
  • spices – cloves, oregano, thyme, ginger;
  • herbs – mint, clover, fennel;
  • products of animal origin – meat, fish, milk, cheese, cheese, butter, lard.

From the above list clearly shows that products containing plant estrogen pretty enough, and many of them we use every day.

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But at the same time, not all have the desired breast size.

It should be noted that many of the above products that are the source of additional extraction of phytoestrogen, are not able to influence the change of the volume of the breast in a big way.

And excessive use of some can cause significant harm to Your health.


Regarding the yeast, it should be noted that here we are talking mainly only on brewer’s yeast, which are used in the manufacture of beer.

Thanks to the beer, it is believed that by drinking it in large quantities, many men begin to take on female breast forms and hips, therefore, it should promote the growth of mammary glands and women.

But the yeast in this case does not play any role.

Beer can:

  • firstly, lead to weight gain, this gain extra fat everywhere, including in the bust, since beer is a highly nutritious product that can improve metabolism and appetite.
  • second, the real change in breast forms, in the direction of its increase, in this case affect not yeast, and hops, with a high content of the same phytoestrogen. And yeast is nothing like an ordinary mushroom, and bust size have nothing to do.

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What foods need to eat for breast enlargement

It can be argued that many products basically may not directly affect breast growth.

But they can indirectly affect the desired process, namely, to cause the production of estrogen in the female body, which in turn is crucial in this matter.

In addition, many of the products containing a phytoestrogen that is useful for overall health improvement, which also is important in achieving desired breast forms.

Most important thing is not to abuse some of them, and approach properly to your diet.

The most favorable food for breast enlargement, which carry maximum benefit in this matter, if properly used.

Legumes and soybeans

These products in many respects, but rather due to the large quantity they contain phytoestrogens that may affect breast growth.

Include in your diet:

  • porridge made from peas and lentils;
  • soups with beans and peas in the same;
  • various kinds of salads where the main ingredients will serve legumes and healthy oils (olive, Flaxseed).

Also do not forget about soy, which carries the missing hormone.

Better to use it in its normal form and not in the containing products since they all are now GMO, so harm can be more than good.

But do not forget that this category is very difficult for the digestive system and its calorie content is also high.

Do not abuse daily, legumes, otherwise, can easily gain extra volumes in all areas, not just where it’s needed.


Famous for its use of oatmeal contributes to breast growth. You can eat every day for Breakfast using as an additional source of energy. This is the most harmless and highly effective product.

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For breast great products are cereals such as rice, maize and wheat.

Making a daily menu for a week, where Breakfast will be a variety of porridge made from these grains, You:

  1. ensure a good digestion;
  2. put in order your diet;
  3. enrich the body with extra estrogen.

All this will positively affect the shape of Your body as a whole.

An important point in the preparation of grains is to cook them you need to save use strictly from grains and not from a semi-processed cereal.

Vegetables and fruits

This category will always be useful to any human body. That vegetables and fruits are restore and establish the work of many systems.

They have a direct impact on the development of female ovaries the much needed estrogen.

Enriching your daily diet with vegetables and fruits, with emphasis on some types, You will notice a welcome change in Your bust.

In summer season try to eat more:

  • peaches;
  • apricots;
  • strawberries;
  • strawberries;
  • raspberry;
  • cherry.

Very nice and dried fruits: dried apricots, dates.

They are good antioxidants that help cleanse and heal the tissues and the organism as a whole.

Vegetables – a rich source of fiber. Increase your consumption of fresh tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers.

Excellent sources of phytoestrogens are:

  1. pumpkin;
  2. eggplant;
  3. potatoes;
  4. beet.

Healthy fats

Because adipose tissue in the mammary glands determines the overall breast size, it is very favourable to its increase there are some foods that contain fats.

The latter in turn can give and add desired amount.

The list of foods enriched with healthy fats:

  • fat;
  • bananas;
  • walnuts,
  • honey;
  • olives;
  • seeds of flax, sesame, sunflower seeds;
  • fish;
  • dairy products.

All this is accessible and easy to use daily food.

The main thing to know and measure portions, so as not to lead to desired weight gain, which will be hard to remove from the abdomen, thighs and arms.

It is in these places fatty tissue is deposited more and faster than in the chest.

That does not help

Despite the enormous number of recommendations and tips about certain foods for breast enlargement will help You to acquire a bust a couple of sizes bigger, it is a big misconception.

All the products that can indirectly affect the breast, providing a General stimulating effect on certain processes in the female body.

Some very famous and popular products, even if they are enriched with phytoestrogens, absolutely does not depend on the volume and size of the breast.

Among these are:

  • cabbage – the main representative of the myths about foods that can increase breast at times;
  • non-carbonated mineral water – it is only able to normalize the bowel and improve metabolism;
  • easily digestible carbohydrates (bread, pastries, sweets) and high fat diet is doing more harm than good.
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What experiments generally banned

Some of the products not only are completely useless in the growth and breast growth, but still able to carry significant harm to the overall health.

Certain points must simply be deleted and in no case not to experiment on himself, in spite of any advice.

Among these are:

  • the use of various ointments, rubbing and lotions, prepared on the basis of national recipes;
  • the abuse of beer, hoping to produce the desired volume;
  • the use of various yeast species;
  • eating raw dough;
  • excessive intake of all phytoestrogens.

Do not use folk remedies as a method of breast growth.

Many prepare various poultices, lotions, creams, apply the leaves of various plants, etc.

This can be very dangerous – at least allergic reactions and burns, as well as the maximum development of dangerous diseases, such as breast cancer.

Beer can cause the development of female alcoholism. It has a negative impact on the health of Your liver, one of the main filters of the blood.

With beer, You will quickly acquire the volumes in the waist and hips, if where you expect.

Yeast and uncooked dough – it is a strong blow to the digestive system. Run the risk of becoming a hostage of diarrhea, constipation, bloating, dysbiosis.

When consumed a big damage to the intestines and inherent microflora, which then requires a long recovery.

In any case it is impossible to use an excessive amount of certain foods such as bean is a very heavy product.

Any abuse seemingly harmless foods can lead to unpredictable consequences – allergies, indigestion, hormonal failure, violation of the chair, insomnia, etc.

After analyzing all aspects, we can conclude that products for breast enlargement have an indirect positive effect.

Basically, they contribute to the normalization and restoration of the void process in the production of estrogen in the female body, which is the crucial growth hormone and mammary gland development.

For breast augmentation to the desired volume needed for a comprehensive approach.

It should include correct diet, with a reasonable slope on the above presented groups of products, additional physical exercise, maintaining a healthy lifestyle.