Rosehip oil wrinkles on face reviews

Wrinkles are the folds of skin arising from damage to the connective fibers. The main reason for their occurrence are age-related changes in the body, resulting in collagen production slows and elastin responsible for the skin condition. Rosehip oil for facial wrinkles is an effective and affordable means.

Composition and useful properties

Briar is a very useful plant, it includes the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals, namely:

  • vitamins; A, E, K.
  • carotene;
  • Riboflavin;
  • b vitamins;
  • potassium;
  • calcium;
  • iron;
  • magnesium;
  • phosphorus;
  • volatile;
  • fatty acids;
  • essential oil;
  • tannins.

Rosehip oil has anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, regenerating and toning effect. If ingested, it has a slight choleretic properties, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood.

The benefits and harms

Rosehip oil is used in the following cases:

  • damage skin (abrasions, cuts, burns, fractures, wounds;
  • in anal fissures and hemorrhoids;
  • to eliminate scars, stretch marks and scars;
  • to eliminate age spots;
  • for treatment of trophic ulcers;
  • to eliminate wrinkles;
  • with increased dryness of the skin;
  • gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer;
  • as a cholagogue;
  • for overall strengthening of the body;
  • to improve elasticity of the skin;
  • for the treatment of diseases of the nose and throat;
  • as remedies for stomatitis;
  • for the treatment of psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema, dermatitis;
  • to reduce vascular permeability.

Rosehip oil is not recommended for use in the case if the facial skin is too oily and prone to formation of boils and pimples. Inside it is not used in diseases of the pancreas and hypersensitive.

How does

Rosehip oil is the base in various cosmetic products.

When applied to the skin, it absorbs quickly and has the following effect:

  • the optimal combination of vitamins, included in its composition promotes hydration and toning of the skin. The tool accelerates the regeneration of the skin, resulting in a short period it becomes soft, and fine wrinkles;
  • fatty acids included in the composition of rosehip oil help to retain moisture in the skin cells, stimulate collagen and elastin production, that enables skin to recover from skin dryness and wrinkles;
  • trace elements improves the intracellular metabolism, and promote rapid elimination of scars, stretch marks and age spots.

Recipes of application of rosehip oil from wrinkles on the face

Rosehip oil is a popular tool that is used to care for delicate and thin skin around the eyes. Because of the sweat and sebaceous glands in this area do not, the skin is the first to feel the impact of all negative factors. Wrinkles first appear around the eyes.

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To deal with them, you can use this medicinal oil:

  • To get rid of crow’s feet, make the skin soft, radiant and hydrated enough the rosehip oil is applied lightly to a thoroughly cleansed area around the eyes. Use this remedy once a day before bedtime. The oil can be added to any cosmetic cream in unlimited proportions.
  • Also rose hip oil can be used for face, if the skin is dry, flaky and prone to wrinkles. It is applied with light massage movements, a little «hammering» into the skin. In this case, the tool can most effectively do their job.
  • People with combination skin need to remember that rosehip oil can only be used on dry skin. In other cases, the use of funds would impact negatively and strengthen the work of the already active sebaceous glands that trigger the appearance of new acne.
  • In the presence of deep wrinkles, scars and of scars rosehip oil can be used in the form of lotions. For this small piece of natural fabric is impregnated with a tool and apply for half an hour to the affected area. Then it is removed and the remaining oil neat massage movements rubbed. The procedure is repeated daily for a month.

Masks and creams with rosehip oil


Method of application


aloe Vera juice 5 ml;

rosehip oil 5 ml;

vitamin E drops.

Mix all ingredients, apply on face and leave until completely absorbed. Use once a day for weeks, then as needed.

Remedy nourishes the skin, smooths wrinkles, eliminates peeling, irritation. It can also be used for skin diseases accompanied by inflammation.

the yolk of fresh chicken eggs;

3 ml of rosehip oil.


The yolk is a little beat up and drop by drop add the oil until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Apply on cleansed face and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and apply a nourishing cream.

The tool will help to cope with small wrinkles, tones the skin and evens its tone.

2 tablespoons oatmeal;

50 ml of milk;

5 ml of rosehip oil.


Boil milk, pour cereal and after they have cooled to a comfortable temperature, add the rose hip oil. The product is applied on the skin warm and leave for 20 minutes. Wash off with warm, then cool water.

This mask tones the skin, making it soft and velvety. After its application the skin becomes smooth and wrinkles (including deep) are smoothed.

5 ml of rosehip oil;

3 drops of oil solution of vitamin E;

3 drops of retinol acetate.

Components must be mixed and applied to the eye area at night before bedtime. You can use daily.

This rejuvenating cream helps to get rid of crow’s feet and prevent skin aging and wrinkles.

2 tablespoons chopped pumpkin pulp;

5 ml of rosehip oil;

1 teaspoon of honey.

Pumpkin peel and grate on a fine grater, add the warmed liquid honey and rosehip oil. Mask apply on face and leave for quarter of an hour. The procedure is carried out daily prior to bedtime during the week.

The tool will help to get rid of wrinkles, lighten age spots, make the skin soft and toned.

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Video: Recipe of the cream

Adverse reactions

Despite the many useful properties, the application of rosehip oil can also occur and side effects as allergic reactions.

In this case, the skin may appear:

  • small rash
  • redness,
  • peeling.

If you apply the rosehip oil for oily skin, then maybe the appearance of acne or boils.

The high content of vitamin K which improves blood clotting can delay the resorption of hematomas, bruises and minor bleeding.

How to cook your own

Ready-made rosehip oil can be purchased at a pharmacy or make your own at home in three ways:

  1. Dry the rose hips, it is necessary to grind using the grinder to a powder, which is divided into three parts. One part of the funds placed in a glass jar and pour warmed to 40 degrees olive or sunflower refined oil. It should cover the powder is not less than 1 cm, the Tool is placed in a dark place for a week. Then it is again heated to the optimum temperature and pour the second part of powder. Procedures repeat until all three parts of raw materials will not insist. Prepared medium should be stored in a cool place.
  2. There is an easier way of cooking oil rose at home. This will require a fresh ripe berries of wild rose. They should be ground using a blender. The resulting slurry ¾ need to fill the jar. Then to top banks need to be topped up warmed to 50 degrees refined olive oil. After over two weeks of infusion, it should drain through a sieve and store in the fridge.
  3. To prepare the oil with this method you need to have not only hips, but his flowers. Raw material pre-need to dry and grind into powder using the grinder. Olive or corn oil be mixed with powder in the proportion of 3 to 1 and put in a cool place for at least two weeks. After that, the vehicle put on a slow fire and bring to a boil. Further cooled, filtered and poured into a bottle made of dark glass.
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When buying oil of a dogrose at a pharmacy, you should pay attention to his appearance, the presence of sediment and impurities. Carefully review the instructions, paying attention to composition, if it contains the names of dyes and preservatives, from the acquisition should be abandoned and prepare the oil yourself.

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