Purse-string wrinkles above the upper lip, correction how to get around

The front part is the most susceptible to the appearance of expression lines and deep age-related wrinkles. In this case, each of the folds may occur for its own reasons. Consider in more detail all that relates to the purse-string wrinkles and methods for their elimination.

What it is

Purse-string wrinkles represent age-related wrinkles that occur above the upper lip of a person due to the loss of skin elasticity and aging of the tissues in the mouth area.

From a young age the muscles of the mouth of a man are in good shape that does not form such wrinkles, however, around forty years of age, the epidermis begins to rapidly lose collagen and elastin, so the man can occur, drooping of the lips, the formation of nasolabial folds and the so-called purse-string wrinkles.

It is important to note that this type of folds in different people can manifest with different intensities.

This is largely dependent on:

  • individual peculiarities of facial expressions of man,
  • bad habits
  • care skin care face.

Thus, when some people are purse-string wrinkles are quite pronounced, in others they did not noticeable.

Causes of

The main reason for the formation of purse-string wrinkles in the lip area is a constant load on the circular muscle of the mouth.

This is justified because these muscle fibers are almost all the time tense:

  1. when eating,
  2. the conversation
  3. laughter and other expressions of emotions.

Due to the fact that the bundles of the circular muscle not attached to bone tissue, each time the voltage they stretch in different directions. Moreover, area lip is almost no fat layer, so the skin there more delicate and prone to dryness, which further increases the risk of purse-string wrinkles.

In addition, additional factors that may affect the formation of such folds on the skin are:

  1. The professional affiliation of the person, which is directly related to the need for more active work the circular muscles of the mouth. It could be singing, playing wind instruments, etc.
  2. The rapid weight loss contributes to thinning of the already thin fat layer in the area of the lips and the formation of folds.
  3. Genetic predisposition. Under this provides the individual features of the skull structure, malocclusion, genetic tendency to early aging of the skin in the area of the lips, etc.
  4. Unbalanced diet, in which human skin does not receive the required number of vitamin and other nutrients for proper nutrition. This leads to its premature aging.
  5. Stay in adverse environmental conditions.
  6. Exposure to direct ultraviolet rays to the skin that break down collagen and elastin. This, in turn, leads to early wrinkles on the skin.
  7. Various violations of the dental nature.
  8. The frequent use of diuretics medicines that cause dehydration. In this state, the cells lose moisture, so they become more susceptible to aging.
  9. Hormonal disruptions in the body can occur because of disorders of the thyroid gland, diseases of the female reproductive system or endocrine disorders. It may have a negative impact on the skin. Moreover, the various pathology of the gastrointestinal tract can also cause premature aging of the skin and its acquisition of unhealthy hue.
  10. Not enough care for the skin. For example, poor hydration and cleansing of the skin contributes to its premature aging.
  11. Work in night shift.
  12. Frequent stress and psycho-emotional surge.
  13. The sleep disturbance.
  14. Frequent use of chewing gum promotes the stretching of the circular muscle and the formation of folds.
  15. Strong physical strain and fatigue.
  16. Overly active facial expressions can not only lead to purse-string wrinkles but also wrinkles in the eye area, forehead, cheeks and around your lips.
  17. Frequent intake of alcoholic beverages leads to aging skin, because it negatively affects the digestive tract.
  18. Smoking is one of the most common reasons for the formation of visible purse-string wrinkles. This is especially true for women, because women these folds will look very ugly, adding to the woman years.

Justified the appearance of the purse-string wrinkles when Smoking the fact that nicotine contributes to the destruction of elastin fibers, which leads to creases on the skin. Moreover, the strong tightening when Smoking constrict the circular muscles, which further contributes to wrinkles.

  1. The use of poor-quality cosmetics or a «heavy» means (concealer, correctors, powder, etc). Accessories for beauty will Assosiate the skin, literally pulling it out of the water. This will lead to premature aging.

How to look

Purse-string wrinkles above the upper lip is vertically positioned narrow folds. They can be of different lengths and depths. In some cases this type of wrinkle is also generated in front of the corners of the lips and under the lower lip.

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How to remove the purse-string wrinkles

There are the following methods for the effective elimination of purse-string wrinkles:

  1. Procedures within cosmetic salon.
  2. Home national rejuvenation techniques.
  3. Removal of wrinkles with massage.
  4. Eliminate wrinkles with special exercises.

In the beauty salon

The elimination of purse-string wrinkles in the beauty salon may be conducted in the following ways:

  1. Plastic fillers. This procedure involves the injection of hyaluronic acid. The duration of the effect of this method is six months.
  2. The use of Botox will help relax the muscles and partly to paralyze them, causing the skin to smoothen. The duration of the effect of this procedure is approximately eight months.

Despite excellent results, Botox injections have many contraindications. Moreover, this rejuvenation has a high risk of negative complications.

