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Advertising – the engine of progress. And advertised means of cellulite today a great many. Pretty tubes and jars that promise quick and lasting effect of wanting to get rid of «orange peel forever: these incentives are enough to ensure that we raced in the cosmetic boutiques in miraculous means.

But how to understand the abundance that we offer manufacturers and commercials? And so I want to find the right tool that will deliver, tighten, rejuvenate and refresh…

That should be a part

Buying creams, lotions or gels, you need to pay attention neither on the price nor on the manufacturer and composition:

  • Reduces the amount of body fat caffeine, theophylline, theobromine, extracts of horse chestnut, Ginkgo biloba, an extract from seeds of green grapes, rutin, ivy extract, seaweed (kelp and fucus).
  • Conducts drainage, removing excess fluid from tissues extracts of horsetail, avocado, Ginkgo biloba.
  • Improves the condition and elasticity of the skin, strengthening blood vessels and improving microcirculation extracts of horse chestnut, Ginkgo biloba, ivy, Centella asiatica, menthol.
  • Leads to normal lymphatic flow extracts, coffee, cocoa, guarana, Cola, tea, peppermint, artichoke leaf, fennel root, black currant.

You need to know! All ingredients are of vegetable origin. They are perfectly cope with the problem without the use of artificial chemical additives. Many of them affect different skin problems, ie, they have complex effects.

On the bottle you purchase first components will be the substance which in the composition the most, and then – in descending order. But the squad needs to be substances with different actions affecting the processes that lead to cellulite.

In cosmetics contain active components that directly affect the problem, and additional which enhance the metabolism in tissues or nourish the skin (e.g., oils, vitamins and minerals).

The most effective major substances in high concentrations is considered caffeine of green tea, ivy and wild chestnut, hazelnut oil, aminophylline. Store remedies in a cool place and use as quickly as possible. Do not wait until nearer the time of the expiry date.

What to look for when choosing

To deal with «bumpy skin» is produced in mass production:

  • Scrubs and peels are designed: it is intended to remove the top, dead layer of skin, preparing it for the application of other means.
  • Creams, lotions and gels: they are used based on the instructions on the package. The cream is an oil emulsion and water. Most preferred for dry skin. The gel is water and alcohol which dries and preserves components. It is more lightweight and suitable for oily skin.
  • Mask wraps, oil, and additional tools intended for problem skin.

Attention! Getting a scrub, a cream or lotion, a mask for the wrap, take a look at the brand. First, it must be a well-known manufacturer, and secondly by all means should be one line. If something confuses you, ask for help from a counselor.

Look at the packaging: how many times a day you need to use the funds. Usually they are applied twice. In this case, it is better to use day and night cream from the same series. You should pay attention to the duration of the course, which allows you to see the result. Sometimes referred to and repeated of course, but this question is better to ask the doctor-cosmetician.

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Any cream meets certain requirements:

  1. The active component should be designed for storage at room temperature.
  2. To have good penetrating power, passing through a thick layer of the skin.
  3. To remain in the affected tissues as long as possible.
  4. The composition should not cause irritation or cause the skin toxic effect.

The cream can be not only useful but also have additional effects: sequins and bronzer to the problem was not as noticeable if you have purchased an outdoor outfit; substances that are struggling with stretch marks, essential oils and other components.

Selected «wisely» means, of course, will help you, if you show perseverance and regularity. But advanced forms of cellulite to treat difficult, time consuming and not always brings the desired result.

The principle of operation

Cellulite is more typical for women that laid down by mother nature. A thicker subcutaneous fat layer in the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, its ability to easily stretch out, making the cellulite is a common cosmetic defect.

Fat cells increase in size, breaking the course of metabolic processes. The movement of blood through the vessels is deteriorating, becoming less elastic collagen and elastin fibers that give the skin elasticity. Appearance of cellulite will not disappear suddenly, if you do not take measures to restore the structure of skin.

Modern cosmetics and medicines will help to reduce the number of fat cells, strengthen blood flow, increase elasticity of the skin. It is very important that most of them have a natural and vegetable origin and, therefore, will not affect the condition.

You have to remember that cellulite remedy:

  • not designed for rapid results: time of use should be at least two weeks, and then possible follow up or preventive courses because fat cells can «come back»;
  • provides a comprehensive treatment: nutrition, massage, active lifestyle, physical exercise according to the principle «will be muscle tissue – will go fat»;
  • is not universal for any person: i.e. if the tool helped you, this does not mean that it will help your friend. Someone suitable one product line, and someone – another.

You need to know! Anti-cellulite products is not a panacea, but rather prevention. They do not cure, but to moisturize, nourish and improve skin structure. It is important that the tool is well applied and it was nice you smell and structure.

