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In this article we will discuss to a greater extent features of rehabilitation after surgery for the correction of the breast shape using implants.


Usually the first day the patient spends in the intensive care unit under the supervision of nurses and physician in order to receive emergency assistance in case of complications of anesthesia or surgery. If all goes well, then the woman can go home with a list of recommendations and prescriptions for medications to be taken the first week or two.


Typically, the first of the drugs that you will need are pain pills. Some pain may not be at all, but this rarely occurs. Most women have pain the first two or three days, very intense.

They are associated with the stretching of the tissue implant, and muscle damage during surgery, and with increasing swelling of the breast. Behind painkillers are antibiotics and antiviral drugs for the prevention of septic complications and recurrence of herpes.

Sutures will need silicone adhesive Melform, and after the stitches will fade and become soft cream Kontraktubeks.

In addition to the above drugs the doctor individually may prescribe other medications, if this will be a testimony.


Care of the postoperative scar is very important because a scar can ruin the result of the operation. Tissue after placing of the implant stretched, because there is a risk of the formation of a broad and rough scar.

To avoid this, the edges of the wound are fixed or special adhesive strips, which remove the tension of the tissues around the scar. Helps the formation of a thin hem and constant wearing compression underwear. Usually the stitches are taken out at the first consultation, which is performed by the physician after surgery. It happens in 7-10 days.

Within a month the stitches necessary to cover the silicone band. And when the hem will be stretchy and whitish, it is possible to begin to gradually dissolve cream Kontraktubeks.

Earlier application Contractubex the scar is not formed, can lead to the opposite effect: you get sprawling to the sides of the scar.

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Swelling of the Breasts can be significant. It looks like an unnatural increase in the size of the upper half of the breast, which is located above the nipple. Swelling can persist for about a week. But sometimes is not enough a month the swelling went down.

Helps to reduce swelling a compression garment, which has a soft massage effect on tissue and thereby promotes enhanced circulation, venous and lymphatic drainage.

Prevents the reduction of edema or even promotes the growth of a number of factors:

  • tan in the sun or in the tanning bed if breast tissue is heated;
  • visit the bath or sauna;
  • washing in a tub with hot or warm water;
  • sexual stimulation that causes blood flow to the mammaries;
  • excessive movement of the breast when the refusal to wear compression underwear;
  • physical activity that have not allowed a doctor.

Therefore to reduce swelling, you need:

  • wear the compression garment;
  • take a shower with cool or pleasantly warm water;
  • to refuse sex and sports at least 4 weeks;
  • not to visit the beach, Solarium, steam room and sauna a month after surgery.

Video: rebuilding after breast augmentation

Physical activity

In the first week are not allowed to raise their hands up above the shoulders, heavy lifting (over 3 kg), making sharp movements with hands and body.

Avtolyubitelnitsa you can get behind the wheel is not informed 6-10 days after the operation, and that if the vehicle is equipped with power steering.

To perform a simple job in the kitchen from the second week. At the same time, you can start to think about going to work, if there is such a need, and the work is not related to weight lifting, follow the steps in the slope or raising the hands above the shoulders.

If you can’t resist the temptation to take the child’s hand, you do not need to raise his hands. Sit down, keeping your back straight, grasp the baby, lift it up. This will make you not to give excessive load on the muscles of the chest and hands.

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To go back to training no sooner than a month after the operation and after consultation with the doctor. You should train in a compression garment. To increase the load preferably gradually.

Breast massage

Contracture after mammoplasty. This term I’m afraid many of those who have already had surgery, and the majority of those who are still planning a visit to the plastic surgeon. In fact, the development of the connective tissue capsule around the implant is a normal process.

It occurs in all. But the severity of it in different women may be different: some capsule is thin and elastic and does not affect the elasticity of the implant, while the other capsule is a dense and also reduces, squeezing the implant and change its shape.

In order not to let the capsule become tight and thick, surgeons at different stages of rehabilitation after breast surgery is recommended to use breast massage. Someone massage will be appointed in a month after surgery, and someone already in 5-6 days. Massage techniques shows the doctor, and repeat their needs clearly in order to avoid increased swelling, but to maintain the elasticity of the capsule.

Skin care after mammoplasty

Immediately after surgery, due to the strong tension of the skin of the breast appears young. But this effect persists without special care long.

Gradually, the breast skin loses elasticity and can develop stretch marks. Because already in the first week after surgery, immediately after removal of stitches it is recommended to apply immediately after shower on the skin of the breast special creams and lotions.

Quite suitable for this purpose of creams for breast augmentation that perfectly tones the skin and are an excellent prevention of stretch marks. They are perfectly suited for the massage.

A month after the operation, you can start a course of salon treatments, aimed at maintaining the beauty of the breast skin. It may be the application of special serums, and algae masks and seaweed wraps.

After the salon of course it is possible to perform such procedures from time to time at home by yourself to maintain the effect.

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Maintaining body weight

The volume of the chest is greatly influenced body weight. If it changes, the volume and shape of the breast. So if you are planning an operation, the first lose weight to your desired body weight, then stabilize the weight, and then aparinoides. Particularly unpredictable effect on operated Breasts can have a weight change in the period of rehabilitation.

Rapid weight loss can make the implant visible under the skin and sudden weight can cause stretch marks and sagging Breasts. In addition, the Breasts can gain volume significantly, which in combination with the volume of implant will give unnatural breast size, which would rather hinder than good.

The transition from compression to normal underwear

It is very individually. Some surgeons allow you to wear regular underwear after a month after surgery, and some ask you to wait for at least 3 months. Because ask questions to the surgeon who did the operation.

In any case, your first bra after surgery is necessary to choose such that it supported the chest is not worse than the wearing of compression underwear. This means that it needs to have a deep Cup size, wide straps, wide belt.

Wearing a «reliable» bras have up to 1 year after surgery.

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