Professional wraps cellulite at home

The problem of cellulite today are familiar to many women. To combat it, you can apply different techniques and one of the most effective among them is considered the wrap. It can be used not only in the fastest line to eliminate subcutaneous fat, but also greatly improve the overall condition of the epidermis on different body parts.

What is

Wrap is a cosmetic procedure which provides for the creation of the heat combination on the problem areas of the skin. Today it is a complex of obligatory actions for weight loss and is in line with the massage, diet and sports loads, not because it has a less pronounced effect.


A common technique of wrapping the same. Can only vary the temperature regimes of procedure.

Thus, we distinguish the following types of wraps:

  1. Hot professional cellulite body wraps are aimed at the heating of subcutaneous fat and blood vessels, allowing nutrients to better penetrate and easier to digest. It is hot method wraps is considered one of the most effective. It has a strong effect for weight loss.
  2. The cold wraps aim to vasoconstriction. It is important to remember that a sharp cooling of the body which can impair blood flow, so it’s use is allowed only in small local areas where there is cellulite.
  3. With the use of contrasting temperatures involves applying hot and cold compresses alternately. It promotes the conversion of vessels and of the skin tone.

In addition, there are also another kind of wraps. It is called isothermal and provides the heated areas of the human body to its optimal temperature and performance of wraps. It helps to enhance the penetration of beneficial ingredients into the skin.

The pros and cons

Professional wraps cellulite at home or in the salon have the following advantages of its implementation:

  1. The ability to permanently get rid of cellulite deposits, which not only spoils the figure of a man but also causes inflammation in the skin (as you know, cellulite is always inflammation of the subcutaneous layers).
  2. A significant improvement in the overall appearance of the skin and saturate it with useful substances, which is often used in different techniques of body wraps.
  3. Eliminate ugly bumps on the epidermis of the skin.
  4. Deep regeneration and hydration of the epidermis at the cellular level.
  5. Elimination of edema and improvement of body flexibility. This, in turn, favorably affects the General state of man, improves his mood and improves overall mental and emotional background.
  6. The skin giving firmness and eliminating sagging.
  7. The total correction in the desired problem areas. Thanks to the wrap to improve skin condition and eliminate body fat exactly where you need it. Through diet or sports it is difficult to achieve, because they operate in a complex on the entire body.
  8. Elimination of traces of stretch marks on the skin.
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Cons of body wraps cellulite include:

  1. The presence of numerous contraindications, due to which not everyone will be able to perform this procedure.
  2. The risk of development of complications failure to follow correct techniques of body wraps.
  3. Some people will not be able to perform their own wraps in the home because of excess weight.
  4. The risk of absence of positive dynamics even after a series of body wraps. This can happen, for example, if the cause of cellulite have become hormonal changes. In this condition to get rid of the fat accumulations will be very difficult. Not all diets will be able to help.

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The main contraindications to the practice of body wraps cellulite are:

  1. The pregnancy women. In this case, the expectant mother is extremely undesirable any extraneous interference that may cause deterioration in her condition. That is why during the entire period of carrying a child the doctors advise to wraps.
  2. The presence of acute diseases of the skin, which can progress. Those to treat dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema. Until a complete cure similar pathological conditions to carry out the wrapping and all other procedures for weight loss is strictly prohibited.
  3. The presence of open wounds on the skin that appeared after the recent surgery. In this condition, you should not practice wrap not to accidentally drop his wound. Moreover, after any operation of the human immune system is very weak, which is also a valid reason for the delay of this cosmetic procedure.
  4. The problem of varicose veins and blood clots is a serious condition, the violation of which can greatly aggravate the disease in humans.
  5. Oncologic pathology. In this state, every foreign intervention and the effects on the body can greatly aggravate the course of the disease. That is why any cosmetic procedures while categorically contraindicated.
  6. The age of eighteen. Wrap should take to eliminate cellulite in children.

