Removal of pigment spots on the face laser, flash, home, creams and masks, prices and reviews

Most often spots appear in the following situations:

  • during a genetic diseases;
  • after sun;
  • when hormonal disorders;
  • when age changes;
  • in diseases and injuries of the skin;
  • after acne;
  • in diseases of the kidneys, liver and other organs.

Can also be a consequence of hormonal imbalance, including hormonal contraceptives and pregnancy. If you use poor quality cosmetics. And age age spots most people can’t avoid – over time, the skin loses its ability to hold toxins and free radicals, as a result, there are areas of pigmented skin.

If the skin showed pigmented spot, in the first place is to undergo tests to exclude the diseases of internal organs. If you cure these diseases, the spots will disappear on their own.

If the reason for their appearance lies in the ultraviolet irradiation, age-related changes, genetic diseases, we will have to resort to various procedures – like cosmetic and home.

Removal folk remedies

Many wonder about whether the removal of pigment spots in the home. It all depends on what is the reason of their occurrence and the extent of damage. Of course, small single spots can be masked by good makeup, but it’s better to get rid of them altogether. For this there are many folk remedies. Before one technique, it is necessary first to test.

With this purpose, apply the product on the skin near the crook of the elbow – if after twelve hours there will be no unwanted effects like irritation, itching or redness, the selected remedy can be safely used.

If will be removed pigmentation spots around the eyes, you need to choose specially designed for this area of the face of the tool, while the reaction of the skin should be taken not 12 hours, and 24.

Lemon juice

The most harmless and safe way to get rid of age spots is to use lemon juice. First, the face should be cleaned with milk or cream, and then wipe the lemon slices, slightly pushing them to release the juice. Another option is to squeeze water to the lemon juice and wash her.

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Olive oil salt

You can also use a mask with olive oil and salt. The homogeneous slurry is applied to the face every morning. Through regular exfoliation and cleansing spots become imperceptible. After applying the mask should be kept on the face for half an hour, then rinse with clean water.

After using the mask and lemon juice do not forget the moisturizer, otherwise the skin will just be dry and the problem will worsen.

Cucumber juice

Also lightens the skin cucumber juice – this method beauty used many centuries ago. If applied on the face cucumber slices, you can not only get rid of age spots, but also moisturize the skin, making it soft and smooth.

The use of celandine

You can also find various recipes that use the celandine. In its application need to be especially careful, because plant is poisonous. To get rid of them, you need to cover with juice of celandine the data areas of the skin. For one treatment is enough 200g. celandine. The juice of celandine add water in quantity ? of the total volume of the resulting liquid.

This composition is usually applied on the primary area of localization of the spots for 15 minutes for 14 days. The effect can appear not earlier than after 5 days.


Often used to remove age spots and the pain is exactly on the same principle. The pain should also be used carefully – though it is not poisonous, but inhaled Allergy, so it is impossible to apply in the eye area, nose. Removal with help of effective concoctions of 4 g of substance is mixed with 3% solution of ordinary hydrogen peroxide. Applied the mixture, be sure to use gloves. The tool is quite effective.

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Laser irradiation

Spots today can be eliminated with a laser. When getting laser wave having a certain length, the melanin is destroyed, respectively, fade pigmentation spots.

This procedure is absolutely safe, since healthy layers of skin are affected. Before the skin is applied a special clear gel that allows the cold emitter in contact with the skin. The number of treatments depends on the extent of damage to the skin.

If the stain takes up a large area and is deep, you will need several sessions of treatment. To remove normal spots usually require 2 sessions, and is wide and deep pigmented lesions – 5-6 sessions. After the session break is not less than 20 days.

After the procedure the patient on the spot blemishes redness, then peeling, then the spot disappears. As for what kind of price is the removal of age spots laser, all depends on the area of the treated skin and the extent of damage. the price of this procedure ranges from 50$.

Video: Removing age spots

Deliverance by flash

Phototherapy – exposure to the skin light pulses of a specific length (550-1200 nm). The gist is that melanin is destroyed when exposed to such radiation, the structure surrounding healthy tissue is not disturbed.

During this procedure there is coagulation of proteins resulting in age spots temporarily darken. After a few days spots start to flake and then disappear.

For a good, stable result normally takes 3-10 treatments, the interval between them is 3-4 weeks. The treatment (depth of penetration and wavelength, duration and number of pulses) must appoint a physician. The effect becomes noticeable already after 2 weeks after the first procedure.

After photorejuvenation the skin not only becomes smooth and elastic, gets healthy color, but also is deprived such lacks, as:

  • acne, acne;
  • scars and stretch marks;
  • freckles;
  • folds and wrinkles;
  • pores;
  • vascular education (veins, rosacea, red birthmarks).
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The price for this procedure starts from$ 30 and varies depending on localization and size of age spots.

Mesotherapy and peeling himicheskogo

Mesotherapy consists in injecting under the skin a special medicinal preparations that have a bleaching effect or inhibit the production of melanin. The procedure is quite painful, but the effect is achieved quickly. Prices for the procedure ranged from 5 euros depending on the complexity of the process of removing age spots.

Chemical peels for removing age spots should not be used – in most cases a deep cleaning of the face only results in increased peeling and more saturated color patches.

Age spots are not dangerous for health but still pretty nasty stuff. Not to worry about their appearance, you can try one of the ways to remove age spots and get rid of the problem!

The before and after photos of laser removal of age spots

Photo before and after removal with mesotherapy and chemical peels

Photos before and after removal of the flash

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