Re breast implants surgery, price, complications


The question of re-operation for correction of the breast occurs in cases when the first result of the operation was unsatisfactory or good total first operations were damaged by various factors.

Also plays role psychological moment when a woman is unhappy with the result and it does not suit the aesthetic appearance of the bust.

When you need to do

First of all, the issue of the need to re-do the correction occurs with a desire to change the shape of your breast or enlarge your Breasts larger.

In this case, indications for such operations are not always objective. Here it depends on the surgeon and his attitude towards his work.

If the expert in this industry sees that the parameters observed, i.e. the volume of the bust corresponds to the figure, the operation carried out properly without any complications, the surgeon may refuse to carry out repeated plastic surgery.

Further, it all depends on the patient — can she listen to the advice of a plastic surgeon, or her right to go to another plastic surgeon for re-grafting.

Another issue is due to the fact that the result of breast surgery does leave much to be desired.

This is due to various factors, such as asymmetry, too large, sagging Breasts, then a woman’s desire to make second plastic is correct and logical.

If the question «Code to do a second breast surgery?» — includes time, then you should know that again, the correction should be made not earlier than six months after the first operation.


Mainly to re-breast augmentation surgery by women who have a boob job.

There is a list of factors, which need re-mammoplastika consider some of them:

  • selected too large an implant. For the breast augmentation, the patient tends to very large sizes and are sure in your desire. Of course, the plastic surgeon will not refuse and will make Breasts big, but the bigger the Breasts, the higher the risk of postoperative complications and lowering the chest. A large implant contributes to further thinning of the tissue tear, that may subsequently lead to loss of the implant.
  • Chose the wrong plane for the implant. In this case, everything depends on the skills of the plastic surgeon. For proper location of the implant there are a number of small details that need to be considered when choosing including the individual characteristics of each patient, body structure and skin structure. This operation is needed in order to properly place the implant.


For carrying out repeated operations such testimony:

  • Capsular contracture – the formation of a dense scar shell around the implant. This deficiency may contribute to the seals in the chest that can cause pain in the chest area, to deform the chest. In the process capsular contracture formed:
  1. seroma;
  2. purulent-inflammatory processes;
  3. bleeding.

Seroma is the accumulation in the tissues of the lymphatic fluid. Occurs when a plastic surgeon with twice the speed of conducting operations without proper equipment and contributes to the formation of gray.

  • Leakage of saline solution from the implant. Occurs most often due to an improperly sized implant or partial extent of the filled prosthesis that can result in thinning of the walls of the prosthesis and the penetration of the liquid into the tissue. This factor threatens the life and health of the patient.
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Also re cosmetic surgery of the breast and may be such evidence as:

  • the displacement of the implant;
  • loss of breast shape associated with changes in weight weight loss or Vice versa by adding;
  • the change in breast volume after pregnancy and breastfeeding.


A contraindication for breast surgery like any other operation, which is carried out surgically are as follows:

  1. infectious diseases;
  2. diseases associated with the heart;
  3. diseases of the internal organs;
  4. poor blood clotting;
  5. diabetes.

The risk of re-mammoplasty

For a successful re of breast surgery you need to choose an experienced professional and to listen to the recommendations.

Pursuing a established breast surgery, you should know that all the tests consultations and tests, doctors visits, all these actions need to take place again, which affects overall physical condition and can lead to a mental breakdown and nervous disorders woman.

Therefore, before conducting a re-correction think, maybe the first result is not so bad…

How to conduct

The operation is conducted to the clinic with a further stay in hospital. As a rule, is performed under General anesthesia.

This operation has several stages:

  1. removal of the prosthesis, the doctor makes a cut through the scar tissue and remove the implant to the outside;
  2. capsulotomy partially or fully excised completely scar the shell with the imposition of more precise fine and neat joints;
  3. the installation of a new prosthesis if the implant is of such size as the previous one, it is set on the old place, if the new implant has a larger or smaller size, the doctor forms the new location of the implant.

You should know also about the cuts You will make during the operation. Incisions depend on the amount of changes you make.

When replacing a denture or capsular surgery, an incision may be made along existing seam. If you want to pull the chest, cuts for facelift.

The first incision is made around the areola, in the case of a minor breast lift. In the case of large braces and tension is another incision vertical from the lower edge of the areola to the inframammary fold.

The third incision runs horizontally along the lower semicircle, while the nipple and areola will not get off from the fabric remain sensitive and capable of breast-feeding.

After plastic surgery, the surgeon sutures the incisions and makes a sterile bandage. The operation lasts from one and a half to two and a half hours.

