Roller massager cellulite — buy wooden, price

Cellulite is a female problem, get rid of that is difficult. Most often «orange peel» appears on the buttocks, thighs and back of legs. In this region the specific structure of the collagen-like cells filled with fatty deposits.

The best way to get rid of this cosmetic defect is a massage splits body fat Quickly and efficiently it can be performed using a roller massager.

The principle of operation

The essence of the action of the roller massager is a smooth rolling of the parts fit, which gentle effects on the body. The convexity of the point to stimulate tissue, acting on biologically active points, improves the functioning of the body.

Massage with roller massager has the following action:

  • improves blood circulation, bringing nutrients faster enter the tissue;
  • normalizes lymph circulation, helps to cope with edema;
  • breaks up the fat cells;
  • promotes rapid removal of toxins;
  • improves skin structure, making it supple and elastic;
  • improves muscle tone and allows you to quickly get rid of extra inches on the hips;
  • eliminates pain syndrome;
  • has a relaxing effect on the body;
  • strengthens the connective tissue;
  • improves the contours of the body;
  • helps to cope with edema.


On the market are roller massagers of different shapes and sizes made of different material. The structure are almost the same, soft or hard base and rollers.

The most popular roller massagers, which are used for fighting cellulite include:

  • mechanical on a rigid Foundation. The working area of such a device made in the form of gear wheels, plastic, rubber, silicone or wood. The form of such devices may be different. They can be round, square or oblong, varying in size from 5 to 20 Often to see him put the handle in order to make it easier to massage the areas of body which are hard to reach. However, reviews of women who used the device in the fight against cellulite is better to buy the massager, where the hand is fixed directly above the work surface. It can be with handle or loop. Such a device makes it easy to hold, while adjusting the pressing force;
  • tape on a soft base. They look like a sponge, on which wood, rubber or plastic rollers fastened a strong cord. On the sides of the massager has a handle which allow you to move it from side to side. This fixture is perfect for massage of back, buttocks and back of legs. It is a very useful wooden roller massager in the form of capes on the seat. He gently massages the back and buttocks, allowing it to lead to skin tone;
  • the apparatus of the roller type. This simulator, in which the rollers rotate with the electric motor, allowing you to perform anti-cellulite massage, not putting effort.
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How to choose

When choosing roller massager cellulite it is necessary to pay attention to the following details:

  • people with early stage of varicose veins, rosacea, sensitive or dry skin should buy a massager with rubber fingers. It is less traumatic and even at high pressure can not damage the skin or blood vessels;
  • choosing a wooden roller massager cellulite you need to carefully examine it to ensure no sharp edges and burrs that can injure the skin. Also, special attention should be paid to the material that is most optimal in this case is birch, and aspen. These types of wood allow not only to get rid of cellulite, but also improve the body as a whole;
  • if the choice fell on the tumbler with rubber or plastic rollers, it is necessary to ensure that the material from which it is made, without extraneous smells, chips, scuffs and other visible defects;

  • to verify the suitability of the massager takes a few times to hold it on the skin, the touch should not cause discomfort.

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Technique of massage with a roller massager cellulite

In order to achieve a positive effect it is necessary to observe the following rules:

  • massage should be performed at least 5 times a week, only in this case will be able to get rid of cellulite;
  • previously the skin to steam, so the procedure is performed after bathing in the shower or in the bathroom. The greatest effect of massage after visiting baths or saunas;
  • on the skin you need to apply the anti-cellulite cream or cosmetic oil (peach seed, wheat germ, olive). You can also use a mixture of cosmetics and essential oils (olive oil with grapefruit). Tool to lightly spread over the skin and let it soak;
  • to perform massage you need from the bottom up, on motion of lymph. Massager need to squeeze the body, and slowly led it over the surface of the skin. You can perform circular motion or move in a straight line;
  • when performing a massage of thighs, you can sit or stand, just lifting a leg, putting it on the hill. Movements start from the knee joint moving to the groin area at the same time, not forgetting the lateral and posterior surfaces of the limb;
  • massage of the buttocks need to start from the desired length of the folds, guiding massager zigzag, smoothly performing the upgrade;

  • massage the abdomen is necessary to carry out across the muscle slightly on the diagonal;
  • each problem area should be given at least 15 minutes. Thus it is necessary to avoid the area under the knees, groin, armpits, inner thighs;
  • after the massage on the skin did not cause bruising, it is not necessary to hold the device in one place it must constantly move;
  • if during the massage experiencing pain, it means that you need to reduce a pressing force;
  • upon completion of the procedure the skin should be «ruddy» (but not bright red) and feel a slight tingling.
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What to do after the procedure

  • after conducting anti-cellulite roller massage, you must relax and lie down for 20 minutes, it does not load the muscles and spine;
  • then you need to drink a glass of water or green tea without sugar;
  • to food intake can begin after 2 hours. The food should be light and low in calories;
  • if immediately after the procedure to proceed to exercise it will reduce the effect from its implementation.


For reviews of people who have used roller massager cellulite this procedure quite effective.

The result can be seen already on the 7th – 10th day after start of the course. Important to massage regularly and not to reduce the time of exposure.

To strengthen the effect of applying a roller massager, it is necessary to follow a proper diet and regularly carry out exercises. Also to consolidate the results after the cellulite to completely disappear, take a break for 4 weeks and resume the massage.

The duration and course

The duration of the procedures depends on the following factors:

  • the presence of excess weight;
  • skin condition;
  • individual reaction of the organism;
  • the duration of the massage;
  • additional methods that allow you to easily process.

On average, a massage should last 15 to 40 minutes. The procedure must be performed daily once a day, but if the cellulite is very noticeable it twice.

Full getting rid of «orange peel» can take from 2 weeks to 3 months. The first results will be visible after a week.

Useful tips

  • the procedure should be carried out 2 hours before the meal or after the same period after;
  • since this massage causes the body to tone, you must perform at least 3 hours before bedtime;
  • if, despite the weak influence of the massager on the skin they are covered with bruises, you must purchase a massager with a different material;
  • the service life of the roller massager from 5 to 7 years, then it will need to be replaced;
  • because the device is in close contact with the skin it should be washed regularly with soap and water, then wipe with 3% hydrogen peroxide;
  • store fixture need in a box or bag.
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Contraindications and side effects

It is not recommended to use the roller massagers in the following cases:

  • in cardiovascular diseases;
  • in diseases of the blood;
  • at oncological diseases of any localization;
  • when lesions of the skin (dermatitis, acne, wounds, abrasions, psoriasis);
  • with the active form of tuberculosis;
  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • at an elevated temperature.

After applying the massager on the skin may experience redness, bruising, swelling, and spider veins. In this case, you need to pay attention to the pressure force and the material from which made the device.

The average cost and where to buy

Roller massagers you can buy:

  • in pharmacies and departments of medical technology;
  • in stores that sell cosmetic products;
  • in sports stores;
  • in online stores;
  • in the departments that sell wood products.

Price roller massager cellulite differs depending on the shape, size, material with which it is made and can range from 100 to 1000.

Before using the roller massager women with chronic diseases need to consult your doctor.

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