Additional contraindications to this procedure are:

  1. Severe kidney disease (chronic renal failure, pyelonephritis, etc.).
  2. Acute or chronic heart disease.
  3. Period after recently suffering a heart attack or stroke.
  4. Older age of the patient.
  5. A hypertensive crisis.
  6. Acute pathology of the digestive system.
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So as not to cause degraded in their state to practice wrapping at least one of the above contraindications is highly undesirable.

What tools are used

To conduct anti-cellulite body wraps are usually applied the following cosmetic products:

  1. Sea salt is a classic ingredient that is beneficial to the skin. It is simple to use and very effective.
  2. Anti-cellulite cream to help eliminate subcutaneous fat. They can be of different brands and consistencies, but their action is basically the same.
  3. Essential oils are components that enrich the skin with valuable nutrients and vitamins. This can be olive, almond, peach, linseed and other oils.
  4. Algae is a relatively new component that has a positive effect on the process of weight loss.
  5. Clay. It can be blue or white. This is a very useful component, which has a strong rejuvenating, nourishing and toning effect. With it you can quickly restore the good condition of the epidermis.

It should be noted that when well-chosen accessory ingredients, wrap will bring really noticeable results which will be noticeable when performing multiple procedures.

How to conduct professional wraps cellulite

Professional body wrap cellulite be conducted thus:

  1. Carry out the procedure should be no earlier than a couple of hours after the meal.
  2. Before the procedure it is recommended to visit the sauna or Jacuzzi.
  3. During the body wrap in the salon, a person definitely will make peeling the skin to improve the penetration of nutrients.

  4. After that those areas of the body where there is cellulite, applied a lotion, and a cosmetic compound, which may consist of oils, clay, algae and other components.
  5. In the classic version of the wrap comes from shins to belly. In severe obese person also swaddled arms, shoulders and buttocks.
  6. After the film was fixed on the body, it is covered with heat-resistant blanket that will maintain the desired temperature and to keep a person warm.
  7. After that, the client should lie down for hours, trying not to move.
  8. After this time, all film is carefully removed. The remnants of the mask are eliminated.

In order to achieve effective visible results, cosmetologists are advised to hold at least ten sessions of body wraps. The only way to get rid of cellulite deposits.

Due to the fact that the person during the procedure loses a lot of fluid, he should be given warm tea and water to avoid dehydration.

It is important to know that you cannot apply for wraps on the bikini area, under the knees and armpit area.

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You can make the same at home

If cellulite is not much running, you body wraps you can do at home. To do this, apply the same technique and components as the classic salon wraps.

Before the first time to hold the event at home, it is recommended to consult a beautician and understand the General principle of the procedure.

What to do after the procedure

After completion of the wraps of the person recommended to do the following:

  1. To remove any residual component to wrap in the shower.
  2. Apply to dry skin anti-cellulite cream or oil. Massage movements RUB it on the skin.
  3. Cover with a warm woolen blanket. It will improve blood circulation and promote more rapid fat burning.
  4. Drink tea with lemon or camomile, being warm.

Useful tips

To the wrapping procedure was successful and brought the expected results, you should follow these tips cosmetologists:

  1. Before each procedure wraps be sure to pre-heat the skin. It will improve blood circulation and promote rapid weight loss.
  2. More effective this cosmetic event will be the case if, in addition the person will comply with diet and exercise. Complex load on the body can not keep itself waiting long, and after only a few weeks will bring the desired results weight loss.
  3. Before you begin to wrap on itself, it is recommended to consult a doctor for contraindications.
  4. If, during the procedure, the patient felt pain, burning or other unpleasant symptoms, you should immediately complete the wrap. More likely is an allergic reaction to one of the components that were used for the procedure.
  5. The wrap requires a long execution. The only way to achieve noticeable results. Occasional procedures will have no effect.

To date, the wrapping procedure is becoming more popular. Despite that, to truly eliminate the cellulite with it, you need to follow all of the recommendations of the beauticians.

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