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Overview of professional cosmetics cellulite

Professional cosmetic cellulite contains all the necessary components to deal with it. Our goal is to use such means.

In the ranking of 2016 won gels, serums and creams with which we are acquainted:

  • ROC Anti-Cellulite Intensve: an intensive treatment because it contains in its composition pure retinol and Forskolin, which is 50 times more active than caffeine. This cream-gel is good shapes the figure. Should be used morning and evening. After 8 weeks, the hip is reduced in size.
  • Ichy, Cellu Metric Cure: helps against persistent cellulite. Use without a break for 2 weeks 2 times a day. The packaging consists of 28 sachets: 14 contains a day serum with caffeine and manganese, other 14 packages filled night gel with caffeine and routine. Day tool smoothes, while the night reduces the volume.
  • L’oreal Perfect Slim Lifting Pro: it is interesting the fact that the tube of serum is a massager. Simultaneously with the drawing tools, you can create a draining effect, acting intensively on problem areas. At the same time, caffeine and elastin consume fatty tissue, restoring skin elasticity. The effect is seen after 4 weeks of application.
  • Chanel Body Excellence Slim: green gel with a pleasant texture will remove fat and will help cellulite. It is well absorbed. 4 weeks reduces the volume of problem areas at 2 cm when applied twice a day. The skin is tightened and smoothed.
  • Yves Rocher, Ventre Plat: struggling with wrinkles and cellulite in the abdominal area. The main component in the green coffee. Its effect is 3 times higher than the effects of caffeine. With this component, the stomach can be tightened for a month, removing creases and increased elasticity.
  • Biotherm, Celluli Laser Intensive Night intensive night cream that works while you sleep, because at night fat. Mineral salts remove excess fluid, caffeine tones and botanicals do not give sugar to turn into fat. The cream is easily absorbed and tightens the skin, giving it a flickering effect.
  • Dove Perfect Curves: the firming serum with a triple action complex: improves elasticity, models the body, reduces the visible appearance of cellulite after 30 days. Pleasure – a feeling of coolness and freshness.

Attention! No matter how good and quality was not a means, it must be suitable for you. Its use is, and pleasant, and tangible benefit.

Where to buy

Of course, not in the underpass or on the market. Can not buy «with hands», even if the means of praise, and tell of his stunning effect. Sometimes sell bottles without labels, claiming that it’s new, a newly developed tool.

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You will only professional cosmetics from cellulite, which you can buy in a beauty salon or pharmacy. Select one series, it is not necessary to use a scrub one firm, gel – another, and the mask third. What you get the effect in this case is difficult to predict.

Read the label. You may have read, what resources should be composed, and in what sequence stand in the list. Seek the advice of a consultant. The only way to get really effective.

Attention! Be vigilant and don’t go on about from friends or experts of alternative medicine. If you are going to acquire the means of any company, then first read the reviews about it.

Expert advice and the danger of self-medication

Tips for life:

  1. Body weight should be stable. Don’t drop weight too dramatically (not more than 3kg in a month).
  2. In the diet reduce muffins, sweets and fats. Reduce consumption of salted and smoked products. Add in the diet of bran and unrefined vegetable oil. Useful to use herbs and roots as antioxidants. Drinking water should be clean.
  3. Movement is our life. No time for gym, Jogging will help and even a quick Hiking.
  4. Shoes with heels and tight clothes remove from your wardrobe.
  5. Beer with vodka and sweet liqueurs replace it with a good wine, and instead of expensive cigarettes spend the money on a gym.
  6. The poor performance of the intestine and stagnation of bile will help in the development of cellulite. Eat laxatives and fiber, if the bowels are not functioning well.
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You can try to ingest essential oils of orange, Mandarin or lemon (2-3 drops in your tea or a spoonful of honey). But in this case, if you are not allergic to essential oils. You can drink cleansing teas, recipes are a great many.

It is important! In parallel with the use of scrubs, creams or gels, take baths with essential oils, wrap, escort massage, once a week visit a bath or sauna, do a set of exercises for problem areas, but without fanaticism.

If you have any questions on the procedures, it is better to get information «first hand»: refer to the masseur, beautician or physiotherapist.

And in any case not self-medicate. It can be dangerous to your health. Modern cosmetology and medicine offers a modern and proven tools, new techniques, gymnastic exercises. So why not take advantage of the drugs that are tested and proven, and not invented by you or your friend (roommate)?

Any woman always strives for perfection. Changing your appearance for the better, sometimes takes the risk of spending large sums of money are drawn to different specialists. Finding on the surface of their perfect body «orange peel», begins the real «military action.» But that «battle» took place without loss, you need to use modern means of well-established firms.

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