PRP for hair , PRP, the scalp – indications, how works, price, photos before and after

How it works

PRP is often used in trichology to stimulate the growth of hair and prevention of hair loss. Hair loss treatment gives immediate results which are visible after the first session.

To help improve the quality of the hair shaft, which subsequently leads to the return of natural Shine, thickness, elasticity and termination section.

It is based on processing the patient’s blood through a special tube and the latest way of tsentrifugirovanija. During the procedure, is pulled from the blood platelet autoplasma, which is subsequently used as a venue for PRP.

Platelet autoplasma contains growth factors in high concentrations, as well as hormones, vitamins and all the essential proteins. It hinders the process of dying hair follicles and switch phase loss on phase of growth. In the end, increases the skin’s immunity and cellular metabolism.

The essence of the procedure

  1. In the beginning, there is a preparatory stage during which the patient donates blood for tests. Should be eliminated all infectious diseases and Allergy to anticoagulants.
  2. What follows is a collection of blood (a small amount) in a special test tube, which does not allow it to coagulate.
  3. She is placed in a special centrifuge, where it is subsequently split (for injection need plasma, rich in platelets).
  4. Dedicated autoplasma injected subcutaneously injected. Before the procedure is frequently used analgesics.
  5. The session lasts from forty minutes to one hour.

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Indications and contraindications

The indications can be attributed to the following factors:

  • the presence of dandruff;
  • split ends and damaged hair;
  • hair loss;
  • rare hair.

As a effect, you can expect the following:

  • reduction of hair loss;
  • normalization of the sebaceous glands;
  • strengthening the follicle;
  • elimination of itching and dandruff;
  • an increase in the density;
  • return to hair elasticity, Shine.

Contraindications include the following factors:

  • allergic to anticoagulants;
  • the presence of infectious diseases;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • menstrual cycle;
  • lactation and pregnancy;
  • the presence of hematomas;
  • tumor;
  • autoimmune diseases.

Recommendation «before» and «after» treatments

  1. The procedure is best done on an empty stomach. Two days before its beginning it is advisable to consume as much liquid as possible.
  2. A few days before the PRP from the diet is better to exclude alcohol and fatty foods.
  3. After the procedure it is necessary to avoid exposure to sunlight.
  4. The first two or three days, you should avoid shampooing.
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Complications and side effects

Complications after the procedure highly unlikely, but still possible for several reasons:

  1. Incorrectly performed (a little experience and low qualification of the doctor, poor equipment, etc.).
  2. Allergies anticoagulants (they are in vitro, where the patient’s blood to prevent its coagulation).
  3. Check the body for the presence of infectious and viral diseases. In a good clinic with highly qualified staff you will definitely be asked to undergo a preparatory stage before the procedure, during which you will have to pass all the necessary tests.

Possible side effects:

  1. The appearance of small bruises at the injection site.
  2. Rash in area of injection.
  3. Redness in area of injection.
  4. The appearance of haematomas (large bruises).


  1. Necessary correction of hormonal status of the patient, because it is frequently revealed androgennami.
  2. In severe cases should resort to the system SOFT, which provides a break between sessions in one month.
  3. Plazmolifting hair effective more than 70% of cases.
  4. Pain small, often more pronounced in areas of high skin atrophy.
  5. Reduction of pain is achieved by the high quality of the used needles and the frequency shift. Conventional methods, local anesthesia in this case is ineffective.

Analogues procedure

  1. Mesotherapy for hair. It is based on the introduction of injections of special preparations under the skin, which are compiled individually for each person. Ultimately, hair growth is improved, the structure is strengthened, the dandruff disappears, the sebaceous secretions decrease. This method has a long effect, which helps to cope with baldness and the appearance of gray hair.
  2. Method ACR (autologous cellular rejuvenation) is to obtain autoplasma and outages enriched with thrombin. This method of regenerative medicine provides a reduction in hair loss and improvements in their condition.
  3. Injection beauty Fiberstick. It consists in the injection under the skin, which subsequently molecules completely fill the structure of damaged hair, restoring its outer beauty, Shine and elasticity. This procedure is perfect for those who frequently use irons or perms. Also Fiberstick is recommended prior to painting to maximize the long-term effect.
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  1. «Natural treatments». The plazmolifting is only the blood of the patient.
  2. On the basis of the first paragraph, you can conclude complete safety of the procedure. In this case, the risk of catching such a dreadful disease as, say, hepatitis is reduced to zero. Moreover, isolated from the blood, autologous conditioned plasma is not in contact neither with the physician nor with the environment.
  3. There is no risk to «Wake up» dormant until the virus. As in the form of injection the patient is his own blood, would be possible that the virus aktiviziruyutsya in the new environment, but is completely eliminated, as the procedure is performed a complete and thorough examination of the body. Not be carried out if the identified viral or infectious diseases.
  4. Eliminated allergic reactions.

The cost of the procedure

Price PRP for hair varies depending on the clinic. Incidentally, it is worth Recalling that it is better to apply only tested and proven companies. The average cost of one procedure is around six thousand, but in some cases may reach twenty thousand.

Procedure The cost
Scalp from 4500 -8000 rubles

Photos «before» and «after» plazmolifting hair

Frequently asked questions

Do PRP, stem cells and whether they can awaken the cancer cells?

No, the procedure uses only the patient’s blood from which the plasma rich in platelets.

Has there been clinical trials of the procedure?

Yes, indeed, clinical studies have been conducted for more than eight years. To date, they still continue in some areas of medicine.

Can you get any disease by her conduct?

No, it is possible, because blood does not contact any one person, including the doctor. All materials used are sterile and disposable. After use, they utilizada.

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Whether the effect is noticeable after the first procedure?

40-50%, however, there are cases when the desired effect is required to wait a bit.

How often to repeat treatment?

In order to achieved score was assigned, the course are held twice a year.

How long is the effect of the PRP, the scalp?

The effect lasts for up to two years.

Can the course, held twice a year, Deplete the body?

No, it is possible, as for PRP, it requires only a few milliliters of blood. Such a fence does not hurt the body and are not able to hurt him.

How many procedures is the treatment course?

The course consists of four treatments with an interval of one to two weeks.

Do I always need pain relief?

No, not always. It all depends on the pain threshold of the patient and his sensitivity.

How soon after the procedure, the hair will start to grow?

After the first treatment there was a marked reduction of hair loss. Visible results will be seen six months later.