Red stretch marks on the abdomen, on thighs, on legs, how to remove

What would be beautiful was skin, the risk of developing such a defect as red stretch marks everyone has. No one is immune from such effects of pregnancy, obesity or improper sports training. This article describes in detail about the significance, etiology, and, of course, about the treatment of stretch marks.

What it is

Red stretch marks are scars atrophic type, different bars and lines are of different length and width. The medical term for such formations on the skin – striae.

Painful sensations do not cause and are not a separate disease. They can have colors from bluish color to pale. Basically, the defect affects the skin in areas where it is most strongly stretched. It is the abdomen, chest, buttocks and thighs, sometimes, perhaps on his hands.

When there

Women suffer from stretch marks more often than men, but they happen often enough.

Main causes:

  1. Pathology of the endocrine system. As a result of hormonal imbalance, secretion of elastin and collagen is disrupted. As these are the main components of the structure of the skin, striae may appear in a young body.
  2. Maturation of sexual function. During perestroika young body, increases the rate of the hormone cortisol. It leads to a reduction in the density of collagen.
  3. Pregnancy or breastfeeding – the most common cause. Occurs in the chest and abdomen as a result of pererastayut and thinning of the tissues.
  4. When Marfan’s syndrome (pathological processes in connective tissue).
  5. When hormonal drugs.
  6. When excessive body weight, especially in children.
  7. As a symptom of the disease Itsenko-Kushinga.
  8. Athletes who dramatically gain weight. Predominantly localized in the shoulders or hips.
  9. Hereditary factor in diseases that are characterized by obesity.


Stretch marks develop due to any injuries of the skin, which lead to tears. Space tears are replaced by connective tissue.

Red stream give vessels that are in the epidermis and massive burst. They stay bright for long, gradually changing color, size and shape. The important point is depigmentation of stretch marks because the connective tissue filling the tears, has no pigment.

People with light skin defects less visible than the sun lovers. The hair is not cover the lesions, since there are no hair follicles.

Interestingly, the direction of striae suggests a possible reason. Horizontal stripes appear when hormonal imbalance, vertical – pregnancy or obese.

How to remove red stretch marks in the clinic

To get rid of stretch marks is very difficult and it takes a long time. The key to good treatment is a correct interpretation of the causes.

To achieve smooth skin after scar, you need to remove all of the affected layer. Sometimes this process can be drawn even deep balls of the epidermis. Also, the effectiveness of different methods of healing depends on the duration of the pathological process. Red, fresh stretch marks, most likely to heal without a trace on the affected areas.

Assigned methods must be comprehensive and provide a good flow of all stages of healing.

Treatment of stretch marks:

  1. peeling chemicals;
  2. a laser peel;
  3. plastic surgery;
  4. microdermabrasion;
  5. wrap;
  6. dirt;
  7. physiotherapy.

Peeling chemicals – it’s the burning of the epidermis by the application of strong acids. Such procedures promote collagen synthesis. Using such acid: trichloroacetic, phenol and alpha hydroxy acids.

The procedure is very painful, so it is performed only under General anesthesia. Diseases of the cardiovascular system are contraindicated, as the drug is very toxic. For best results, before peeling, it is desirable to carry out therapy of the skin. It is important that this procedure is performed only by a physician with the necessary qualifications.

Laser application is very well-known method of struggle with stretch marks. For such treatment, have to undergo a special training. For 1.5-2 months to use a cream with a high content of vitamin C. This surgery is done under anesthesia in the hospital.

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The essence of the procedure: alternately carrying out the laser of each ball of scar tissue. After discharge, swelling and redness of the affected areas. It is also advisable not to sunbathe for about 3 months.

Naturally, the most effective way is plastic surgery. Assigned this procedure to patients who not only stretching, but also the accumulation of fat or excess skin in this area. But the cost of this method is not cheap and it can afford not all.

Microdermabrasion – microdermabrasion is a thin, top layer of skin using aluminum oxide. The removal of multiple layers, of the skin improves circulation and enhances tissue regeneration. The method is painful, but in red, fresh stretch marks, the pain bearable.

