Recovery after mammoplasty — the doctor’s advice, period, daily, full

Mammoplasty is an operation that is applied on the mammary glands of women. For females beautiful Breasts – this is pride, which gives self-confidence. This part of the body that first attracts a man.

The most popular is augmentation mammoplasty, which allows you to change the volume and shape of the breast. There is even a breast reduction is to reduce and lift.

The duration of such an operation is approximately 2 hours, is performed under General anesthesia.

Plastic surgery are young mothers, breast feeding after which changed its shape. Surgery mammoplasty solves the aesthetic problems associated with the Breasts.

How long

The rehabilitation period is the time after the operation, during which the patient needs to follow certain recommendations in order not to harm the result.

Full recovery after a mammoplasty will take approximately two months.

If you implement all the recommendations result from a mammoplasty will be the highest, it was one that the woman wanted to achieve.

Itself postoperative wound heals within several days, but the process of implant survival and the formation of the chest takes more time, it usually happens within 6-8 weeks.

When mammoplasty is usually increasing the rehabilitation period lasts about 6 weeks. This time is necessary for a solid fixation of the implant in the tissues of women.

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What is?

The period of recovery after mammoplasty can be divided into two stages.

  1. The first stage is an important period, the first three weeks when you need to virtually eliminate physical activity. Should get rid of the load on the muscles of the shoulder girdle, so you need to wear a compression garment day and night with buttoned band.
  2. The second stage is the next three weeks, a lesser period, because it is already perhaps a slight increase in physical activity. Welcome such sports as swimming, running, raising arms, so at this time, the patient feels more confident, is no longer the discomfort associated with the surgery.

In the end six weeks, end with the withdrawal of the compression underwear, then a woman can choose for themselves new clothes, which greatly enhances the mood.


Scarring after surgery is quite normal.

Scars of large size can only be the case if you used very large implants.

Why is it important to follow the recommendations of Dr.

Mammoplasty is a surgical procedure, but any surgery is a stress to the body, and therefore requires a conscious approach, venturing on such a serious step should be very serious to pay attention to all the factors, especially in the period of rehabilitation.

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Of great importance in the success of the operation and obtaining the desired result depends on the choice of clinic and doctor. The doctor must be professional and have a great experience.

Of breast augmentation a very important role plays the quality of the implants. More difficult and traumatic is surgery that is done to tighten or reduce breast.

In this surgery is made more cuts, and therefore requires a longer rehabilitation period.

It is important to follow all the recommendations and advice of the doctor.

All that is recommended by the physician to be performed rigorously, because:

  1. insufficient care for the seam;
  2. refusal to wear compression underwear;
  3. impermissible physical activity can lead to very undesirable consequences.

The postoperative period depends not only on qualification of the doctor, and made them work, but also to a great extent, because the patient will comply with all recommendations.

The proper implementation of the recommendations depends on how easy will be the recovery period, it can be actually hassle-free, and can greatly be stretched in time.

Preparing for an operation should realize the importance of, and be prepared for what will necessarily have to follow the rules, and only if you follow all the recommendations you will get the desired result.

How is the recovery after mammoplasty days

  • The first day after surgery, the patient will be under the supervision of a physician.

In the event of complications after surgery or anesthesia immediately get emergency help.

Probably the first few days will have to take the painkillers, as most women experience during this period of pain.

Associated pain with edema of chest and stretching of the tissues, damage muscles. Also the doctor will prescribe antibiotics to prevent suppurative complications.

In the first day after surgery, to rest, but it is impossible to lay down, should sit down or accept a position reclining.

In the evening if the patient in a satisfactory condition you can get up and walk. Three hours later you can drink the water, and five hours later some food.

  • On the second day the doctor inspect the patient, and, if needed, is done ligation.
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In favorable cases, hospitalization is no longer needed, and the patient can safely go home, always taking recommendations for the restoration.

  • On the third or fourth days should be observed at home.

Worth it to rebuild the body. This will help wholesome food and walks. You can gradually return to their normal lifestyle. It is useful to engage in normal walking.

Lean against the recovery process guarantees the absence of complications and proper engraftment of implants.

  • On the fifth day the patient should come to the clinic for examination, if necessary, to make the dressing, and if everything is in order, it is possible to go home for a week.
  • Then, if there are no deviations, only on the twelfth day the patient have checkups in the clinic.
  • Six weeks of the last inspection, evaluation of the result of the operation.

During this time the patient is normal and all sensations can come back to a full active life.

When you can exercise

During the recovery period, their physical activity should be limited.

The first week is impossible:

  • to sleep on your stomach;
  • to make too sudden movements;
  • in particular, you may want to reduce the load on the shoulder girdle;
  • you cannot raise hands above shoulders, bend;
  • it is strictly forbidden to lift weights.

A week and a half you can start to do light work around the house, but raise the severity and the slopes are still impossible. Also the first two weeks it is not recommended to sit behind the wheel.

Sports activities have to stop for a month in order to avoid displacement of the implant. For a month you will have to exclude sex.

A few weeks should take care of himself and not overwork. Return to training is possible not earlier than four weeks, always consult to the doctor.

Exercises should be increased gradually, and be sure to wear exercise compression garment.

Why you need compression

Immediately after the operation the doctor have to wear a compression garment it will help to make the breast the right shape and prevents displacement of the implant and supports the chest.

Compression does not allow the implants to move down to the desired level, contributes to a more rapid fixing, proper formation of the chest due to good support effect:

  • Due to the tight fit prevents the joints and also prevents them from stretching and expansion, improves blood circulation, which promotes faster healing.
  • By reducing the sensitivity to the touch, helps to reduce the force of the postoperative pain.
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Compression garments need the same care as an ordinary, so you should buy at least two sets.

It is recommended to wear a compression garment for at least 4 weeks around the clock. In the second month after surgery, you can take it off at night.

Important! Go straight to regular underwear is not necessary, the transition should happen gradually and tentatively to be sure to consult with your doctor.

Useful tips

In some cases the patient after the surgery complain of low immunity and poor health. Do not be afraid, because during the rehabilitation period, your body will adapt to the implants.

Often in the first few days patients feel that the increased sensitivity of breast and nipples is reduced.

Do not worry about it after a while, everything comes back to normal.

  • You should be prepared for the fact that the first few months, the Breasts will be hard, because she gets used to his new condition.
  • Two weeks is recommended to give up alcohol.
  • Do not worry for nothing, you need to carefully monitor your health.

The most important thing in the recovery period:

  1. rest;
  2. proper diet;
  3. walks in the fresh air and the implementation of the recommendations of the doctor.