Restrictions after mammoplasty in the first few months

For various reasons, women resort to adjust the volume and change the shape of the breast. Someone from birth unhappy with the size, asymmetry, somebody bust have changed after childbirth and breastfeeding.

Mammoplasty helps women gain not only a beautiful body but the confidence in their beauty. This is the only way for those who had to lose one or both mammary glands due to the disease.

As with any surgical procedure, breast augmentation is a serious operation. Because how safely will rehabilitation depends on the health and sometimes even life of the patient.

That is why it is so important in the first few months severely restrict their way of life.

Rules rehabilitation

About all the features of the recovery period and possible risks, the surgeon is obliged to tell in detail before the operation.

But no doctor will be able to say in advance how much time will be spent on rehabilitation. The terms depend on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body.

Heavier and longer recovery occurs if:

  • the size of the implants is too large, the breast skin is stretched, and the muscle is subjected to pressure;
  • the prosthesis is under the muscle of the prostate, resulting in his final omission occurs only in 3-6 months;
  • the implant is placed via the axillary (underarm area), the discomfort can occur more than 10 days.

On average, the main stages of rehabilitation following:

  • on the first day to the breast and ice to reduce swelling;
  • to avoid inflammatory processes necessarily prescribe a course of antibiotics («Amoxiclav», «Sumamed»);
  • on day 2 after joint replacement the pain becomes less intense, to stop taking painkillers («Ketanov», «Ibuprofen»);
  • on day 3 the patient is being discharged from the hospital, and she may return to work if it is not connected with heavy working conditions;
  • 2-3 days need to wear elastic bandage on top of the dressing material;
  • 4 days should continue to monitor body temperature;
  • after a week the stitches are removed, if not used bioresorbable thread;
  • in the first two weeks after mammoplasty there is still a risk of infection, inflammation and bleeding;
  • after 2-3 weeks gradually waning the swelling;
  • at 14-21 days allowed to do light exercise;
  • with 10-20 days the likelihood of bleeding decreases dramatically;
  • after 4 weeks the healing of wounds occurs faster;
  • after 2-3 months, the woman returns to normal life activities and routine physical stress;
  • after 9 months, the breast becomes softer, is omitted, the implant is in the desired position;
  • a year later, the chest feels already perceived as a private part of the body;
  • a year and a half, the scar Matures and becomes practically invisible.

The restrictions after surgery

Any operation implies the specific prohibitions for the patient associated with the lifestyle during the recovery period. Breast implants is no exception.

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To preserve health it is necessary to follow some simple rules:

  1. At least a week, and if you need even more, not sexually active. This is because the stimulation causes a strong tension in the Breasts, which often leads to inflammation and joints.
  2. When the bleeding risk is still great, you should avoid stress, worries and negative emotions. They cause the heartbeat, respiration increased blood pressure.
  3. To pressure ulcers has not increased swelling, it is prohibited to sleep on my stomach or side.
  4. Two weeks should not take aspirin, medicines containing vitamin A and other pharmaceutical or homeopathic medications, blood thinners. This can cause bleeding.
  5. To 10 days it is forbidden to lift over the head hands to rip out your stitches. If the implants were placed through the access in the armpits, this period is extended to 2 weeks. For the same reason a few weeks not to strain your hands, combing hair, brushing your teeth, doing the work on the farm.
  6. You need to avoid any heavy physical exertion.
  7. While pain is felt, it is undesirable to drive. Seat belts will only increase the discomfort.
  8. Throughout the year, contraindicated being under direct sunlight. It can hurt delicate skin glands.
  9. The chest should not be exposed to heat, forget about visiting the baths, Solarium, hot tub.
  10. Until the full restoration is necessary to pay special attention to contraception. Pregnancy is one of the contraindications for years after surgery.

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Restriction after mammoplasty

At least six months after surgery on the chest, you need to adhere to strict restrictions.

In the first weeks should abandon long trips, air travel.

In addition, it is important to follow the recommendations on nutrition, intensity of physical activity and provide gentle care for Breasts.


After discharge for two weeks physical activity prohibited, but it is necessary to take regular walks. Walking does not form new edema.

You can’t bend down to do with his hands or sudden movements.

Simple exercises for the lower body are allowed only in a month. And the top in another 2 weeks.

Sports begin to deal with easy short loads.

The level of difficulty and intensity of exercises is gradually increased.