Treatment of red stretch marks on stomach during and after pregnancy has its own characteristics. The selection procedure for nursing mothers should only to find a doctor, because many chemicals can hurt the baby.

With the dramatic weight loss, remove red stretch marks on my stomach more problematic than in other parts of the body. Subcutaneous fat is rough and may respond poorly to treatment. Therefore, it is desirable to combine multiple methods of treatment and proper nutrition.

Treatments in the beauty centers

Wrap with seaweed – thalassotherapy. You can apply spirulina algae, the effect of which comes after 10 treatments.

Its ability to affect the tone of the skin and put to it in different minerals and vitamins, gives a very good result. Fresh, red stretch marks, after this wrapping can completely disappear and the skin becomes elastic and relief.

Vacuum massage is very effective in striae. This method allows you to quickly and painlessly deal with the fat and promotes the excretion of unnecessary substances from the tissues.

This makes the lymphatic system and increases metabolism of the skin. With this method, stretch marks disappear forever or become less noticeable.

What you can do at home

To cure stretch marks at home really, but it requires a lot of effort, patience and most importantly – time.

The most effective home remedies are:

  • the wheat germ oil;
  • almond oil;
  • oil witch hazel;
  • olive oil;
  • corn oil;
  • funds from Shilajit;
  • aloe Vera juice
  • blue clay;
  • contrast water procedures;
  • daily use of the wrap;
  • self-massage;
  • physical exercise to the muscle group in the area of stretch marks.

A few recipes to use at home

Massage using essential oils. You need to mix about 50 ml of olive oil with 5 ml of rosemary oil. Instead of olive, you can use Shea butter or grape seed. For best results, just a little bit of vitamin E. Massage places stretching for 20 minutes.

Very good and nourishing cream based on aloe juice. For its preparation you will need: aloe Vera juice, vitamins A and E, olive oil. Before using, heat this cream and massage into the defective places.

Massage using corn oil. This oil has high amounts of vitamin E and is very useful for these red stretch marks. Before applying to warm up, and then massage

Scrub based on olive oil, salt and sugar. This procedure should be applied during water treatment. Use on areas of stretch marks and rinse with water.

Mask pills Shilajit. This is one of the most effective drugs in the fight against red stretch marks. In a tea spoon of boiled water dissolve a few pills. This slurry mix with your body cream and massage the affected area.

A large effect is given a bath with different tools:

  1. with starch and essential oils (0.5 kg of starch and some oil to dissolve in the bath and bathe for 15 minutes);
  2. with sea salt and baking soda (in equal parts to dissolve the components in water and stay like this for about 20 minutes);

Physical exercise is an integral part of any kind of treatment. Pick exercises with a focus on the muscle groups affected by stretch marks, and carefully study them. A particularly important physical activity during red stretch marks on thighs because the skin there is very elastic and can be achieve good results with proper and regular training.

It is desirable to apply a special elastic sports stuff and a bandage. This will keep the skin in good shape, and to pull stretch marks more quickly.

Nice effect with the red stretch marks on the legs gives the seaweed body wrap right after a massage with essential oils. This method maximally stimulates metabolic processes in the epidermis of the skin of the feet and increases blood circulation.

Prevention of striae on the abdomen, hips and legs

If you are planning a pregnancy, you need to prepare your muscles and skin in advance.

  • First, in the presence of excess weight, it is desirable to throw.
  • Secondly, during pregnancy the fetus requires a lot of nutrients, so you need to saturate the skin additional vitamins and minerals.
  • Third, the sport needs to take a lot of the time. Running, swimming, skiing, or brisk walking, will protect from unwanted consequences.

If you wish to lose weight, the load in the room should be gradual and thoughtful. Because the skin is stretched, and to return it to its former elasticity and firmness takes a lot of time.

It is necessary to use various creams and oils to the skin to remain soft and healthy. Red stretch marks can appear not only in obese but also in lean people.

The before and after photos

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