Rich cream for dry skin in winter at home

With dry skin suffer from feelings of tightness, flaking, redness and itching. To avoid such problems help cosmetics that hydrate and protect the epidermis. It is especially recommended to use fat cream. How useful it is for such skin type?

How does

Rich cream is a cosmetic godovoe product containing fats and fatty components.

In its composition can be included:

  • cracolici;
  • regenerating and nutrients;
  • anti-inflammatory and antipruritic agents;
  • moisturizing components;
  • hygroscopic and film-forming hidratante.

Rich cream has a specific action and is capable of:

  • to make up for the lack of moisture and fat which have dry skin;
  • to promote moisture retention in the dermis;
  • to reduce itching;
  • to eliminate inflammation on the skin;
  • to soften and remove dead skin flakes;
  • promote cell regeneration;
  • to saturate the skin with nutrients;
  • to relieve the feeling of tightness.

For dry skin hidratante important properties of fatty cream.

After applying and absorbing into the skin of this cosmetic product, its hygroscopic components contribute to the binding and retaining water molecules in the deep layers of the dermis.

In addition, the use of such funds to the skin surface a pellicle, which prevents the evaporation of moisture. Also, the composition can be a substance that attracts moisture from the environment.

It is considered a «heavy» product due to its thick consistency. But it’s the increased density helps protect the skin from harmful external factors.

Because the applied layer prevents their penetration deep into the dermis, where they can disrupt biochemical processes in the cells.

Also, due to this structure, after soaking it significantly softens the skin. It helps in better absorption of nutrients, and the skin becomes velvety.

Selection rules

If you have dry skin to the choice of fatty cream should be approached with special attention.

It is necessary to consider such factors.

  1. Better if the tool will contain several active components of diverse actions, to not have to use multiple cosmetic products.
  2. The composition should not be of hormones and perfume fragrances or flavoring compositions. It is better to purchase products sold through the pharmacy network. Usually it has a gentle composition with a minimum of allergens.

  3. It is advisable to look for oil based, not glycerin.
  4. Preference should be given to products containing natural ingredients, plant extracts, products of beekeeping. Usually they have a short shelf life and special storage requirements.
  5. For dry skin to help the creams with a mild exfoliating properties. The composition of these funds should be lactic or fruit acid.
  6. It is important to pay attention to the age category that is targeted for cosmetic.

Not worth a special meaning to give value. It is not the defining category for its quality and efficiency. A good tool is, in any price range.

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It should also be noted that not necessarily all care must be from the same line. Rich cream can be another line or another manufacturer than the rest of skin care, as long as it fit the composition and method of exposure.

Choosing a fat cream for dry skin, you should first pay attention to production of those cosmetic companies that specializiruetsya in the production of cosmetics just for this type of skin characterized by increased sensibility and irritability.

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Browse popular brands

The range is not particularly diverse. They are not all known brands.

Recommend the TOP 5 most effective fat creams for dry skin:

  1. La Roche – Rosay Hydreane Riche (France) is a moisturizer for sensitive skin. Based on hydrolipidic, which can easily penetrate into the deeper layers of the dermis and contribute to its hydration. Has a dense texture, nourishes and restores dry skin.
  2. Re Nutriv Creme (USA) – provides softening, moisturizing and anti-aging skin nutrition. The action is based is the technology RVF-10, activates the work of cells. It has a protective effect, eliminates dehydration. Has a rich texture.
  3. Fibrogène from Darphin (France) – nourishing and smoothing. Contains 85% of organic substances. Strengthens the protective functions of the skin and makes it soft and smooth, eliminates the feeling of tightness. Has a dense texture to a soufflé, but well distributed in the skin, absorbs quickly and leaves no oily sheen.
  4. Nutrition Aquasource from Biotherm (France) – moisturizing cream for dry skin, sensitive to low temperatures. The composition has natural components (corn, apricot, rice bran oil, etc.). Nourishes the skin, eliminates dryness and flaking. Has a higher density and on the skin creates a protective layer against the cold.
  5. Nivea Creme (Germany) – universal moisturizing. Contains eucerit, panthenol and glycerin. Provides gentle care, nutrition and hydration. Has a very dense texture, long soaks.
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Among domestic can be called «Olive» and «Spermaceti» from «Neva cosmetics» and «Vitamin f 99» from «Realhomesex».

Features fat cream for dry face skin in winter

In winter, the skin suffers quite a lot of stress because it is exposed to the action of cold air, changes in temperature, gusty cold wind, dry indoor air.

The result is a sharp contraction and expansion of pores, disruption of the sebaceous glands, increased hydration, thickening of the stratum corneum. For dry skin it creates additional problems. Therefore, in the winter you need a special rich cream for dry skin.

He has to meet such requirements.

  1. Unlike cosmetic products for skin care during the warm time of the year, which aims to ensure maximum moisture, in cosmetics for winter should prevail nourishing and protective components.
  2. This product must not be components which moisturize the skin by absorbing moisture from the environment. In cold conditions to absorb from the air is nothing special and this cream will «pull» water molecules from the deeper layers of the dermis, leading to its dehydration.
  3. In addition, the composition of winter fat cream should not be mineral oil, paraffin or petrolatum. They can disrupt the natural process of recovery of the lipid barrier.

For use in winter fit the following products:

  • nutrient (Himalaya Herbals);
  • the mask 7 in One (Olay Total Effects);
  • Ultra Facial (Kiehl’s);
  • nourishing anti-aging 1 (Vichy);
  • LL with biocomplex (Annemarie Borlind).

Preferably, the cream was present rich oils that will contribute to the formation of a protective shell on the surface of the skin. Especially useful peach and olive oil, avocado and Shea butter.

What you can prepare at home

If desired, you can prepare rich cream for dry skin at home. Here are some recipes.

Supergirly home


  • Shea butter – 15 ml;
  • olive oil (unrefined) – 45 ml;
  • beeswax – 20 ml;
  • rose water – 15 ml;
  • aloe – 15 ml;
  • tocopherol liquid – 2 capsules;
  • lecithin – 10 g;
  • chamomile and lavender ether – 3 drops.

The first three components need to mix and melt in a water bath. Separately dilute rose water and aloe Vera. Then all ingredients together, beat well and cool.

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Bold noble


  • sour cream – 200 g;
  • cucumber and lemon juice – 30 ml;
  • fresh egg yolk – 2 pieces;
  • rose water – 100 ml;
  • alcohol – 10 ml.

Alternately, mix all ingredients (rose water and alcohol is added last). All beat well until a homogeneous creamy mass and cooling.

Funds, prepared according to popular recipes, will provide gentle care to dry skin in any season. Their main advantage is naturalness. However, you have to use them promptly because they can quickly deteriorate.

Tips beautician

About the benefits of fatty cream for dry skin can only speak in its proper use.

To do no harm and do not degrade the condition of the skin, you need to follow this advice.

  1. Do not use the tool unnecessarily.
  2. Apply half an hour before going into the cold air.
  3. Always remove has not been absorbed by the remnants of the cream, soaked face cloth.
  4. Do not RUB the skin and gently spread over its surface.
  5. After the feed skin is preferably applied to the face dry compact powder.

In addition, you need to exercise extra care for the skin, making the mask and massage using the serum. In the room should take care of extra moisture the air.

The use of fatty cream for dry skin helps to improve its condition. This is especially true in winter when the skin needs extra protection. Following the recommendations on the selection and use of fatty cream for dry skin will achieve the desired effect without problems.

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