Quantum hair removal — what it is, prices, reviews, contraindications, photos before and after, video

In fact, the method is based photoepilation. The procedure is apparatus for phototherapy, which is equipped with some technological innovations. These innovations, however, the essence of the procedure do not change.

The mechanism of action of

The wavelength of light used for hair removal – 530-1200 nm. This spectrum is used for hair removal. The size of the light spot 9 cm2. One flash is processed from a large area of skin.

In devices for quantum hair removal technology is used iPulseTM, the meaning of which is to replace the peak light pulses on a rectangular spectral permanently. In fact, it means that the duration of the rectangular pulse increases, and the power remains much less than peak.

Hair receive the impact of the same intensity, with less power of momentum. When exposed to a light pulse on the hair occurs selective energy absorption by the hair pigment cells melanin.

The melanin is heated, transmits heat to the stem, the bulb and its supply vessel. In the end, the entire follicle is damaged, and the vessel that feeds the follicle, sealed.

This means that the method of hair removal (and thus quantum hair removal) you can remove only those hairs which contain pigment. Remove the white, light gray and vellus hair method quantum hair removal will not work.

Light with different wavelength for different penetrates deep into the skin. Light pulses with wavelengths of 400-600 nm to the hair follicle do not reach, they are absorbed by the skin and heats it up.

This means that quantum hair removal may not be painless. First, the client will feel pain from the burning inside the skin of the hair shaft. Second, the sensitive is the heating of the skin during the procedure.

To avoid painful sensations helps built-in cooling system, which is used in any machine for permanent hair removal. And drugs with analgesic effect.

For and against

Against the quantum of hair removal treatments says the abundance of advertising and customized texts on the Internet that introduce potential clients astray:

  • relative novelty of treatments: epilation is used for a long time, apparatus for vodolechenie similarly can work with rectangular pulses in any unit there are computer system selection of the parameters of the light pulse;
  • regarding the types of hair that can be removed with the help of quantum hair removal;
  • relatively painless procedure.
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Video: Quantum therapy

Which is better, quantum or laser hair removal

In the apparatus of quantum therapy and phototherapy uses a xenon lamp which emits light with wavelengths of 530-1200 nm. In order to cut off the unwanted part of the spectrum, apply various filters, which, however, still can’t keep one hundred percent transmittance in the working area of the spectrum and cause complete attenuation in the absorption zone.

In the end, still most of the impulse energy is dissipated in the skin and provokes the development of side effects and complications.

Lasers work with radiation, wavelength of which is fixed. This means almost all the pulse energy goes to the scattered useless over the skin, because the risk of side effects is lower and the effect on hair is much more intense.

Accordingly, laser hair removal is preferable and more effective than quantum.

Video: Indications for laser hair removal


Dark hair on light skin with svmotion 1-3 on the face, underarms and bikini, limbs and torso.


  • acute viral, bacterial or fungal diseases of the skin;
  • cuts, scratches, and other skin trauma at the site of the proposed procedures;
  • varicose veins in the place of the proposed procedures;
  • cardiovascular disease severe;
  • the tendency to form keloids;
  • benign and malignant neoplasms of the skin;
  • pregnancy;
  • mental illness;
  • epilepsy;
  • vitiligo;
  • taking medications which increase skin sensitivity to light;
  • increased photosensitivity of the skin;
  • diabetes mellitus in decompensation;
  • severe diseases of internal organs in the acute stage.


  • during the two weeks prior to the procedure can not sunbathe or visit the Solarium, it is advisable to use sunscreen;
  • within 30 days before the procedure you can not pull hair, only shave or use creams for hair removal;
  • before the procedure the hair has to be shaved before the procedure so that by the time of the procedure they industry for 1-2 mm., or the day of the procedure, cut them with scissors or clippers for cutting hair;
  • the day before the procedure, you must stop using any cosmetics that contain alcohol, including perfume or toilet water, stop use fatty creams and lotions.
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How is the procedure

Before the first procedure is to consult a doctor-cosmetologist, which defines the indications and contraindications for quantum hair removal. If there are no contraindications, after the necessary training, you come for the procedure. It is conducted on cosmetic couch on which the client is placed or seated. The eyes of the client and to protect masters with the help of special glasses. On the skin in the treated area apply a special cooling gel, which then drive the nozzle from the apparatus for quantum hair removal. Gel is used for pain relief and to improve conducting light pulses to the skin. After the completion of the remaining gel removed with a napkin.

Video: Remove hair permanently

Skin care after the procedure

  • after the procedure it is better to wear loose clothes made of natural fabrics with a minimum of seams, as this will reduce the impact on damaged skin and will not provoke increased redness;
  • if there is quantum hair removal the legs, then after the procedure is to replace the nylon tights skin pants or a long skirt;
  • within 1-3 days now is not worth the skin with a loofah, wash in hot water, take a bath or go for heat treatments, as it may increase irritation and soreness after the procedure;
  • hair plucking is not worth it, you need to give them the opportunity to fall out on their own;
  • during the week you shouldn’t do peels, skrabirovanie the skin;
  • within one month after the procedure can not sunbathe, it is mandatory to use sunscreen.

Effects and side effects

  1. pain during the procedure;
  2. the feeling of heat and soreness of the skin after the procedure;
  3. redness of the skin;
  4. burns;
  5. the appearance of zones of Hyper — and depigmentation of the skin;
  6. the lack of effect of hair removal.
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Hair removal and pregnancy

Like any other method of permanent removal of hair, quantum hair removal can give unpredictable results in women during pregnancy and the breastfeeding period. This is due to the changing hormonal background in women during pregnancy and feeding the child.


Treatment area The cost for women. The cost for men.
upper lip 400 850
chin 625 1050
cheeks 625 1250
eyebrows 400 400
face completely 1450 1900
neck front 800 1250
the back of his neck 1025 1250
armpit 1025 1450
hands up to the elbow 1670 2090
fully hand 2070 2300
halo 400  
the chest is fully   1900
Shin 2070 2300
hip 2450 3300
feet completely 4000 6000
the white line of the abdomen 800 1250
belly fully 1025 2090
back from neck to bottom edge of blades 2090 2300
back from shoulder blades to lower back 2300 2300
loin 1650 2090
the back side surface 2090 4000
bikini classic 1600  
bikini total 2090  
buttocks 1650 2300


The before and after photos

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