After surgery, the patient transferred to hospital where she can stay from a day to several hours, depending on overall condition.

After a few hours after the operation is allowed. The bandage is removed a few days after surgery. For several days you need to wear shapewear.

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Sutures are removed approximately ten days after surgery.

The recovery period lasts a little longer than after the first correction of the breast. It is important to follow all doctor’s recommendations, to maintain contact with him and have all necessary consultations.


Complications after repeated breast surgery is divided into two groups:

  1. General surgical complications;
  2. specific complications.

To the surgeon General include:

  • wound infection;
  • the formation of hypertrophic scars;
  • hematoma;
  • fever after re-plasty;

Specific complications include:

  • rupture of the implant;
  • deformation of the prosthesis;
  • the displacement of the implant:
  • double pleat;
  • calcification;
  • an allergic reaction to the prosthesis;
  • the inability to perform mammography;
  • symmastia;

Rupture of implant – violation of the integrity of the prosthesis, resulting in deformation and sagging Breasts. The chest is deformed immediately, so the rupture of the implant can be detected through magnetic resonance imaging.

Deformation of the prosthesis looks like stretch marks on the chest and is a complication as in the first operation and during reoperation.

Double fold – occurs when improper placement of the prosthesis, and adjusted again with the help of plastic surgery.

Calcification is characterized by the deposition of salts around the implant and looks like a seal around the breast.

An allergic reaction to the prosthesis appears very infrequently and depends on the perception of the female body to the materials from which the prosthesis is made

The inability of mammography — mammography is needed to identify new lesions in the breast, such as swollen that you want to delete.

Symmastia – looks like a splicing of two Breasts can occur due to close disposition of the mammary glands and large volume of the selected prosthesis.

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Approximate cost

Prices on re breast augmentation surgery, given that it is no less difficult than the first plastic, too, are not cheap and depend on the techniques and quality of surgery.

Conventionally, the re-correction of the breast is divided into several types and then to determine the cost of the operation.

  1. removal of breast implants – from 100,000 to 250,000 R. R.;
  2. replacement breast prostheses – from 240.000 to 350,000 R. R.;
  3. treatment of capsular contracture from 200,000 p. – to 330 000 R..

Answers to frequently asked questions

Why do women have to do breast augmentation surgery again after breast augmentation?

In answering this question, a clear answer did not find. There are many factors that cause a woman to apply for re plastic.

Many women due to intense weight loss, constant diets lose weight, and it reduces adipose tissue, displacement of the prosthesis and further sagging of the breast.

Also, many women make the correction to reduce the scars after the first surgery.

Scars actually disappear or is it not?

Unfortunately no, the scars remain. But sometimes they’re completely invisible all depends on the technique which applies the doctor is in the process of healing wounds on the woman’s body.

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How is the recovery period and need to adhere to any restrictions after the surgery?

The rehabilitation period is like after the first operation. Must follow the doctor’s recommendations to follow the diet, wear shapewear, dressings, bandages.

Often resort to repeated plastic, if the first did not comply with rules rehabilitation after first grafting.

Can the correction of the breast lead to cancer?

No, oncological diseases as a result of breast surgery and re-plasty can not be.

As section of this surgery is now common and the best professionals working in this industry, the risk of the appearance of tumors in the breast is reduced to a minimum.

How often you need to change the prosthesis?

Manufacturers give a lifetime warranty on their products, but there is always a number of cases where the implants do not match the quality or dentures do not fit a woman because of individual peculiarities of the female body.

In order to be confident in the quality of the prosthesis consult with manufacturers and professionals in the industry.

Does the plastic on the possibility of breast-feeding?

Breastfeeding can be safely and without worries and plan the pregnancy can be planned after two or three months after re-operation.

How will the Breasts after breastfeeding, to predict is not possible.

Many women have breast sits back on imlant and additional correction is not required, and some on the contrary the chest down and required an additional surgical intervention and a small breast lift.

How to choose a plastic surgeon?

The question is very relevant, as surgeons in this area very much. If You say not satisfied with the specialist, who did You first plastics, it is necessary to turn to another.

There are many good people and no less unscrupulous professionals.

Pay attention to the practice of physician how much is the specialist patients a year, they are happy with the result of the operations.

What tests should pass before the operation?

A list of tests that need to pass something like this:

  • General blood test;
  • urinalysis;
  • a blood test for HIV;
  • a blood test for syphilis;
  • electrocardiogram;
  • fluorography;
  • Breast ultrasound and mammography.

It is important to know that this is only an indicative list. A detailed list of the tests is to check with your specialist.