  1. The conduct of mezoterapii involves injections of various anti-aging substances. They will contribute to the regeneration and overall rejuvenation of the skin. With the help of mesotherapy you can eliminate even deep wrinkles. The effect lasts for one year.
  2. The laser resurfacing is a procedure in which brushes the entire top layer of the skin. It allows you to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and improve the skin tone. Moreover, the laser resurfacing would provide an effect for several years.
  3. Stimulation affects muscle current, causing the skin firmer with improved circulation and epidermis comes in tone.
  4. Lipolifting promotes the filling of wrinkles, the private fat cells of the patient with other body parts.
  5. Circular facelift helps to eliminate all wrinkles, including wrinkles and purse-string.
  6. The electrophoresis will saturate the skin with nutrients. Also, this procedure will help to tighten the epidermis and moisturize it.

It is important to know that the conduct of the above facial rejuvenation is contraindicated in the following cases:

  1. The patient’s age to twenty-five years.
  2. The clotting of blood.
  3. Pregnancy and breast-feeding patient.
  4. The age of sixty-five years.
  5. Severe diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  6. Of acute respiratory illness.
  7. Various diseases of the skin (eczema, dermatitis, etc.)
  8. Open wounds on the face.
  9. Festering wounds on the face.
  10. Increased sensitivity of the skin.
  11. Rosacea.
  12. Viral diseases.
  13. Diseases of the circulatory system.
  14. HIV infection, tuberculosis, hepatitis and other dangerous diseases.
  15. A weakened immune system.
  16. Idiosyncrasy of the person injected substances during the procedure.

Traditional methods

The best of the popular methods of getting rid of the purse-string wrinkles are:

  1. Washing with cool water or green tea.
  2. Wiping the skin with ice cubes of frozen chamomile decoction.
  3. Superimposition of the mask of fat sour cream, grated cucumber and honey.
  4. Use a mask of egg yolk and starch. Apply this means you need layers. Hold on for up to twenty minutes. For removing the mask is soaked with water, then carefully wash.


The best exercises from the purse-string wrinkles are:

  1. Lips pulled into a tube several times and then return them to their original position. Also before that is to apply a greasy cream on the skin.
  2. Learn how to fold the lips in a non-standard situation – «bow». This will help bring the muscles in tone.
  3. Pulling forward only one lip a few times. This will help to return the muscle to its former elasticity.
  4. Put the upper lip over the lower, and Vice versa. Repeat the exercise ten times.

To achieve improvements, you should repeat these exercises regularly.


To eliminate wrinkles above the upper lip will help the massage. To fulfill his need and light circular motions.

The necessary condition is pre-applied to the skin greasy cream or oil.

Moreover, it is very effective is acupressure. It should be done by applying pressure to certain points on the face. Is an ancient technique of Oriental doctors, which can really improve skin tone.

Sleep and proper nutrition to help

With proper and well balanced diet it is possible to saturate the skin with vitamins and minerals.

The menu should be:

  1. vegetables
  2. fruit,
  3. cereal and protein products.

Moreover, rest and healthy sleep will relieve tired skin and improve your complexion.


To reduce the risk of a purse-string wrinkles, you should follow these rules of prevention:

  1. To quit Smoking. This is especially true of using female cigarettes, as they are narrower so they are harder to hold in the lips. Because of this, have stronger gripping muscles, which leads to early appearance of the purse-string wrinkles.
  2. To give up the habit of active facial expressions, especially the squeezing of the lips. This is often practiced by some people, accustomed to Express negative emotions tight compression of the lips.
  3. To abandon the use of chewing gum.
  4. Regularly practice facial massage.
  5. To take care of your skin (and nourish it, moisturize, cleanse, etc.). In this case, it is better to give preference to natural means made with quality ingredients.
  6. To protect the skin from direct exposure to UV rays.
  7. In a timely manner to treat the disease, which can lead to premature aging of the skin.
  8. To lead a healthy lifestyle and to avoid alcohol.
  9. Use only quality cosmetics. It is also important to ensure that it had a normal shelf-life.

General guidelines

To maintain youthful skin, it is desirable to adhere to such recommendations cosmetologists:

  1. To pick the cream should always take into account your skin type (oily, dry, combination).
  2. Use the products you need, based on their age, as different creams have age restrictions. This is due to the peculiarities of their compositions.
  3. Apply creams and masks have always cleansed. The only way to achieve maximum effect from their use.
  4. If you doubt the choice of tools, it is advisable to consult a cosmologist. It will help you to find the right cream or a mask, depending on the type and General condition of the epidermis.
  5. To achieve maximum anti-aging effect, it is recommended to use a cream based on collagen and elastin. As for the masks, it is best to use different masks with the most effective ingredients (gelatin, egg yolk, starch, etc.).

Purse-string wrinkles is quite difficult to completely eliminate but can be reduced by using the above recommendations.

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