To perform push-UPS, pull-UPS, aerobics, and running start not earlier than 8 weeks.


To help the body faster to restore power, it is important to pay attention to a balanced diet. The food should contain all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

The diet required the presence of fresh herbs, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, eggs and nuts.

But we should not forget about restrictions in food and drink:

  • do not drink alcoholic beverages;
  • need to reduce your intake of salt;
  • can’t drink plenty of fluids;
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited;
  • it is impossible to gain or lose weight.
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If everything is OK, then a cool shower is allowed to take 4 a day.

But you need to avoid overheating of the water in any case should not be hot.

To touch the glands with caution. During the wash may need help.

Still impossible to raise your arms over your head, so to wash your hair yourself is difficult.

The wounds don’t need to RUB the washcloth or towel. Dry them easily using a Hairdryer. The bandages also need drying.


Recommended to wear special compression underwear in the first month after mammoplasty around the clock without having to remove even during sleep.

After that it is replaced with an elastic sports bra, which tightly pulls the chest.

To regular underwear you can return not earlier than in three months.

Until the gland acquires its final shape, it is better not to wear open bodice with underwire or push-up. It is preferable to choose clothes from natural cotton.

Risks and complications

Many women see loss of sensation in the nipples and breast skin. Some, on the contrary, complain of hypersensitivity.

This condition is not harmful to health and to treat post-surgical side effects. Over time, the sensations come to normal, but in rare cases it can stay like this forever.

If you do not adhere to the restrictions and prohibitions there is a risk of dangerous health complications:

  • the use of large volumes of liquid, alcohol or salt, visit the bath or sauna causes swelling lasts longer or increased;
  • the swelling and bruising go slower overheat glands, incorrect body position during sleep;
  • Smoking reduces oxygen levels in the blood and the ability of cells to recover, which leads to a longer healing of tissues;
  • nicotine and alcohol can undermine the immune system and increase the likelihood of infections;
  • were not detected in time, the infection is life-threatening;
  • intense physical activity increases the risk of opening wounds and causing bleeding;
  • the UV light causes pigmentation of the joints, after which visible traces harder to get rid of;
  • the weight loss leads to loss of shape and ptosis of the breast;
  • the increase — to the formation of stretch marks.

Useful tips

To facilitate postoperative status, you can use the advice of experts:

  1. In the first days after the operation there may be severe pain, and no pain medication can not do. The discomfort intensifies towards evening and at night. Day the dosage can be reduced, and night – to increase.
  2. The tension from the joints will help to remove the adhesive tape or special protective strips – strips.
  3. For the treatment of the formed scars it is recommended to lubricate them with gels (for example, «Contractubex», «Amaran», «Germophobes», ). But it can be done only after wound healing and removal of stitches, otherwise the scars will not resolve, and is blinded.
  4. For a long time preserved a sense of tension of the skin glands, especially if the prostheses of large dimensions. To facilitate you can ask the surgeon to appoint a special massage. It also promotes a speedy recovery, does not form a capsule contracture around the prosthesis, reduces swelling.
  5. To swelling gone faster, sleep better, not lying on your back, propped on 2-3 pillows, in a half upright position. This posture reduces pressure on the chest and abdomen, reduces pain.
  6. At the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the mammary glands can swell, causing discomfort. In this case, it will help antispasmodics, designated doctor (for example, «But-shpa»).
  7. Heavy objects carefully, you can raise in a month only from a sitting position. The elbows must be placed close to the torso. Such a need arises, if you have small children for which to care. But still physical exertion should be avoided.
  8. Severe pain in the chest, increased body temperature, vomiting, difficulty breathing, secretions from wounds should immediately contact the doctor. It can be a sign of infection.
  9. To avoid the appearance of stretch marks in a month after surgery you can use special lotions, gels or serums with the consent of the doctor. This will preserve the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Effective homemade mask based on mineral clays, essential oils, salon algae wraps.
  10. If after healing the scars are visible, they are easily disposed of in the beauty parlor. The specialist will individually select the most suitable method (laser resurfacing, peels, dermabrasion, radiation therapy).
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At first glance, limits after mammoplasty may seem too strict.

But these measures are very important in order to restore as soon as possible, and the end result met expectations.

The most dangerous period is the first week. Then begins the slow but steady recovery.

The more responsible the patient will relate to the compliance with the recommendations of the doctor, the faster it will return to its previous way of life.